Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wrestling: Region 1 semifinals (LIVE)

Where: Wallkill Valley Regional High School, Hardyston.

Saturday schedule: (Doors open at 7 a.m.): Semifinals, 9 a.m., immediately followed by two rounds of wrestlebacks; third-place consolations approximately 30 minutes after wrestlebacks; championships following consolations.

Returning champions (5): David McFadden, DePaul; Sam Tareky, Wayne Valley; Tyler Kozimor, Hackettstown; Evan Bray, Belvidere; Dillon Artigliere, Roxbury (2011).

Quarterfinalists by school

High Point 6; Phillipsburg 6; Kittatinny 6; Belvidere 4; Jefferson 3; Lenape Valley 3; Roxbury 3; Wayne Valley 3; Warren Hills 3; West Morris 3; Montville 2; Morris Knolls 2; Randolph 2; DePaul 1; Mendham 1; Wayne Hills 1; West Milford 1; Morris Hills 1; Hackettstown 1; Hopatcong 1;  Pope John 1; Mount Olive 1; Newton 1; Lakeland 0; North Warren 0; Pequannock 0; Pompton Lakes 0; Vernon 0; Wallkill Valley 0; Butler 0; Dover 0; Kinnelon 0; Morris Catholic 0; Sparta 0.

106 pounds

1-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (31-5, D1-1), Phillipsburg, d. 4-Fr. Garrett O'Shea (35-4, D2-2), Morris Knolls, 4-3.
3-Sr. Stephen Caserta (31-6, D2-1), Roxbury, d. 2-So. Dom Gallo (33-4, D3-1), High Point, 5-4.

Notes: Paetzell up 4-3 in the third. Tight bout. Gallo and Caserta tied at 4 heading to the third -- they're on their feet. Caserta out, he leads, 5-4. Gallo dives in, but that's it. Caserta advances. Paetzell advances, no rematch with Gallo.

113 pounds

1-Jr. Bryan Damon (37-1, D3-1), Jefferson, d. 5-Sr. Zach Fisher (28-9, D1-2), Phillipsburg, 8-3.
3-So. Max Nauta (30-4, D1-1), Warren Hills, d. 2-So. A.J. Vindici (35-4, D2-1), Randolph, 3-2.

Notes: Might be the best semifinals of the day here. Damon with a quick takedown against Fisher, who has raised $1,800 this year for Pin for Cancer. Vindici with the opening takedown and Nauta escapes, 2-1, after one period. Damon up, 2-0, after one period. Second period ends as it started with Nauta-Vindici on their feet. Nauta on bottom to start the third. Fisher down, 2-1, in the second. Damon gets another takedown, 4-1, late second.  Nauta with the reversal at the buzzer -- good call but Randolph coaches don't like it.

Damon up, 6-2, in the third. Very impressive on his feet. Another takedown makes it, 8-2.

120 pounds

4-So. Peter Lipari (27-7, D2-1), Lenape Valley, d. 1-Fr. Jared Kobis (36-2, D3-1), High Point, 10-8.
3-Jr. Tyler Hrycak (36-3, D4-1), Wayne Valley, d. 2-Sr. Cory Fleming (31-8, D1-1), West Morris, 10-8 SV.

Notes: Hrycak with the quick takedown, 2-0. Escape for Fleming. Kobis-Lipari scoreless after one period. Kobis out, 1-0. Hrycak with another takedown, 4-1, under one minute. Lipari gets the takedown, he leads, 2-1. Hrycak, 4-2, after one period. Escape and another takedown, Hrycak in control, 7-2. Lipari up, 2-1, after two and is on bottom. Fleming hits the headlock for four points -- tied at 7 -- Hyrcak escapes, 8-7 with 30 seconds left in the period. Kobis with a takedown after Lipari escapes -- 3-3. Two good ones!

Lipari out, he's up 4-3. Takedown and backs for Kobis -- he's up 7-4 and the High Point faithful is loving it! Lipari reversal and Kobis escapes -- 8-6 -- but Lipari takedown and backs in the final seconds -- he wins it 10-8! That's Kobis' first loss since the HWS finals. We're tied at 8 on the adjacent mat. Hrycak gets a takedown 5 seconds into sudden victory!

