Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wrestling: District 3 information, seeds

Seeds for the NJSIAA District 3 Tournament to be held Friday and Saturday at Kittatinny Regional High School in Hampton.

Wrestling begins at 5:30 p.m., on Friday with the quarterfinals. Action continues at 9 a.m., on Saturday with the semifinals, followed by third-place consolations at 11 a.m. (two mats) and the championship finals (one mat) to follow around 12:30 p.m. The top three finishers at each weight class advance to the Region 1 Tournament at Wallkill Valley.

There are eight former champions in this year's field -- including three two-time winners in Kittatinny junior Austin Scrivani (132), High Point senior Jason Gaccione (145) and Jefferson senior Luke Bohn (170). Sparta's Garrett Gerndt (106) and Ian Burke (145), along with Newton's Gus Protogeropoulos (195) also won titles in 2014. High Point senior Dom Gallo (126) and junior Jared Kobis (138) won championships in 2013.

106 pounds

1-So. Mark DeGeronimo (23-6), Kittatinny
2-Jr. Christian Deehan (17-7), Pope John
3-Fr. Malcolm Sinclair (10-13), High Point
4-Sr. Sierra Blasone (12-9), Sparta
5-Fr. Rob Ortense (15-13), Jefferson
6-So. Mark Teevan (3-16), Wallkill Valley
7-So. Mateo Valentine (4-22), Newton

113 pounds

1-Fr. Jake Rotunda (18-4), Pope John
2-So. Chase Babus (6-8), High Point
3-Jr. Garrett Gerndt (21-11), Sparta
4-Fr. Perry Maio (11-16), Kittatinny
5-Jr. Anthony Antoneck (19-11), Jefferson
6-Fr. Charles Emanuel (5-23), Vernon

120 pounds

1-Jr. Nick Klinger (27-4), Kittatinny
2-Sr. Trevor Morales (25-4), Newton
3-So. Ryan Luchs (15-6), Pope John
4-Jr. Chris Shrieks (24-9), Jefferson
5-Fr. Trey Osborn (8-9), High Point
6-Jr. Grant Gerndt (11-14), Sparta
7-So. Dillon Whitley (10-18), Wallkill Valley
8-So. Roman Moss (7-22), Vernon

126 pounds

1-Sr. Dom Gallo (16-3), High Point
2-So. Mark Bohn (27-8), Jefferson
3-Jr. Taylor Molfetto (15-15), Kittatinny
4-So, Nick Giordano (16-14), Newton
5-Sr. Dominic Koert (20-4), Pope John
6-Jr. Andrew Legge (11-16), Sparta
7-Fr. Justin Lindquist (7-16), Wallkill Valley

132 pounds

1-Jr. Austin Scrivani (31-1), Kittatinny
2-Fr. Sawyer Fenlon (2-6), High Point
3-Sr. Ryan Brigante (13-16), Newton
4-Sr. Brandon Barnet (11-17), Wallkill Valley
5-So. Sean Finnegan (7-21), Sparta
6-Fr. Joseph Arbolino (8-10), Pope John
7-So. Ariel Rivera (4-11), Jefferson

138 pounds

1-Jr. Jared Kobis (24-0), High Point
2-So. Dylan Minter (13-6), Kittatinny
3-Sr. Sean Siek (24-8), Wallkill Valley
4-So. Jake DeLuca (10-12), Newton
5-So. Sean McHugh (14-19), Sparta
6-Sr. Sultan Destani (15-14), Vernon
7-Fr. Quinn Kieselowsly (3-11), Pope John
8-Jr. Jason Luker (4-12), Jefferson

145 pounds

1-Sr. Jason Gaccione (30-2), High Point
2-Sr. Ian Burke (31-2), Sparta
3-Jr. Jake Vanwingerden (21-9), Kittatinny
4-So. Trevor Kish (13-13), Wallkill Valley
5-Jr. Cole Nagle (19-10), Vernon
6-Fr. Jonathan Borgognoni (12-11), Newton
7-Fr. Andrea Nestico (3-11), Pope John
8-Jr. Daun White (4-15), Jefferson

152 pounds

1-Sr. Anthony Azzariti (15-6), Pope John
2-Sr. Nathan Sowers (15-10), Sparta
3-Sr. Patrick Harsanyi (22-9), Jefferson
4-Sr. Joe Tizzano (20-12), Wallkill Valley
5-Sr. Ryan Cullen (13-11), High Point
6-Sr. Trevor Schutte (9-18), Kittatinny
7-Jr. Robert Borgognoni (3-11), Newton
8-So. Mike Roccasanta (3-24), Vernon

160 pounds

1-Sr. Walker Schmitzer (21-6), Sparta
2-Jr. Lance Fischer (24-7), Newton
3-So. Jakob Jakova (25-9), Jefferson
4-So. Josh Klimek (16-15), Kittatinny
5-Sr. Rich Peterson (7-10), Pope John
6-So. Storm DiGiuseppe (5-18), Vernon

170 pounds

1-Sr. Luke Bohn (32-1), Jefferson
2-Jr. Al Falco (21-9), Sparta
3-Fr. Jake Brown (15-3), Pope John
4-Sr. Alex Shucai (10-18), Wallkill Valley
5-So. Cody Mitchell (3-18), Kittatinny
6-Jr. Kurt Rosner (2-20), High Point
7-Fr. Joseph DeLuca (4-15), Newton
8-Sr. Austin Rappold (3-26), Vernon

182 pounds

1-Sr. Connor Lore (25-6), Sparta
2-Sr. Patrick Endrikat (23-5), Wallkill Valley
3-Sr. Michael Anderson (11-10), Pope John
4-Sr. Benjamin Sibblies (17-15), Newton
5-Jr. Luke DeGroat (8-20), Kittatinny
6-Jr. Zack Jano (7-22), Vernon
7-Sr. Ryan Olinger (1-11), High Point

195 pounds

1-Sr. Gus Protogeropoulos (28-2), Newton
2-So. Zach Herbert (21-11), Sparta
3-Jr. Joe Frumolt (14-8), Pope John
4-Sr. Ian McDonald (12-15), Wallkill Valley
5-Sr. Tyler Wehrenberg (16-15), Kittatinny
6-So. Cole Benfatti (9-14), Jefferson
7-Jr. Tim Space (2-7), High Point
8-Sr. Morgan Murphy (3-15), Vernon

220 pounds

1-Sr. Gavin Lally (30-1), Sparta
2-So. Mike Alvarez (15-12), Vernon
3-Jr. Avery Sheruda (10-12), Jefferson
4-Jr. Ethan Reczka (8-10), Newton
5-So. Marino Priori (5-13), Pope John
6-Jr. Nick Simpson (5-16), Kittatinny
7-So. Cliff Rutter (1-2), High Point

285 pounds

1-Jr. Kevin Lewis (22-10), High Point
2-Fr. Robbie Gennat (24-4), Sparta
3-Jr. Tyler Pittenger (13-17), Newton
4-Jr. Griffin Waldron (13-17), Kittatinny
5-Jr. Tom Urban (5-17), Jefferson
6-Jr. Connor Fitzsimmons (10-12), Vernon
7-Sr. Connor Lenehan (4-13), Pope John

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