Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrestling: District 3 quarterfinals results, stats

Complete results and team scores after Friday's quarterfinal round of the District 3 Tournament at Kittatinny Regional High School.

Action resumes at 9 a.m., on Saturday with the semifinals, followed by third-place consolations at 10:30 a.m. (two mats) and the championship finals (one mat) to follow around noon. The top three finishers at each weight class advance to the Region 1 Tournament at Wallkill Valley.

There are 11 former champions in this year's field -- High Point's Dom GalloMike Derin and Kyle Stoll; Kittatinny's Austin ScrivaniNick RomynsKieran Gerrity and Garrett Armstrong; Jefferson's Bryan Damon and Luke Bohn; Pope John's Noa Merritt. High Point's Jason Gaccione won a title in 2012.

Semifinalists by school

High Point 13; Kittatinny 10; Jefferson 8; Newton 8; Sparta 8; Pope John 6; Wallkill Valley 2; Vernon 1.

Team standings

1. High Point 122; 2. Kittatinny 94; 3. Newton 75.5; 4. Sparta 74; 5. Jefferson 70; 6. Pope John 57; 7. Wallkill Valley 18; 8. Vernon 9.

Notes: There were 34 pins, two major decisions and 1 technical fall, along with 11 regular decisions and eight byes in the first round, which lasted 1 hour, 30 minutes. Only one five seed and one six seed advanced as all No. 1 and 2s moved into the semifinals.

106 pounds

1-So. Garrett Gerndt (22-3), Sparta bye
4-So. Taylor Molfetto (17-12), Kittatinny, d. 5-So. Anthony Antoneck (18-12), Jefferson, 1-0.
3-Fr. Chase Babus (15-18), High Point, d. 6-Fr. Nick Giordano (16-14), Newton, 6-2.
2-Fr. Ryan Luchs (16-5), Pope John, p. 7-Fr. Mark Teevan (4-6), Wallkill Valley, :18.

113 pounds

1-Sr. Austin Sisco (28-3), Pope John, bye
4-Fr. Aric Wingle (11-12), High Point, p. 5-Fr. Kasey Hotz (18-14), Kittatinny, 3:25.
3-Fr. Mark Bohn (27-7), Jefferson, d. 6-Jr. Sierra Blasone (5-11), Sparta, 7-1.
2-Jr. Trevor Morales (30-5), Newton, tf. 7-So. Andres Gomez (6-17), Wallkill Valley, 16-0, 2:22.

Notes: Morales cruising, up 14-0, in the second. Hit a four-pointer early on. Wingle with the first takedown against Hotz. Wingle locks up a cradle for three backs and leads 7-0 with 19 seconds left in the first period.

120 pounds

1-Sr. Bryan Damon (30-2), Jefferson, bye
4-So. Caleb Lewie-Cepero (12-14), Pope John, p. 5-Fr. Trevor Kish (11-14), Wallkill Valley, :51.
3-So. Nick Klinger (28-5), Kittatinny, p. 6-So. Michael Valentine (1-9), Newton, 1:16.
2-Jr. Dom Gallo (27-6), High Point, p. 7-Fr. Mike Roccasanta (1-24), Vernon, 1:55.

126 pounds

1-Sr. Christian Silva (21-13), Kittatinny, bye
4-Sr. Zeke Lewie-Cepero (14-13), Pope John, md. 5-Jr. Sultan Destani (9-13), Vernon, 9-0.
3-Sr. Matt Tripodi (27-7), Jefferson, p. 6-Fr. Sean McHugh (11-13), Sparta, 1:54.
2-Jr. Eddie Medina (26-9), Newton, p. 7-Fr. Dillion Whitley (5-21), Wallkill Valley, :32.

132 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Derin (28-7), High Point, p. 8-Sr. Kevin Pitts (0-20), Vernon, :30.
4-Jr. Ryan Brigante (11-18), Newton, d. 5-Fr. Jakob Jakova (9-18), Jefferson, 7-5.
3-Jr. Anthony Azzartti (16-11), Pope John, p. 6-Sr. Jonathan Gomez (4-9), Wallkill Valley, :51.
2-So. Austin Scrivani (26-7), Kittatinny, p. 7-Fr. Paddy Finnegan (5-14), Sparta, 4:46.

Notes: Good one between Brigante and Jakova. Brigante was up 2-0 before Jakova hit a headlock for four points. Brigante reversed to make it 4-4 after two periods. Brigante gets a takedown with 9 seconds left to win it.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Ian Burke (26-2), Sparta, p. 8-So. Gary Moore (4-9), Jefferson, 1:11.
4-Jr. Sean Siek (20-8), Wallkill Valley, p. 5-So. Cole Nagle (14-11), Vernon, 3:35.
3-Jr. Ryan Cullen (16-13), High Point, p. 6-Sr. Nick West (11-18), Kittatinny, 5:28.
2-Sr. Niko Grello (23-12), Newton, p. 7-Jr. Nick Esposito (10-19), Pope John, 2:45.

Notes: Grello trying to get a return trip to Wallkill Valley after finishing third as a sophomore. He missed all of his junior campaign with a knee injury. Grello leads 7-1 in the second period. He gets the fall to move into the semis.