126 pounds

1-So. David McFadden (36-1, D4-1), DePaul, d. 4-Fr. Austin Scrivani (26-11, D3-1), Kittatinny, 9-5.
2-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (31-5, D1-1), Warren Hills, d. 6-So. Anthony Fano (30-9, D2-2), Montville, 7-4.

Notes: McFadden hits a four-pointer, but Scrivani gets a reversal -- 4-2. Kratochvil with the quick takedown, 2-0. Kratochvil converts a single and changes over nicely -- 4-1, after one period. McFadden leads, 6-2, after one period. Scrivani gets a takedown at the edge, he trails 9-5 after letting McFadden up. Kratochvil up, 6-4, after two periods.

132 pounds

4-So. Mike Derin (15-3, D3-1), High Point, p. 1-Sr. Sam Tareky (35-4, D4-1), Wayne Valley, :50.
3-Jr. Jake Legotte (34-5, D2-2), Roxbury, d. 2-So. Glenn Haines (27-10, D2-1), Lenape Valley, 7-6.

Notes: Derin with the takedown and nearside cradle for the FALL! Haines down, 2-1, in the second period. Legotte up, 4-2, in the second period. Escape for Haines, he's down a point. Haines spins behind for the takedown in the final seconds of the period -- they're tied 5-5 in the third. Legotte with another takedown to go up, 7-5, near the one-minute mark. Haines nearly got behind for two at the buzzer. Rematch between Legotte and Derin. Legotte won, 5-2, on Jan. 19 -- Derin's first match back after leaving the team in late December.

138 pounds

4-Sr. Matt Benvenuto (33-6, D2-1), Lenape Valley, d. 1-Sr. Nick Matthews (36-4, D1-2), West Morris, 5-4.
3-So. Max Elling (24-12, D1-1), Phillipsburg, p. 2-So. Tom Murphy (33-4, D3-1), Kittatinny, 3:00.

Notes: Elling with the opening takedown, 2-0. Elling out in the second period, 3-0. Elling hits the chin whip for the FALL! Two stunners back-to-back. Elling was 0-2 against Murphy coming in. Benvenuto with the first takedown, leads, 3-2, in the first after a Matthews reversal. Tied 3-3 in the third, Matthews on bottom. He's out 21 seconds in for a 4-3 lead. Benvenuto gets the takedown with 43 seconds. Avenges a 3-1 loss to Matthews earlier this season.

145 pounds

4-So. Jason Gaccione (36-4, D3-2), High Point, d. 1-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (30-3, D1-1), Belvidere, 1-0.
3-Jr. Nick Romyns (29-5, D3-1), Kittatinny, d. 2-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (29-7, D1-2), Hackettstown, 5-2.

Notes: Gaccione up, 1-0, in the second period. Thorsen on bottom to start the third. Gaccione rides him out, banged for stalling late in the period. Romyns up, 4-1, in the second period. Kozimor on bottom to start the third, down, 5-1. He's out, 5-2. First district finals rematch here -- Romyns won, 11-6, to win the D3 title.

152 pounds

1-So. Jimmy Schuitema (31-3, D1-1), Phillipsburg, p. 5-Sr. Sean Rodgers (32-9, D2-1), Randolph, 1:20.
2-Sr. Patrick VanDuyne (31-4, D4-1), West Milford, p. 3-So. Luke Bohn (32-6, D3-1), Jefferson, 3:19.

Notes: Schuitema with the quick takedown. Gets a turn for three backs, 5-0. VanDuyne up, 4-0. Cradle for backs -- VanDuyne up, 8-0.

160 pounds

1-Jr. Dillon Artigliere (38-0, D2-1), Roxbury, p. 5-Sr. John Sickles (28-9, D1-3), West Morris, 1:01.
 2-Jr. Sam Button (32-5, D1-1), Mendham, p. 3-Jr. Jake Kocsis (26-10, D1-2), Phillipsburg, 9-2.

Notes: Artigliere just horses Sickles to his back for the FALL! He's by far the best wrestler in this tournament -- not even close. Button up, 4-0, in the second, gets backs with the legs in.

