Friday, March 1, 2013

Wrestling: Region 1 quarterfinals (LIVE)

Here are tonight's quarterfinal round pairings and schedule for this weekend at Wallkill Valley Regional High School.

Action begins at 4 p.m. Open Mike will be live around 3:45. Check back here for updates and analysis.

Friday schedule: Quarterfinals, 4 p.m. (Doors open at 2:40 p.m.)

Saturday schedule: (Doors open at 7 a.m.): Semifinals, 9 a.m., immediately followed by two rounds of wrestlebacks; third-place consolations approximately 30 minutes after wrestlebacks; championships following consolations.

Returning champions (5): David McFadden, DePaul; Sam Tareky, Wayne Valley; Tyler Kozimor, Hackettstown; Evan Bray, Belvidere; Dillon Artigliere, Roxbury (2011).

Quarterfinalists by school

High Point 11; Kittatinny 9; West Morris 9; Phillipsburg 7; Lenape Valley 6; Roxbury 6; Wayne Valley 6; Montville 5; Belvidere 4; DePaul 4; Mendham 4; Morris Knolls 4; Wayne Hills 4; West Milford 4; Jefferson 3; Lakeland 3; Morris Hills 3; Randolph 3; Warren Hills 3; Hackettstown 2; Hopatcong 2; Pequannock 2; Pope John 2; Mount Olive 1; Newton 1; North Warren 1; Pompton Lakes 1; Vernon 1; Wallkill Valley 1; Butler 0; Dover 0; Kinnelon 0; Morris Catholic 0; Sparta 0.

We are just about to get underway. The call for wrestlers to clear the mats!

Note: Chip I got my popcorn!

106 pounds

1-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (30-5, D1-1), Phillipsburg, d. Jr. John Schade (21-12, D1-2), West Morris, 7-2.
4-Fr. Garrett O'Shea (35-3, D2-2), Morris Knolls, d. 5-Jr. Austin Sisco (25-8, D3-2), Pope John, 4-1.
3-Sr. Stephen Caserta (30-6, D2-1), Roxbury, p. 6-So. William Kui (29-6, D4-1), DePaul, 3:26.
2-So. Dom Gallo (33-3, D3-1), High Point, d. 7-So. Dan Kee (29-7, D4-2), Lakeland, 5-0.

Notes: Scoreless first periods for Paetzell-Schade and O'Shea-Sisco. Paetzell escapes, 1-0. Has taken several shots but zero points. Paetzell finally converts a takedown with 43 seconds left, 3-0. O'Shea gets a reversal with a Peterson, no backs, leads 2-0 after two. Both heading to the third period. Schade escapes, but Paetzell gets his second takedown, he leads, 5-1. Sisco nearly had a reversal on the other mat. He's real good on the mat. Paetzell ices it with his third takedown with about 10 seconds left. He's the fourth Stateliners freshman to win 30 in a season -- joining Pete Poretta (31 in 1991), Rylan Watson (32 in 2008) and Jimmy Schuitema (31 in 2012).

Kui catches Caserta for five with about 35 seconds left in the first period. Reversal at the end of the first and an escape to start the second for Caserta, who trails 5-3. That reversal was huge. Kui locks up a cradle for a takedown and Caserta hips up and sticks him for the defensive FALL! Gallo up, 4-0, in the third period.

113 pounds

1-Jr. Bryan Damon (36-1, D3-1), Jefferson, md. 8-So. Mojahed Hamdeh (27-8, D4-1), Wayne Hills, 9-1.
5-Sr. Zach Fisher (28-8, D1-2), Phillipsburg, p. 4-So. Dylan Luciano (20-15, D1-3), West Morris, 3:12.
3-So. Max Nauta (29-4, D1-1), Warren Hills, d. 6-Jr. Christian Silva (27-10, D3-2), Kittatinny, 7-1.
2-So. A.J. Vindici (35-3, D2-1), Randolph, d. 7-So. Michael Glasser (26-12, D2-2), Montville, 4-0.

