Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wrestling: Region 1 semifinals (LIVE)

Semifinalists by school

High Point 6; DePaul 5; Kittatinny 5; Roxbury 5; Mendham 4; Phillipsburg 3; Wayne Valley 3; Jefferson 2; Morris Knolls 2; Pope John 2; Randolph 2; Warren Hills 2; Wayne Hills 2; West Morris 2; Belvidere 1; Hopatcong 1; Lakeland 1; Lenape Valley 1; Montville 1; Morris Hills 1; Mount Olive 1; Newton 1; Pequannock 1; Pompton Lakes 1; Sparta 1; Butler 0; Dover 0; Hackettstown 0; Kinnelon 0; Morris Catholic 0; North Warren 0; Vernon 0; Wallkill Valley 0; West Milford 0.

(Note: Open Mike area wrestlers in bold):

We are set to get underway at 9 a.m. Refresh often for updates. There will be two rounds of wrestlebacks following the semis and the third-place consolations will follow the wrestlebacks. Finals to start around 5:30 p.m.

106 pounds

1-So. Brandon Paetzell (35-1), Phillipsburg, md. 4-Jr. Joe Aumann (29-7), Hopatcong, 16-3.
3-So. Troy Stanich (31-6), Roxbury, d. 2-So. Garrett O'Shea (28-4), Morris Knolls, 5-1.

113 pounds

4-Jr. Dan Kee (32-4), Lakeland, d. 1-Sr. Austin Sisco (31-4), Pope John, 9-7.
2-Jr. Mojahed Hamdeh (28-3), Wayne Hills, d. 3-Jr. Kyle Flynn (27-7), Pompton Lakes, 5-4.

120 pounds

5-Jr. Dom Gallo (31-7), High Point, d. 1-Jr. A.J. Vindici (34-2), Randolph, 2-1 UTB.
2-Sr. Bryan Damon (35-2), Jefferson, d. 3-Jr. William Kui (28-8), DePaul, 7-3.

Notes: Gallo rides Vindici out in UTB to pull off the upset! Vindici nearly had a takedown at the third-period buzzer. Neither was able to get out on bottom in the rideouts.

126 pounds

1-Jr. Matt Noble (35-2), DePaul, md. 4-Jr. Dylan Luciano (27-9), West Morris, 11-2.
2-Sr. Tyler Hrycak (30-6), Wayne Valley, d. 6-Sr. Matt Vozzo (26-10), Randolph, 2-0.

132 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Derin (32-8), High Point, d. 4-So. Austin Scrivani (29-8), Kittatinny, 2-1.
2-Jr. Max Nauta (29-5), Warren Hills, d. 3-Sr. Devon LaFranco (29-9), Roxbury, 1-0.

Notes: Scoreless after one period, Nauta deferred his choice and LaFrano took neutral to start the second period. No score after two, LaFranco cuts Nauta loose to start the third. Derin with a reversal in the third to go up 2-0. LaFranco in on a single with 11 seconds left but they go off. LaFranco nearly hits a headlock in the final seconds ... wow, no points.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Eric Friedman (34-3), Mendham, d. 4-Jr. Anthony Fano (35-4), Montville, 3-2.
2-Fr. Brandon Kui (29-10), DePaul, d. 3-Sr. Jake Legotte (25-12), Roxbury, 3-2.

145 pounds

1-Jr. David McFadden (37-1), DePaul, d. 5-So. Craig Roumes (21-10), Roxbury, 6-1.
2-Jr. Jason Gaccione (35-4), High Point, won by forfeit over 3-Jr. Walker Schmitzer (27-4), Sparta.

Notes: Schmitzer is out of the tournament with an apparent knee injury sustained in Friday's quarterfinals, so Gaccione advances to his second straight final. McFadden-Gaccione going to be a great final. They should save that one for last.

152 pounds

5-Sr. Nick Romyns (24-4), Kittatinny, d. 1-Jr. Max Elling (33-5), Phillipsburg, 8-5.
6-Sr. Ronald Spera (31-4), Mount Olive, d. 2-Jr. Luke Bohn (28-4), Jefferson, 6-2.