170 pounds

1-Jr. Kieran Gerrity (34-3, D3-1), Kittatinny, md. Jr. Tyler Zimmerman (24-13, D3-3), Jefferson, 18-4.
2-Sr. Parker Meytrott (38-1, D2-1), Montville, p. 6-Jr. Broderick Bupivi (23-13, D1-1), Phillipsburg, 1:16.

Notes: Meytrott makes quick work of Bupivi. Gerrity up, 4-2, in the first. Gerrity in control in the second period with an 8-4 lead. Very methodical match.

182 pounds

4-Sr. Michael Burns (37-1, D2-1), Morris Knolls, d. 1-Sr. Jake Brook (33-4, D3-1), Kittatinny, 3-2.
7-Sr. Josh Sibblies (33-4, D3-2), Newton, d. 3-Sr. Evan Bray (27-6, D1-1), Belvidere, 3-2.

Notes: Burns up 2-0 in the first, nearly gets a turn for backs. Locked hands on Burns in the second, Brook gets his first point. Brook adds an escape,it's 2-2. Brook very defensive, not a lot of offense. Burns down to start the third period. He's out, leads, 3-2. It's been a tough bout to watch. Wow what a finish. Brook nearly pops out the back for a takedown as they scramble for what seemed like 30 seconds.

Sibblies spins behind with 44 seconds left for a takedown, 2-0. He's controlling the action early. Bray escapes at the buzzer -- 2-1. Bray on bottom to start the second. Sibblies lets him up, 2-2. Lots of action, but no points until Sibblies gets a questionable takedown at the edge with 10 seconds left. They waived it off -- still 2-2. Sibblies on bottom to start the third period. Bray cuts him loose, 3-2. Sibblies has been in a few times but can't convert. That's it. Both results 3-2. Ironically, Burns beat Sibblies, 3-2, in a dual meet in early January.

195 pounds

1-Jr. Anthony Landberg (31-6, D4-1), Wayne Valley, d. 5-Jr. Dylan Wunder (32-6, D3-2), Kittatinny, 7-2.
2-Jr. Kyle Stoll (32-5, D3-1), High Point, d. Jr. Jose Delgado (31-8, D2-2), Morris Hills, 5-0.

Notes: Landberg is a repeat finalist at this weight -- losing 3-2 to Newton's Jake Connelly in 2012.

220 pounds

1-Sr. J.B. Lawson (28-4, D1-1), Belvidere, p. 4-Sr. Pete Andrich (34-5, D1-2), Mount Olive, 1:10.
7-Jr. Bobby McDonnell (31-7, D3-2), High Point, d. 3-Sr. Robert Levine (22-6, D4-2), Wayne Hills, 6-4.

Notes: Lawson with the dump for five with one minute -- AND THE FALL! He beat Andrich, 5-2, in the dual meet. McDonnell-Levine tied at 2 in the second. McDonnell gets two back points -- 4-2 after two periods. Levine puts McDonnell on his back, but the Wildcat holds a 6-4 lead.

285 pounds

1-So. Andrew Pacheco (31-5, D1-1), Warren Hills, p. 4-Jr. Noa Merritt (29-4, D3-1), Pope John, 5:58.
2-Sr. Ryan Appleby (29-4, D1-2), Belvidere, p. 6-Sr. Victor Burgos (28-10, D2-1), Hopatcong, 4:24.

Notes: Pacheco hits a lat drop at the buzzer -- but no takedown, wow! Pacheco up, 1-0, in the second. Pacheco drops him again for four points -- 5-0. Merritt lucky he was close to the edge to get off the mat. Merritt escapes and the two exchange words and a chest bump as they go off. Pacheco bear hugs for two and three backs -- 11-2. Pacheco wasn't satisfied, goes for the pin and GETS IT!

Appleby's win gives District 1 a total of nine finalists. D3 is next with 8, D2 has seven and D4 has four.

Thanks for following Open Mike all week. Due to TV commitments later, I will not be blogging the consolations or finals, but will try to keep you updated. Follow the NJ Herald and Anthony Spaulding for live coverage.


  1. These matches so far sound like the best semis ever at Region 1.