Notes: Damon up 7-0 in the second period. Used a tight half to get backs in the first period, nearly had the pin. Fisher with the opening takedown. Luciano and Fisher did not meet at D1 over the weekend. Fisher with the cradle gets the FALL! Nauta with the quick takedown. He beat Silva, 4-0, in the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex semifinals. Silva escapes with seven seconds left in the period. Silva on bottom to start the second period. Nauta up, 2-1, after two and going down to start the third. He's out quickly, 3-1. Silva in but Nauta so funky, gets the takedown and two backs.

120 pounds

1-Fr. Jared Kobis (36-1, D3-1), High Point, d. 8-Sr. Vince Pallone (20-17, D1-3), Mendham, 1-0.
4-So. Peter Lipari (26-7, D2-1), Lenape Valley, d. 5-Sr. Joey Spaziani (30-8, D2-3), Hopatcong, 5-1.
3-Jr. Tyler Hrycak (35-3, D4-1), Wayne Valley, d. 6-Jr. Matt Ritchie (28-7, D1-2), North Warren, 5-3.
2-Sr. Cory Fleming (31-7, D1-1), West Morris, d. 7-Jr. Devon LaFranco (25-13, D2-2), Roxbury, 5-2.

Notes: Kobis in a tight one, he leads, 1-0, in the third. They're on their feet. Lipari closing in on a fourth win over Spaziani. Kobis wins it, 1-0. He's three wins shy of matching Nick Francavilla's freshman record of 39 wins in 2007-08. Hrycak leads Ritchie, 4-2, in the second. Fleming up, 1-0, in the second. LaFranco out in the third, 1-1, it's a battle. Hrycak had a takedown waived off and Ritchie nearly had one of his own at the buzzer, but no dice. Fleming up, 3-2, with 18 seconds left. Wow, Fleming nearly done in by his own move -- a headlock -- in the closing seconds, but hangs on and gets two at the buzzer.

126 pounds

1-So. David McFadden (35-1, D4-1), DePaul, d. 8-Sr. Connor McHugh (26-11, D3-3), High Point, 4-0.
4-Fr. Austin Scrivani (27-10, D3-1), Kittatinny, d. So. David Zeppetelli (23-13, D4-3), West Milford, 7-4.
6-So. Anthony Fano (31-8, D2-2), Montville, d. 3-So. David Migliaccio (26-11, D1-2), West Morris, 7-4.
2-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (30-5, D1-1), Warren Hills, d. 7-Jr. Dylan Sullivan (22-11, D2-1), Morris Hills, 4-1.

Notes: First look at last year's 113-pound state runner-up, McFadden. McHugh hanging in there, down, 2-0, late in the second. McFadden with a reversal near the end of the second period, 4-0. On their feet in the third. Scrivani with a late takedown to ice it. Kratochvil-Sullivan scoreless, Blue Streak on bottom to start the second period. Stall warning on Sullivan with 55 to go. Migliaccio-Fano tied at 4 in the second period. Kratochvil with a reversal and two backs with just under 10 seconds left. Sullivan escapes, trails, 4-1 early third. Migliaccio working for a cradle, but gives up the escape, trails, 5-4. Fano with the takedown, he's up, 7-4, late.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Sam Tareky (35-3, D4-1), Wayne Valley, d. 8-Sr. Brandon Rothman (31-9, D1-3), Hackettstown, 7-3.
4-So. Mike Derin (14-3, D3-1), High Point, d. 5-Sr. Anthony Johnson (12-8, D1-1), Phillipsburg, 12-8.
3-Jr. Jake Legotte (33-5, D2-2), Roxbury, d. 6-Sr. Joe Hocking (25-6, D3-2), Wallkill Valley, 4-0.
2-So. Glenn Haines (27-9, D2-1), Lenape Valley, d. 7-So. Eric Friedman (30-8, D1-2), Mendham, 4-3.

