Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wrestling: NJSIAA District 1 pairings, seeds

Pairings and seeds for the NJSIAA District 1 Tournament to be held Saturday at The Pit at Phillipsburg High School, this year's host site.

Wrestling begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday with the quarterfinals, followed by the semifinals at 1 p.m., third-place consolations at 4 p.m. and the championship finals to follow at 5:30. The top three finishers at each weight class advance to the Region 1 Tournament at Wallkill Valley.

There are seven former champions in this year's field -- Brandon Paetzell and Max Elling of Phillipsburg; Max Nauta and Andrew Pacheco of Warren Hills; Sam Button of Mendham and Jesse Windt of West Morris. North Warren's Matt Ritchie won a title in 2011.

Ritchie, who enters the tournament with 99 career wins, is attempting to join Kevin Brown (124-33 from 2006-10) as the only Patriots to reach the century mark.

106 pounds

1-So. Brandon Paetzell (30-1), Phillipsburg
2-Fr. Shane Metzler (24-6), West Morris
3-Fr. Shane Murphy (20-8), Mount Olive
4-Fr. Ryan Mosher (6-21), Warren Hills
5-Fr. Thomas Masucci (14-15), Mendham
6-Fr. Steve Nicotra (10-12), Hackettstown
7-Fr. Gio Campana (4-14), Belvidere
8-Fr. Steven Skuropacki (2-18), North Warren

113 pounds

1-Fr. Matt Valli (22-7), Warren Hills
2-Sr. Tony Figueroy (17-14), Hackettstown
3-Fr. Kade Loughney (17-14), West Morris
4-Jr. James Smith (14-16), Belvidere
5-Fr. Terk Klaysons (2-14), Mendham
6-Fr. Thomas Harrington (3-11), Mount Olive

120 pounds

1-So. Joe Renne (28-6), Hackettstown
2-Jr. Gino Fluri (22-10), North Warren
3-Sr. John Schade (19-12), West Morris
4-Fr. Zach Nauta (17-8), Warren Hills
5-So. Ryan Hanlon (7-3), Mount Olive
6-Jr. Dylan Bluestone (11-17), Mendham
7-Jr. Javan Viola (12-15), Belvidere

126 pounds

1-Jr. Dylan Luciano (23-7), West Morris
2-Sr. Matt Ritchie (25-6), North Warren
3-Jr. Austin Pidoto (17-13), Warren Hills
4-So. Chris Schlegel (17-13), Mendham
5-So. Brandon Baker (5-8), Hackettstown
6-So. Matthew Orzillo (5-12), Mount Olive
7-Jr. Matt Hambacher (2-24), Belvidere

132 pounds

1-Jr. Max Nauta (24-5), Warren Hills
2-Jr. Steve Friedman (15-13), Phillipsburg
3-Sr. Kenny Morgan (20-10), Belvidere
4-Jr. Mike Oros (15-16), West Morris
5-Sr. Matt Nicotra (18-16), Hackettstown
6-Jr. Dan O'Neill (12-14), Mount Olive
7-Fr. Shannon Grogan (8-5), North Warren
8-So. Harrison Mauer (5-23), Mendham

138 pounds

1-Jr. Eric Friedman (29-3), Mendham
2-Jr. David Migliaccio (23-7), West Morris
3-Jr. Corey Zinsmeister (21-7), Phillipsburg
4-Jr. Brett Hoffmaster (6-12), Belvidere
5-Fr. Dominick Hink (10-15), Mount Olive
6-So. Anthony Duardo (14-13), North Warren
7-Fr. Anthony Gonzalez (12-22), Hackettstown
8-So. Carsen Johnson (2-10), Warren Hills

145 pounds

1-Sr. Tommy Vazzano (23-8), Mount Olive
2-Jr. Kenny Kane (17-9), Belvidere
3-So. Anthony Roessner (12-17), Warren Hills
4-So. Anthony Carida (24-10), Hackettstown
5-Sr. John Norgard (13-10), North Warren
6-Fr. Troy Navarino (15-17), Mendham
7-So. Noah Yaskulka (2-10), West Morris

152 pounds

1-Jr. Max Elling (29-4), Phillipsburg
2-Sr. Ronald Spera (26-3), Mount Olive
3-Sr. Johnny Hayes (24-3), North Warren
4-So. Caleb Isemann (14-16), West Morris
5-Jr. Rene Sousa (11-11), Belvidere
6-So. Shane Deemer (10-14), Warren Hills
7-Fr. Tyler Palomino (7-7), Hackettstown
8-Sr. Matt Epstein (3-19), Mendham

160 pounds

1-Sr. Anel Kadiric (16-7), Mount Olive
2-Jr. David Harris (23-7), Belvidere
3-Sr. Ryan Ostir (15-11), Warren Hills
4-So. Eldin Ribic (8-13), Hackettstown
5-Sr. Raymond Katz (3-24), Mendham
6-So. Bryan Benson (5-21), North Warren
7-So. Ben Yaskulka (2-14), West Morris

170 pounds

1-Sr. Jake Kocsis (31-2), Phillipsburg
2-Jr. Kevin Merle (24-7), Belvidere
3-Jr. Jack Butrymowicz (17-12), North Warren
4-Sr. Aldo Cammalleri (10-20), West Morris
5-Fr. Kyle Connelly (11-17), Hackettstown
6-So. Kurt Nemeth (1-2), Warren Hills
7-Jr. Dan Maresca (6-10), Mendham

182 pounds

1-Sr. Sam Button (31-1), Mendham
2-Jr. Stephen Merle (20-5), Belvidere
3-Sr. Anthony Colabella (22-7), Mount Olive
4-Sr. Steve Cleaver (18-7), Warren Hills
5-Jr. Scott Anderson (11-18), Hackettstown
6-Jr. Nate Makarevich (0-21), North Warren

195 pounds

1-Jr. Aaron Flitcroft (20-8), Mendham
2-Jr. Joe Maso (21-6), Phillipsburg
3-Jr. Theodore Gurnowski (19-15), Hackettstown
4-So. Alex Leontaris (9-15), North Warren
5-Jr. Ryan Stephen (10-5), Belvidere
6-Fr. Taylor Parkinson-Gee (6-12), West Morris
7-So. Daniel Colabella (12-11), Mount Olive

220 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Windt (30-1), West Morris
2-Jr. Tim Byrne (18-2), Mendham
3-Sr. Ryan Witner (19-9), Warren Hills
4-So. Phillip Mathusek (9-11), Mount Olive
5-Sr. Mark Wolfe (14-13), Belvidere
6-Jr. Colin Mayer (6-21), North Warren
7-Jr. Tahke Martin (3-22), Hackettstown

285 pounds

1-Jr. Andrew Pacheco (27-2), Warren Hills
2-Jr. Will O'Connell (22-5), North Warren
3-Jr. Alec Skaltsis (18-12), Mendham
4-Sr. Gregory Clint (17-11), Mount Olive
5-Fr. Robert Melise (3-4), Phillipsburg
6-Jr. Bryan Snyder (3-20), Belvidere
7-So. Alex Kaltenhauser (1-11), West Morris
8-So. John Jensen (1-15), Hackettstown


  1. I noticed that seven weight classes are missing a P'burg entrant.

  2. The media turned this whole thing into a circus.