Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wrestling: Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex finals (LIVE)

Welcome wrestling fans to the fifth annual Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex Tournament finals.

We've had some exciting action today here at Hunterdon Central's Field House. Senior Dylan Nace of Central became the first four-time finalist with his exciting 6-1 win in triple overtime against Kittatinny's Austin Scrivani in the 132-pound semifinals. Nace also collected his 100th career win in the quarters.

Phillipsburg and Kittatinny each have a tournament-high four wrestlers in the championship round, while 13 of the 18 schools competing produced at least one finalist. The Stateliners have all but secured the team championship, with the Cougars in second place entering the finals.

Here's the full breakdown:

Finalists by school

Phillipsburg 4; Kittatinny 4; High Point 3; Hunterdon Central 3; North Hunterdon 3; Delaware Valley 2; Pope John 2; Warren Hills 2; Hackettstown 1; Newton 1; North Warren 1; Sparta 1; Voorhees 1; Belvidere 0; Hopatcong 0; Lenape Valley 0; Vernon 0; Wallkill Valley 0.

Final Team Standings

1. Phillipsburg 207; 2. Kittatinny 178.5; 3. Delaware Valley 169.5; 4. North Hunterdon 165.5; 5. Warren Hills 147.5; 6. Hunterdon Central 141.5; 7. Voorhees 122.5; 8. High Point 111; 9. Lenape Valley 84; 10. Belvidere 81; 11. Pope John 75.5; 12. Newton 75; 13. Sparta 71; 14. North Warren 63.5; 15. Hopatcong 47; 16. Hackettstown 30; 17. Wallkill Valley 21; 18. Vernon 18.

Outstanding Wrestler Award -- Brandon Paetzell, Phillipsburg.

106 pounds

1-So. Brandon Paetzell, Phillipsburg, tf. 2-Jr. Paul Robinson, North Hunterdon, 18-3, 2:48.

1-Paetzell seeking his second straight title at 106. He's 4-0 all-time vs. Robinson, with two pins, including a fall on Thursday in a dual meet. Paetzell takedown 38 second in, escape for Robinson. Paetzell gets another takedown, leads, 4-1 with 59 seconds left. Paetzell gets three backs off a turk to go up, 7-1, after one period.

2-Paetzell down to start the period. Neutral, 8-1. A third takedown for Paetzell makes it 10-1. Two more backs, 12-1. A dominating performance. Paetzell cuts Robinson loose, 12-2. Another takedown with 1:02 to go, 14-2. Looking at a technical fall here. Paetzell with a vicious half, but only a one count near the buzzer.

3-Robinson down, Paetzell cuts him to start, it's 14-3. Paetzell counters upper body for a takedown, 16-3. He tilts for two backs and it's over.

113 pounds

 2-So. Kyle DiNapoli, Voorhees, d. 1-Sr. Austin Sisco, Pope John, 9-4.

1-First appearances in the finals for both wrestlers. Sisco was a District 3 runner-up last season, while DiNapoli placed third in D17. DiNapoli is really good on his feet, gets the opening takedown. Sisco is out, it's 2-1 with 40 seconds left. Nice scramble and DiNapoli pops out for takedown with 10 seconds left and three backs at the buzzer! He leads 7-1.

2-DiNapoli gets another takedown to make it 9-1. Stall warning on Sisco. He wasn't even close to getting out for most of that period.

3-Yet, Sisco takes bottom to start the third. He's out 18 seconds in, trails, 9-2. Needs a big move from feet. Sisco gets a takedown with 20 seconds to go, 9-4. First title for DiNapoli, he dominated early, then cruised on out.

120 pounds

 3-So. Nick Klinger, Kittatinny, d. 4-So. Joe Renne, Hackettstown, 8-6.

1-Quick takedown for Renne. Klinger won, 12-5, when they met at the Caldwell Tournament. Klinger with the nice reversal, 2-2. Renne escapes, leads, 3-2, with 1:43 to go. Klinger gets the takedown with 37 seconds left for a 4-3 lead. Two tough sophomores.

2-Klinger takes down. Caution on Klinger. Renne riding a bit high with legs, nearly gives up a reversal at the edge with 1:42 to go. Reversal for Klinger, he's tough on the mat, leads 6-3. Renne escapes with 1:10 to go. Klinger up 8-4 heading into the third period,, gets behind for a takedown at the buzzer. That was huge.

3-Renne takes bottom. Escapes with 1:23 to go. Klinger up 8-5. Renne in on a nice single-leg shot, but can't finish. Referee Joe Benvenuto awards one penalty point (illegal figure four), it's 8-6. That's it. Nice match.

126 pounds

1-Jr. Ryan Pomrinca, North Hunterdon, d. 2-Sr. Matt Ritchie, North Warren, 7-2.

1-Pomrinca, a three-time finalist, looking for his second straight title. First finals appearance for Ritchie, who was fourth as a freshman. No score after one period.

2-Pomrinca down. He's out 17 seconds in. Pomrinca close to a takedown at the edge, but Ritchie keeps one leg free. Gets the two with 30 seconds to go, 3-0.

3-Ritchie takes defense. He's out eight seconds in. Nice single-leg attempt, Pomrinca in control, 5-1. Escape for Ritchie with 15 seconds left, Pomrinca gets another takedown near the buzzer.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Dylan Nace, Hunterdon Central, d. 2-Jr. Mike Derin, High Point, 6-2.

1-This could be entertaining. Derin finished eighth in the state last season and likes to let it fly. Nace more of a defensive wrestler. Wow, Derin nearly had a takedown and potentially backs at the buzzer, but referee Chip Castner says no points.

2-Nace down, escapes quickly for a 1-0 lead. Nace with the feet to back move for five! He's in command, 6-0. Derin escapes, 6-1, with 59 seconds left. Nace almost pancakes Derin again on a shot attempt with about 15 seconds left, but no points.