Notes: Derin tries to dump, but Johnson blocks it. Derin comes out the back for the takedown and an early 2-0 lead. Reversal for Johnson, ties it, 44 seconds to go. Tied after one. Tareky up, 7-2, on Rothman. Johnson on bottom. Another reversal after Derin nearly had backs with a mousetrap. Derin with a reversal, 4-4. Derin hasn't been pushed like this in awhile. Reversal for Johnson, almost locked up a Peterson. Johnson up, 6-4, after two. Both guys look spent. Derin escapes early in the third, gets a takedown to go up, 7-6. Johnson with another reversal, 8-7, 1:11 left. Derin reversal into a cradle with 35 -- backs coming. Wow what a match!

138 pounds

1-Sr. Nick Matthews (36-3, D1-2), West Morris, p. 8-Jr. Vincent Rigoglioso (19-9, D4-3), Wayne Valley, 2:38.
4-Sr. Matt Benvenuto (32-6, D2-1), Lenape Valley, d. Jr. Chris Auer (16-11, D3-3), High Point, 8-3.
3-So. Max Elling (23-12, D1-1), Phillipsburg, d. 6-Sr. Adam Fano (28-11, D2-2), Montville, 4-0.
2-So. Tom Murphy (33-3, D3-1), Kittatinny, md. 7-Fr. Joseph Stambouly (25-9, D4-1), Wayne Hills, 10-2.

Notes: Benvenuto gets the first takedown, but Auer, so long and lanky, gets the reversal. Locks up a tilt but can't get a turn. Matthews gets the FALL on the adjacent mat. Benvenuto with a takedown, then locks up a double-arm bar for three more -- 8-3 -- after two periods. Murphy up, 6-2, after two periods. Wayne Hills, which has four in the quarters, having a tough night -- two losses thus far.

145 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (30-2, D1-1), Belvidere, md. 8-So. Tim Burklow (29-8, D4-1), Pequannock, 12-4.
4-So. Jason Gaccione (35-4, D3-2), High Point, d. 5-Sr. Brandon Carcuffe (31-8, D1-3), West Morris, 3-1.
3-Jr. Nick Romyns (28-5, D3-1), Kittatinny, d. 6-Sr. Jordan Marks (26-12, D2-1), Montville, 9-5.
2-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (29-6, D1-2), Hackettstown, d. 7-Fr. Luke Drugac (26-11, D2-2), Morris Knolls, 8-2.

Notes: Gaccione gets a takedown with two seconds left in the first period, he's up, 2-0. Gaccione up, 3-0, heading into the third period. Carcuffe escapes, makes it, 3-1 under one minute to go. Kozimor gets three backs near the buzzer, leads, 5-0, after one period. Romyns up, 7-4, in the third.

152 pounds

1-So. Jimmy Schuitema (30-3, D1-1), Phillipsburg, p. 8-Sr. Ryan Ward (24-4, D3-2), Vernon, 1:09.
5-Sr. Sean Rodgers (32-8, D2-1), Randolph, d. 4-Fr. Daniel Kilroy (24-7, D4-2), Wayne Hills, 5-3.
3-So. Luke Bohn (32-5, D3-1), Jefferson, p. 6-Fr. Dean Drugac (33-4, D2-2), Morris Knolls, :57.
2-Sr. Patrick VanDuyne (30-4, D4-1), West Milford, p. 7-Sr. Sal Castiglia (29-10, D4-3), Wayne Valley, 5:50.

Notes: Schuitema with the big five-point move, nearly had Ward stuck. But the Vernon wrestler powered off his back. Legs and power half -- Schuitema gets the FALL! Bohn gets a five-pointer out of the gate. Big moves on that mat. VanDuyne up, 4-2, in the second period. Rodgers leading, 3-1, in the second. Rodgers nursing a 5-3 lead late in the third. Wayne Hills 0-for-3 with one shot left at 220.

Here are the top 10 rankings for Region 1:

1. Phillipsburg; 2. Kittatinny; 3. High Point; 4. Warren Hills; 5. Roxbury; 6. West Morris; 7. Wayne Valley; 8. Jefferson; 9. DePaul; 10. Pequannock.

