Friday, February 19, 2016

Wrestling: Region 1 individual rankings


1. Fr. Joe Aragona, Pope John (D3)
2. Fr. Cody Harrison, Warren Hills (D1)
3. So. Cullen Day, Phillipsburg (D1)
4. Jr. Ronald Rumsby, Montville (D2)
5. Fr. Devin Flannery, High Point (D3)

Potential qualifiers: Michael Caso, West Morris (D1); Quinn Melofchik, Belvidere (D1); Dom DiGena, Mendham (D1); Chris Hwang, Sparta (D3); Mason Godfrey, Jefferson (D3); Justin Haws, Lenape Valley (D2); John Tesoriero, Roxbury (D2); Hunter Davis, Wayne Valley (D4); Michael Esposito, DePaul (D4); Christopher Costiglia, Lakeland (D4); Ben Bariso, Butler (D4).

Notes: Harrison vs. Day is a whale of a 4-5 matchup in District 1. Harrison scored a convincing 5-2 victory when they met in a dual meet. Melofchik is the top seed in D1. Rumsby, who dropped a 14-5 major to Harrison, is the top seed in D2. Aragona is the heavy favorite in D3, but keep an eye on a possible semifinal rematch in the bottom half as Flannery beat Godfrey, 9-6, this season..


1. Jr. Daniel Percelay, DePaul (D4)
2. Sr. Kyle Markus, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Jr. Mark DiGeronimo, Kittatinny (D3)
4. Jr. Jacob Falleni, Lenape Valley (D2)
5. Fr. Scott Jarosz, Roxbury (D2)

Potential qualifiers: Kyle Wulff, Warren Hills (D1); Peter Tringali, Mendham (D1); Christian Deehan, Pope John (D3); Ryan Richards, Jefferson (D3); Maverick Liebl, High Point (D3); Brandon Wyble, Butler (D4); Joe Carmichael, Pequannock (D4); Scott Finnis, Randolph (D2).

Notes: Percelay is the one to beat in District 4, while Markus seeks his first district title. DiGeronimo is going for back-to-back championships in D3, while Falleni looks to repeat in D2 after winning at 106 last year.


1. Jr. Shane Metzler, West Morris (D1)
2. So. Jake Rotunda, Pope John (D3)
3. Sr. Tom Kosar, Phillipsburg (D1)
4. Sr. Garrett Gerndt, Sparta (D3)
5. Jr. Connor Murphy, Wayne Valley (D4)

Potential qualifiers: Codey O'Rourke, Warren Hills (D1); Ryan Hanlon, Mount Olive (D1); Perry Maio, Kittatinny (D3); Chris Shrieks, Jefferson (D3); Scotty Smith, Kinnelon (D4); Steve Pocze, Pequannock (D4); Anthony Zungoli, Wayne Hills (D4); Justin Juchnewich, Pompton Lakes (D4); Evan Vazquez, Roxbury (D2); Nick Rampone, Randolph (D2); Maxwell Halkenhauser, Morris Hills (D2).

Notes: Tough at the to here. Kosar moves up a spot after decking Clearview's Ayush Patel, a Region 1 qualifier last season. Vazquez lost to Patel, 3-2, that day in the Group 4 semifinals. Murphy (27-4) slides in at No. 5 with an impressive 12-2 major of Vazquez on Feb. 10.


1. Sr. Troy Stanich, Roxbury (D2)
2. Sr. Garrett O'Shea, Butler (D4)
3. Jr. Matt Valli, Warren Hills (D1)
4. Fr. Robert Garcia, Pope John (D3)
5. Sr. Joe Renne, Hackettstown (D1)

Potential qualifiers: Damian Maver, DePaul (D4); Jared Inglett, Wayne Hills (D4); Nick Cassidy, Belvidere (D1); Grant Gerndt, Sparta (D3); Calvin Brook, Kittatinny (D3); Mark Bohn, Jefferson (D3); Trey Osborn, High Point (D3); Ray Smaha, Lenape Valley (D2); Eric Jensen, Randolph.

Notes: Stunned to see that all of these guys in the Top 5 stayed at this weight class. O'Shea has been bouncing up to 132, where he competed at the Morris County Tournament, as well as beating Nick Klinger of Kittatinny, 16-2, in the North 1, Group 1 sectional semifinals. Valli (30-0) and Renne are heading for a potential showdown in Saturday's D1 finals.


1. Sr. Brandon Paetzell, Phillipsburg (D1)
2. Sr. Nick Klinger, Kittatinny (D3)
3. So. Anthony Mastroeni, Hopatcong (D2)
4. So. Connor Meytrott, Montville (D2)
5. So. Shane Kobis, High Point (D3)

Potential qualifiers: Alex Carida, Hackettstown (D1); Shane Murphy, Mount Olive (D1); Shannon Grogan, North Warren (D1); Wyatt McCarthy, Newton (D3); Ryan Luchs, Pope John (D3); Michael DeClario, Kinnelon (D4); Anthony Rua, Wayne Hills (D4); Joe Brown, West Milford (D4); Luke McFadden, DePaul (D4); Richard Reimers, Roxbury (D2).