3-Derin takes defense. Granbys out to make it 6-2 with 1:40 to go. Nace fights off the front headlock attempt. Derin needs a big move. That's it, nice win for Nace. He's a two-time champ, winning in 2012 as well.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Max Nauta, Warren Hills, p. 2-Jr. Ian Burke, Sparta, 5:22.

1-Don't go to the mat with Max. He's deadly. Gave up two takedowns to Phillipsburg's Corey Zinsmeister in the semifinals and was going to his back off a nearside cradle, when the Blue Streak rolled through and decked the Stateliner in 1:57. Nauta gets the first takedown here. Nauta tough with legs, but can't get any points.

2-Nauta takes defense. He escapes, 3-0. Takedown and two backs for Burke with 55 seconds left, but Nauta gets a reveral to regain the lead, 5-4. Gets a turn with legs for two more, 7-4.

3-Burke wisely takes feet. Brief injury time for Nauta, who was shaken up earlier today. Nice pass by for Nauta, but no points. Burke in on a single, but is caught in a spladle! Gets the FALL!

145 pounds

1-Jr. Jimmy Schuitema, Phillipsburg, d. 2-Sr. Collin Boylan, Hunterdon Central, 1-0.

1-This should be a dandy. Schuitema a runner-up last year, while Boylan was third. No score after one period.

2-Schuitema on defense. He escapes, leads, 1-0.

3-Boylan takes bottom. Blood time for Boylan with 1:07 left. Schuitema riding tough with legs. That's it, he hands Boylan his first loss.

152 pounds

1-Sr. Gary Dinmore, Hunterdon Central, d. 2-Sr. Mike Ciavarro, North Hunterdon, 5-2.

2-Dinmore up 5-1 after two -- two takedowns to none. He won, 5-0, when they met on Tuesday.

3-Ciavarro escapes in the third, but they finish on their feet. Second title for Dinmore.

160 pounds

1-Sr. Broderick Bupivi, Phillipsburg, p. 3-Sr. Luke Zehnbauer, Delaware Valley, 5:39.

1-Bupivi in on a single, gets the takedown, Zehnbauer escapes, gets a takedown and two backs. Escape for Bupivi. Zehnbauer up 5-3. Lot of action early. Reversal for Bupivi, with 18 seconds left, ties it at 5.

2-Zehnbauer down. This is his first time at 160, and he's wrestled matches at 195 in his career. Penalty point for Bupivi, not sure what the call was on that. He leads, 6-5.

3-Bupivi on bottom. He's out quickly. Nice single-leg by Bupivi, he's up 8-6. Gets a turn with legs and THE FALL!

170 pounds

2-Sr. Jake Kocsis, Phillipsburg, d. 1-Sr. Kieran Gerrity, Kittatinny, 5-3. 

1-Kocsis gets the takedown with 31 seconds left. Escape for Gerrity near the buzzer.

2-Gerrity takes defense. Kocsis gets two backs, leads 4-2. Escape for Gerrity with 30 seconds left. Stall warning on Gerrity late in the period.

3-Kocsis takes bottom, but Gerrity lets him up. It's 5-3. Kocsis nearly has another takedown at the edge with 39 seconds left, but referee Russ Scorese says nada. 'Liners coach Dave Post expressing his displeasure. That's it. Gerrity never close to getting a takedown. P'burg goes 4-for-4 in the finals as Kocsis repeats.

182 pounds

2-Sr. Kody Eichlin, Delaware Valley, d. 1-Sr. Dylan Wunder, Kittatinny, 3-1. 

1-Wunder a runner-up two years ago, Eichlin was second last year. No score after one.

2-Wunder takes defense, escapes for a 1-0 lead.

3-Eichlin down. Stall warning on Eichlin and an escape, ties it at 1. Eichlin converts a takedown in the closing seconds to win it!

195 pounds

1-Sr. Kyle Stoll, High Point, d. 2-Sr. Garrett Armstrong, Kittatinny, 5-1.

1-No score after one period. Stoll looking to repeat at this weight. Armstrong second last year at 220.

2-Stoll down. He's out 40 seconds in. Stoll muscles in for the takedown with 37 seconds left, he leads, 3-0.

3-Armstrong on bottom. Stoll lets him go after struggling to get a return, 3-1. Stoll spins behind for a takedown with seven seconds left to ice it.

220 pounds

4-Jr. Gus Protogeropoulos, Newton, d. 2-Sr. Bobby McDonnell, High Point, 4-3.

1-Protogeropoulos bulls in for the opening takedown. McDonnell was a Region 1 runner-up last season. He gets the escape, 2-1. Back-to-back days taking on a Wildcat, as Protogeropoulos dropped a 9-1 decision to Stoll on Friday.

2-McDonnell down. Protogeropoulos stands them up, it's tied at 2. Not much action in this one.

3-Protogeropoulos takes bottom. He gets to his feet then counters a single leg for a reversal with 1:21 to go. Wins it. McDonnell escapes near the end.

285 pounds

2-Sr. Noa Merritt, Pope John, d. 1-Jr. Andrew Pacheco, Warren Hills, 5-2. 

1-Rematch of last year's entertaining Region 1 semifinal -- won by Pacheco, a fall in 5:58. Merritt gets the opening takedown. Pacheco escapes, 2-1. Pacheco always looking for the throw and Merritt obliged him a year ago. Different match so far.

2-Merritt takes defense. Lot of weight on the Lion, applied by the Bear. Merritt calls for an injury timeout. Not sure what caused the injury. He's OK. Escape with 20 seconds left, 3-1.

3-Pacheco on bottom. He's out in a flash. Merritt hips over with eight seconds left for the takedown to ice it.

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