160 pounds

1-Jr. Dillon Artigliere (37-0, D2-1), Roxbury, p. 8-Sr. David Popek (15-14, D3-2), Kittatinny, 1:25.
5-Sr. John Sickles (28-8, D1-3), West Morris, d. 4-Jr. Nick Carey (29-7, D4-1), DePaul, 8-1.
3-Jr. Jake Kocsis (26-9, D1-2), Phillipsburg, d. 6-Jr. Steve Acevedo (26-7, D2-2), Morris Hills, 13-6.
2-Jr. Sam Button (31-5, D1-1), Mendham, d. 7-Sr. Moses Yasin (14-21, D3-1), High Point, 6-1.

Notes: Artigliere wastes no time with the quick pin of Popek, who was involved in that controversial bout on Wednesday, where he was awarded a stall point at the buzzer to tie it against Lenape Valley's Joe LaBell. Popek got the takedown in sudden victory for the win. Kocsis up, 10-2, in the third. Sickles puts Carey to his back with 35 seconds to go in the third. Sickles leads, 5-1 with three backs coming.

All the 1s, 2,s and 3s, are through so far. Only three 5s and one 6 have won tonight through all but this last bout at 160 between Button and Yasin. District 1 has 13 through to the semis, followed by D2 with 10, D3 with 9 and D4 with 4.

170 pounds

1-Jr. Kieran Gerrity (33-3, D3-1), Kittatinny, d. 8-Jr. Antonio Porraspita (23-11, D3-2), High Point, 9-3.
Jr. Tyler Zimmerman (24-12, D3-3), Jefferson, d. So. D.J. Barrett (23-15, D2-2), Lenape Valley, 7-6.
6-Jr. Broderick Bupivi (23-12, D1-1), Phillipsburg, md. 3-Sr. Richard DiZenzo (26-7, D4-1), West Milford, 16-2.
2-Sr. Parker Meytrott (37-1, D2-1), Montville, p. 7-Sr. Adam Kratch (31-8, D1-2), West Morris, 2:24.

Notes: Scary scene as Porraspita looked to be out cold after Gerrity, who is up, 5-1, got the takedown. A slam was not called. He's OK and they continue. Joe Kopesky of P'burg hits the 50-50 ($629). Good for him. Bupivi up, 16-2, in the third -- looking real tough. Zimmerman up 7-4 in the third -- good battle. Bupivi is Open Mike's choice for third at this weight.

Meytrott with the opening takedown. Tough matchups tonight for West Morris, which started with nine in the quarters and has gone 3-5 tonight.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Jake Brook (33-3, D3-1), Kittatinny, p. 8-Jr. Peter Sutton (23-13, D2-2), Roxbury, 5:12.
4-Sr. Michael Burns (36-1, D2-1), Morris Knolls, d. 5-Sr. Luke Foukas (28-7, D4-2), Pequannock, 5-0.
3-Sr. Evan Bray (27-5, D1-1), Belvidere, md. 6-Sr. Jon Fazio (27-6, D4-3), Lakeland, 11-2.
7-Sr. Josh Sibblies (32-4, D3-2), Newton, d. 2-So. Nick DePalma (30-6, D4-1), DePaul, 8-6.

Notes: Sutton hits a throw for a takedown, but Brook is out of bounds so no back points. Crowd hisses. Brook has rebounded for an 8-3 lead in the third period. Bray with the opening takedown, 2-0. He cuts Fazio loose. Bray real good on his feet. Brook with the FALL! Bray leads, 4-1, after one period. Bray takes neutral in the second, gets his third takedown, 6-1. Bray with his fourth takedown late, 8-2, after two periods. No contest on their feet. Fazio takes top -- why not? Bray escapes, 9-2. Bray looking for a fifth takedown. He gets it, 11-2 with 35 to go.