Notes: Big news here as Paetzell will return this weekend in pursuit of a third District 1 title. The two-time state placewinner, who has not wrestled since suffering a broken hand on Dec. 23, is six wins shy of 100 for his career. D3 is rough with Kobis likely to meet Klinger in the semis and McCarthy vs. Luchs on the other side of the draw. Kobis dropped a 3-2 decision to Klinger in a dual. DeClario, who was ranked at 138, dropped for districts.


1. Sr. Austin Scrivani, Kittatinny (D3)
2. Sr. Alex Zangrilli, Pequannock (D4)
3. Jr. Chris Grecco, Pompton Lakes (D4)
4. Sr. Jayson Parisi, Morris Knolls (D2)
5. Jr. Kade Loughney, West Morris (D1)

Potential qualifiers: Zach Nauta, Warren Hills (D1); Tyler Agans, Phillipsburg (D1); Chris Schlegel, Mendham (D1); Nick Giordano, Newton (D3); Cole Nagle, Vernon (D3); Sean Finnegan, Sparta (D3); Joe Daddario, Montville (D2); Sean Almgren, Randolph (D2); Nick Pellegrino, Wayne Valley (D4).

Notes: Scrivani scored a 16-5 win over Grecco in the North 1, Group 1 final. Zangrilli, a Region 1 runner-up last year, is the No. 2 seed behind Grecco in D4. District 1 is real interesting. Loughney has a win over Nauta in OT and a loss to Agans, who has split with Nauta, and dropped their most recent matchup.


1. Sr. Jared Kobis, High Point (D3)
2. Jr. Nick Palumbo, Lenape Valley (D2)
3. So. Brian Meyer, Phillipsburg (D1)
4. Jr. Dominic Fano, Montville (D2)
5. Sr. Anthony Carida, Hackettstown (D1)

Potential qualifiers: Jake Vanwingerden, Kittatinny (D3); Jake DeLuca, Newton (D3); Christian Trimarchi, West Morris (D1); Michael Roumes, Roxbury (D2); Bart Yarosz, Hopatcong (D2); Sal Puglisi, Pompton Lakes (D4); Wayde Kenney, Butler (D4); Joseph Mongelli, Wayne Hills (D4). 

Notes: Kobis (19-0) is the pick in District 3, while Palumbo is heading for a showdown with Fano in the D2 finals on Saturday. Meyer, a returning champ in D1 is the No. 2 seed behind Carida, who dropped from 152 where he finished second in the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex Tournament. 


1. Sr. Anthony Duardo, North Warren (D1)
2. Sr. DJ Wissing, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Sr. Edward Marucci, Montville (D2)
4. Sr. Tommy Miller, Roxbury (D2)
5. Jr. Joey Schiele, Morris Hills (D2)

Potential qualifiers: Marco Gaita, West Morris (D1); Dylan Minter, Kittatinny (D3); Shane Connolly, Jefferson (D3); Jonathon Borgognoni, Newton (D3); Aric Wingle, High Point (D3); Dean Zindaki, Wayne Valley (D4); Ryan Madsen, Lakeland (D4); Trevor Warner, Pequannock (D4).

Notes: We may get a look at the potential Region 1 final on Saturday if Duardo (28-1) and Wissing meet in the D1 finals as expected. Wissing spent most of the season at 160, but he jumps in here at No. 2. Marucci and Miller could rematch in the D2 finals as the 1 and 2 seeds. Marucci won, 3-0, in the Morris County Tournament finals.


1. Sr. Craig Roumes, Roxbury (D2)
2. Sr. Christian Dalcais, West Milford (D4)
3. Jr. Troy Navarino, Mendham (D1)
4. Sr. Caleb Isemann, West Morris (D1)
5. Sr. Alex Zevits, Montville (D2)

Potential qualifiers: Lance Fischer, Newton (D3); Taylor Molfetto, Kittatinny (D3); Rob Turro, High Point (D3); Anthony Roessner, Warren Hills (D1); Mike Szynalski, Randolph (D2); Nico Negrini, Pompton Lakes (D4); Justin Ramirez, Wayne Hills (D4).

Notes: Roumes scored an impressive 6-3 win over Old Tappan's Tyler Mullen, a state placewinner, up at 170 to help Roxbury claim the North 1, Group 4 title. Navarino, who had dropped to 152, is the No. 1 seed in District 1 and could see Isemann, the No. 2 seed, in the finals on Saturday. Navarino beat Marco Gaita, 7-1, in the dual meet with West Morris.