Notes: Romyns gets the first takedown and leads, 2-1, after one period. If Romyns is to win, it will be from the neutral position. Elling escapes to start the second period, 2-2. Elling hits a standing merkle for a takedown, he leads, 4-2. Romyns gets a reversal with four seconds left to tie it at 4 heading to the third period. Another reversal with 54 seconds left, but Elling escapes -- Romyns up 6-5 with 29 seconds left. Gets a takedown with one second left to seal it.

160 pounds

5-So. Daniel Kilroy (27-4), Wayne Hills, d. 1-Sr. Tommy Hooker (23-12), High Point, 10-8.
2-So. Dean Drugac (32-2), Morris Knolls, d. 3-Sr. Steve Acevedo (26-7), Morris Hills, 6-4 OT3.

Notes: Hooker up 4-3 in the third and on bottom. He's out and gets a takedown, 7-3. Amazing performance by Hooker, who is wrestling with a fractured ankle. Kilroy catches Hooker on a roll through for two and three, Hooker escapes to tie it at 8, but gives up a takedown in the final seconds. Heartbreaker for Hooker. Heading to OT, Drugac and Acevedo tied at 3. Going to rideouts. Drugac penalized for locked hands with 15 seconds left in the first 30-second period. Acevedo leads, 4-3. Drugac on bottom to start the second rideout. Acevedo called for locked hands and gives up the reversal.

170 pounds

1-Sr. Dillon Artigliere (38-0), Roxbury, p. 4-Jr. Kevin Merle (28-8), Belvidere, :51.
2-Sr. Jake Kocsis (36-2), Phillipsburg, d. 3-Sr. Kieran Gerrity (34-4), Kittatinny, 5-4.

Notes: Artigliere gets the takedown and puts Merle away with a small package cradle. Kocsis escapes to start the second period, 1-0. Gets a takedown off a nice scramble, 3-0, with 43 seconds left. Gerrity down to start the third period. He's out in 13 seconds, trails, 3-1. Gerrity ties it with a takedown, 1:25 to go. Kocsis escapes and gets a takedown for a 5-4 lead, 23 seconds to go. Stall warning on Kocsis with 12 seconds left. Kocsis gets his second win over Gerrity, including a 5-3 victory in the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex finals.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Sam Button (36-1), Mendham, d. 4-Sr. Dylan Wunder (28-10), Kittatinny, 5-3.
2-Jr. Nick DePalma (33-5), DePaul, d. 3-Jr. D.J. Barrett (29-6), Lenape Valley, 6-3.

195 pounds

1-Sr. Kyle Stoll (34-5), High Point, d. 4-Jr. Aaron Flitcroft (24-9), Mendham, 3-1.
2-Sr. Anthony Landberg (31-2), Wayne Valley, d. 3-Sr. Garrett Armstrong (31-8), Kittatinny, 10-3.

Notes: Flitcroft escapes in the second period, 1-0. Stoll on bottom to start the third period. He's out quickly to tie it. Stall warning on Flitcroft with 30 seconds to go. Stoll gets the takedown with five seconds left to win it.

220 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Windt (35-1), West Morris, d. 4-Jr. Tim Byrne (22-4), Mendham, 6-0.
2-Sr. Justin Walker (33-2), Wayne Valley, tf. 3-Jr. Gus Protogeropoulos (33-6), Newton, 18-2, 4:55.

Notes: Protogeropoulos with the first takedown, 2-0, but gives up a reversal with 41 seconds left in the first period. Walker gets three backs off a tilt in the closing seconds, 5-2, after one. Walker escapes to start the second period, 6-2. Walker with the throw for two and three, 11-2. Protogeropoulos takes neutral to start the third period -- he needs big moves. Walker gets another takedown and two backs, 15-2. A turk for backs to end it.

285 pounds

1-Sr. Noa Merritt (27-0), Pope John, d. 5-Sr. Christian Campbell (13-13), High Point, 3-2.
2-Jr. Andrew Pacheco (32-2), Warren Hills, p. 6-Sr. Joe Fierro (23-10), Pequannock, :58.

Notes: Pacheco with the lat drop for the FALL! That makes nine in the finals from D1. D4 leads with 10, followed by D3 with six and D2 with three.

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