145 pounds

1-Jr. Jason Gaccione (31-4), High Point, p. 8-So. Richard Mucia (1-14), Vernon, 1:01.
4-Fr. Jake DeLuca (7-7), Newton, p. 5-So. Anthony Avellone (3-11), Jefferson, 2:56.
3-Jr. Joe Tizzano (14-8) Wallkill Valley, d. 6-Jr. Trevor Schutte (0-12), Kittatinny, 8-2.
2-Jr. Walker Schmitzer (24-3), Sparta, p. 7-Jr. Liam Sax (2-13), Pope John, 3:22.

152 pounds

1-Jr. Luke Bohn (24-3), Jefferson, bye
4-Fr. Zach Herbert (8-11) Sparta, d. 5-Sr. Jerrian Arroyo (9-13), Vernon, 10-8 SV.
3-Sr. Chris Auer (20-12), High Point, p. 6-So. Billy Koenig (7-18), Pope John, 3:54.
2-Sr. Nick Romyns (20-3), Kittatinny, p. 7-Sr. Eddie Taylor (2-15), Newton, 1:06.

Notes: Rematch of one the wildest dual meet clashes this season as Arroyo and Herbert square off. Arroyo led 11-0 in the second period last time before Herbert rallied to win 14-13. Arroyo leads this one, 6-4, after two periods. Herbert down, 7-4, turns Arroyo for two, cuts him and gets a takedown near the buzzer to tie it at 8 and force OT. Herbert gets the takedown 24 seconds to WIN!

160 pounds

1-Sr. Tommy Hooker (19-11), High Point, bye
5-Sr. Frank Avallone (16-8) Jefferson, d. 4-So. Tim VanLenten (17-3) Vernon, 9-5.
3-So. Lance Fischer (18-17), Newton, d. 6-Fr. Josh Klimek (9-11), Kittatinny, 9-5.
2-Jr. Nathan Sowers (11-8) Sparta, p. 7-So. Justin Bond (2-14), Wallkill Valley, 1:03.

Notes: VanLenten, a Region 1 qualifier and third-place finisher here last year, trails 5-3 in the third period. Avallone wins and the first No. 4 seed bows out.

170 pounds

1-Sr. Kieran Gerrity (30-3), Kittatinny, bye
4-Sr. Colby Brands (17-16), High Point, d. 5-Jr. Benjamin Sibblies (16-18), Newton, 3-2.
6-Sr. Amir Amro (13-16), Jefferson, d. 3-Jr. Patrick Endrikat (16-8), Wallkill Valley, 8-5.
2-So. Al Falco (19-8), Sparta, p. 7-Sr. Eric Weber (4-15), Vernon, :52.

Notes: Surprisingly, Brands in a tight one with Sibblies, up 3-2 with 18 seconds left. Brands hangs on for the win. Our first No. 3 seed exits as Amro knocks off Endrikat.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Dylan Wunder (25-9), Kittatinny, p. 8-So. Ryan Lazar (0-9), Newton, :27.
4-Jr. Connor Lore (16-10), Sparta, d. 5-Jr. Deriam Guridy (11-10), Pope John, 4-2.
3-Sr. Tyler Zimmerman (25-9), Jefferson, p. 6-Sr. Pat Thompson (14-12), Vernon, 2:11.
2-Sr. Antonio Porraspita (23-11), High Point, p. 7-Sr. Tylar Creeden (11-15), Wallkill Valley, 3:07.

195 pounds

1-Sr. Kyle Stoll (30-5), High Point, bye
4-Sr. Jesse Cornwell (15-4), Vernon, md. 5-So. Joseph Frumolt (7-6), Pope John, 12-2.
3-Jr. Gavin Lally (23-5), Sparta, p. 6-Jr. Alex Shucai (5-13), Wallkill Valley, :52.
2-Sr. Garrett Armstrong (28-6), Kittatinny, p. 7-So. Koty Wilkinson (1-8), Newton, :27.

Notes: Cornwell cruises and gives Vernon its first winner of the evening.

220 pounds

1-Jr. Gus Protogeropoulos (30-5), Newton, p. 8-So. Alex Buszczij (0-5), Sparta, 1:31.
4-Sr. Andrew Simpson (22-10), Kittatinny, p. 5-Fr. Mike Alvarez (8-11), Vernon, 1:23.
3-Sr. Robert Hajnos (26-7), Jefferson, p. 6-Jr. Ian McDonald (7-9), Wallkill Valley, 1:33.
2-Sr. Bobby McDonnell (21-14), High Point, p. 7-Jr. Michael Anderson (5-18), Pope John, :19.

285 pounds

1-Sr. Noa Merritt (23-0), Pope John, p. 8-Jr. Collin McConville (9-13), Wallkill Valley, 1:08.
4-So. Ethan Reczka (17-10), Newton, p. 5-Jr. Jake Vogel (8-15) Sparta, 3:46.
3-Sr. Tom Smith (24-8), Kittatinny, p. 6-Sr. Robert Chavez (14-11), Vernon, 3:25.
2-Sr. Christian Campbell (10-11), High Point, p. 7-So. Avery Sheruda (8-12), Jefferson, 2:23.

Notes: Reczka gets a reversal to tie with 46 seconds left and then gets the FALL!

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