1. Sr. Daniel Kilroy, Wayne Hills (D4)
2. Sr. Spencer Carey, DePaul (D4)
3. Sr. Al Falco, Sparta (D3)
4. Jr. Josh Klimek, Kittatinny (D3)
5. Sr. Dylan Porcaro, West Milford (D4)

Potential qualifiers: Jarod Ostir, Warren Hills (D1); Joe Frumolt, Pope John (D3); Liam Gorman, High Point (D3); Justin Randzio, Jefferson (D3); Jacob Cougle, Morris Knolls (D2); Dillon Fazliu, Montville (D2); Kevin Charles, Randolph (D2); Daniel Castiglia, Butler (D4).

Notes: Kilroy-Carey in the District 4 finals is one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend. Kilroy, a Region 1 champion last year, beat Carey, 3-1 in sudden victory in the Passaic County Tournament finals earlier this month. Falco-Klimek rematch in D3 finals? Falco won, 12-7, in a dual meet, but Klimek is wrestling really well and that score was not indicative of the match. Ostir is up from 160 and could be a factor here next week.


1. Jr. Brandon Kui, DePaul (D4)
2. Sr. Sam Palumbo, Lenape Valley (D2)
3. Sr. Luke Drugac, Morris Knolls (D2)
4. So. Jake Brown, Pope John (D3)
5. Sr. David LoCascio, Kinnelon (D4)

Potential qualifiers: Dan Fisher, Phillipsburg (D1); Kyle Connelly, Hackettstown (D1); Ian Nelsen, Mount Olive (D1); Zach Mafaro, Kittatinny (D3); Jakob Jakova, Jefferson (D3); Brent Bartzak, Mendham (D1); Angello Pico, Randolph (D2); Scott MacLean, Dover (D2); PJ Chak, Wayne Valley (D4).

Notes: Kui, a two-time Region 1 champion, is the favorite in a strong District 4 field. Palumbo made the wise move as he dropped from 195, where he was ranked fifth. With a 7-4 win over Drugac on Jan. 22, Palumbo slides right in at No. 2. Brown is the pick in District 3 this weekend.


1. Sr. Dean Drugac, Morris Knolls (D2)
2. Jr. Joseph Soreco, DePaul (D4)
3. Jr. Drew Horun, Phillipsburg (D1)
4. Sr. Patrick Daly, Pequannock (D4)
5. Jr. Jacob Tareky, Wayne Valley (D4)

Potential qualifiers: Nick Galka, Warren Hills (D1); Alex Leontaris, North Warren (D1); Billy Loewen, Sparta (D3); Colin Myles, Pope John (D3); Luke DeGroat, Kittatinny (D3); Mike Andrejcisk, Roxbury (D2); Eric Schmidt, Dover (D2); Samuel Weiner, Morris Hills (D2).

Notes: Drugac (29-0) should cruise to the District 2 title as he looks to repeat in Region 1 next weekend. Soreco, Daly and Tareky will be fun to watch in District 4. Tareky was on the outside looking in here, but slides in at No. 5 with Lenape Valley's Sam Palumbo dropping to 182. Drew Horun seeks his first District 1 title.


1. Sr. Scott Lavelle, DePaul (D4)
2. Jr. Robert Melise, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Sr. Todd Eckert, Roxbury (D2)
4. Sr. Adam Schlereth, Newton (D3)
5. Jr. Zach Herbert, Sparta (D3)

Potential qualifiers: Liridon Leka, Montville (D2); Ralph Hall, Lenape Valley (D2); Daniel Colabella, Mount Olive (D1); Brody Oberly, Warren Hills; Cliff Rutter, High Point (D3); Andrew Nieves, Pope John (D3); Drew Flynn, Pompton Lakes (D4); Nick Trani, Wayne Valley (D4).

Notes: Pretty solid group here and Flynn is one to keep an eye on going forward. Expect to see him wrecking havoc at heavyweight the next two seasons. Very athletic and strong. Melise, who finished fifth in the state last season, looks to repeat in D1. Lavelle, who was third in AC, beat Flynn, 12-6 in the Passaic County Tournament finals. Eckert was missing at the Group 4 semifinals with an injury, but he's the top seed in D2.


1. Sr. Kyle Nothnagel, Phillipsburg (D1)
2. Sr. Kevin Lewis, High Point (D3)
3. Jr. Parker Fox, Montville (D2)
4. So. Robbie Gennat, Sparta (D3)
5. Sr. Avery Sheruda, Jefferson (D3)

Potential qualifiers: Rich Fritzky, Lenape Valley (D2); Zack Sieb, Morris Catholic (D2); Shane Beston, Morris Knolls (D2); Alex Kaltenhauser, West Morris (D1); Taylan Zafis, Warren Hills (D1); Tyler Pittenger, Newton (D3); Nick Sanders, Pompton Lakes (D4); Matthew Sportelli, Wayne Hills (D4); Jake Pluta, Wayne Valley (D4).

Notes: Lewis bumped from 195 for the second straight season and looks to repeat as the District 3 champion. He was fourth in Region 1. Gennat, who was decked by Lewis in last year's D3 finals, is the top seed at Kittatinny. Pittenger was third, but that's a solid group in front of him. Fox-Fritzky rematch could be on tap in D2. Fox won, 3-1, when they met on Dec. 29.

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