Sibblies-DePalma should be a good one. DePalma gets the opening takedown at the edge, 2-0. Sibblies, whose father, Ted, was a state runner-up in 1989 for the Braves, escapes, 2-1, with 30 seconds left. Sibblies on bottom to start the second period. He's out right away, 2-2. Sibblies with a nice double-leg, gets the takedown, he leads, 4-3 after DePalma escapes. Sibblies converts a single, turns the corner nicely, for a 6-3 lead late second. DePalma on bottom to start the third. He's out, but Sibblies gets another takedown, he leads, 8-4. DePalma with the reversal, 8-6. That's it, Sibblies wins it.

195 pounds

1-Jr. Anthony Landberg (30-6, D4-1), Wayne Valley, d. 8-Sr. Hunter McConnell (18-3, D4-2), Pompton Lakes, 6-2.
5-Jr. Dylan Wunder (32-5, D3-2), Kittatinny, d. 4-Sr. Stephen Arthur III (16-8, D2-1), Roxbury, 10-9.
Jr. Jose Delgado (31-7, D2-2), Morris Hills, d. 3-Jr. Jesse Windt (30-8, D1-1), West Morris, 8-5.
2-Jr. Kyle Stoll (31-5, D3-1), High Point, d. Sr. Kristian Barrett (26-12, D2-3), Lenape Valley, 7-2.

Notes: Windt falls, West Morris goes 3-6 in the quarters. Wild one with Wunder-Arthur III -- Kittatinny up 10-8 with 1:04 left in the third.

220 pounds

1-Sr. J.B. Lawson (27-4, D1-1), Belvidere, d. 8-So. Aaron Flitcroft (12-6, D1-3), Mendham, 5-2.
4-Sr. Pete Andrich (34-4, D1-2), Mount Olive, p. 5-Sr. Zac Kazaba (31-9, D2-1), Randolph, 8:24 UTB.
3-Sr. Robert Levine (22-5, D4-2), Wayne Hills, p. 6-Jr. Garrett Armstrong (32-4, D3-1), Kittatinny, 1:07.
7-Jr. Bobby McDonnell (30-6, D3-2), High Point, d. 2-Jr. Justin Walker (28-6, D4-1), Wayne Valley, 10-8 SV.

Notes: Another scary scene as Flitcroft flies off the mat and into press row. He's OK. Crowd gasped when he hit. Lawson up, 3-1, after two periods. Another takedown for Lawson, 5-2, with 30 seconds left. Kazaba up, 3-2, in the second period. Andrich gets a takedown to go up, 4-3, in the third. Levine throws Armstrong to his back -- he's in trouble. And the FALL! Levine a big move guy, remember him last year when he finished fourth. Andrich-Kazaba tied 5-5 in OT. Andrich with the FALL!

McDonnell seemingly in control, up, 5-2, in the second, but Walker gets the reversal to make it 5-4. McDonnell escapes in the third, he leads, 8-6, but gets taken down, it's tied at 8. We go to OT. McDonnell nearly gave up two, but got the takedown to win it! Wow, he led, 5-2, in regulation at one point. High Point gets 6 of 11 through to the semis.

285 pounds

1-So. Andrew Pacheco (30-5, D1-1), Warren Hills, p. 8-Jr. Gunny Wassong (20-12, D3-2), High Point, 1:01.
4-Jr. Noa Merritt (29-3, D3-1), Pope John, d. Sr. William Wenzel (27-4, D4-2), West Milford, 5-2.
6-Sr. Victor Burgos (28-9, D2-1), Hopatcong, d. 3-Sr. Brendon Narbone (26-7, D4-1), Lakeland, 3-1 SV.
2-Sr. Ryan Appleby (28-4, D1-2), Belvidere, d. Sr. Bobby Sperling (10-10, D2-2), Lenape Valley, 6-2.

Notes: Pacheco tosses Wassong early -- wow. He leads, 5-0. Merritt winning the takedown battle, up, 5-1 in the third. Burgos-Narbone deadlocked at 1 in the third. Appleby with an early 4-1 lead. Narbone-Burgos go to OT. Narbone tries a throw at the edge with 26 seconds left but they go out. Burgos gets two at the edge to win it!

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