Friday, February 28, 2014

Wrestling: Region 1 quarterfinals (LIVE)

Where: Wallkill Valley Regional High School, Hardyston.

Friday schedule: Quarterfinals, 4 p.m. (Doors open at 2:40 p.m.)

Saturday schedule: (Doors open at 7 a.m.): Semifinals, 9 a.m., immediately followed by two rounds of wrestlebacks; third-place consolations approximately 30 minutes after wrestlebacks; championships following consolations.

The top three finishers at each weight class advance to the State Wrestling Championships held March 7-9 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Quarterfinalists by school

High Point 10; DePaul 9; Kittatinny 8; Wayne Valley 8; Phillipsburg 6; Roxbury 6; Warren Hills 6; West Morris 6; Lenape Valley 5; Morris Knolls 5; Sparta 5; Jefferson 4; Mendham 4; Montville 4; Mount Olive 3; Randolph 3; Hopatcong 2; Morris Hills 2; Newton 2; North Warren 2; Pequannock 2; Pope John 2; Wayne Hills 2; West Milford 2; Belvidere 1; Hackettstown 1; Lakeland 1; Pompton Lakes 1; Butler 0; Dover 0; Kinnelon 0; Morris Catholic 0; Vernon 0; Wallkill Valley 0.

(Note: Open Mike area wrestlers in bold):

Action is set to being at 4 p.m. Remember to refresh often for updates.

106 pounds

1-So. Brandon Paetzell (34-1), Phillipsburg, d. Fr. Shane Metzler (27-8), West Morris, 9-2.
4-Jr. Joe Aumann (29-6), Hopatcong, d. 5-Fr. Steve Pocze (28-9), Pequannock, 1-0 UTB.
3-So. Troy Stanich (30-6), Roxbury, d. 6-Sr. Brandon Davis (26-10), Wayne Valley, 7-3.
2-So. Garrett O'Shea (28-3), Morris Knolls, d. 7-Fr. Garrett Gerndt (24-4), Sparta, 6-0.

Notes: Paetzell with the first takedown, 2-0, with 35 seconds left in the first period. Aumann-Pocze scoreless after one period. Paetzell escapes, converts another single-leg attempt for a 5-0 lead with 50 seconds to go in the second period. The Stateliner, who is trying to become the second at his school -- along with Rick Thompson (1970-71) -- to win region titles as a freshman and sophomore, leads, 5-0, after two periods. An escape for Metzler and takedown for Paetzell in the third, 7-1, with 50 seconds to go. Escape for Metzler and a fourth takedown for Paetzell, 9-2, with 25 seconds remaining. Aumann-Pocze in OT, scoreless. Neither able to get out in the rideouts, going to UTB, with Aumann on top. He rides out Pocze to advance. O'Shea up, 6-0, in the third.

113 pounds

1-Sr. Austin Sisco (31-3), Pope John, d. 8-Fr. Mark Bohn (29-9), Jefferson, 9-7.
4-Jr. Dan Kee (31-4), Lakeland, d. 5-Fr. Matt Valli (25-8), Warren Hills, 10-4.
3-Jr. Kyle Flynn (27-6), Pompton Lakes, d. 6-Fr. Richard Reimers (24-10), Roxbury, 6-0.
2-Jr. Mojahed Hamdeh (27-3), Wayne Hills, p. Fr. Kade Loughney (20-16), West Morris, 2:13.

Notes: Bohn nails a headlock almost off the whistle and nearly decks Sisco, who gets an escape and takedown, but trails, 5-3. Sisco hits a dump for two and two near the second-period buzzer, he leads, 7-5, heading into the third. Bohn lets him up, 8-5, near the one-minute mark. Another stall warning on Bohn makes it 9-5. Valli was up 4-1 in the second, but was thrown to his back for four and trails, 5-4, heading into the third period. Valli cuts Kee loose, so it's 6-4. Valli nearly converts a takedown at the egde, but Kee muscles him over for two and two, leads, 10-4. Flynn leads, 3-0, with 56 seconds left in the third period.

120 pounds

1-Jr. A.J. Vindici (34-1), Randolph, d. 8-Fr. Nick Palumbo (19-10), Lenape Valley, 7-2.
5-Jr. Dom Gallo (30-7), High Point, d. 4-So. Nick Klinger (30-7), Kittatinny, 7-2 OT3.
3-Jr. William Kui (28-7), DePaul, d. 6-So. Joe Renne (31-7), Hackettstown, 7-2.
2-Sr. Bryan Damon (34-2), Jefferson, d. 7-Sr. John Schade (22-14), West Morris, 10-3.

Notes: Vindici gets three backs off a cradle near the second-period buzzer, leads, 7-0. Gallo-Klinger scoreless after one period. Gallo escapes, 1-0. Klinger down to start the third. He escapes, tied at 1, with 1:05 left. Klinger nearly took Gallo down twice, but no points. Great scramble! We're going to OT for the second straight meeting. Klinger won in UTB in the District 3 semis. Gallo in deep on a single, but Klinger counters at the edge and nearly puts Gallo to his back for two, but no points. We got to the rideouts! Great match! Gallo escapes, leads, 2-1, after one 30-second session. Klinger escapes, 2-2, but Gallo lifts and takes him down to his back to win it!

126 pounds

1-Jr. Matt Noble (34-2), DePaul, p. Jr. Eddie Medina (28-11), Newton, 2:58.
4-Jr. Dylan Luciano (27-8), West Morris, d. 5-Sr. Christian Silva (23-14), Kittatinny, 9-6.
6-Sr. Matt Vozzo (26-9), Randolph, d. 3-Sr. Matt Ritchie (28-7), North Warren, 4-1.
2-Sr. Tyler Hrycak (29-6), Wayne Valley, d. Jr. Michael Glasser (27-11), Montville, 8-3.

Notes: Noble impressive, physical. Uses a cradle for the FALL! Vozzo up, 2-1, in the third. Lots of confusion at the end of the second period, as Randolph coaches wanted a locked hands call, but neither referee Bob Melillo or assistant Gary Szucs saw it. Vozzo with a takedown at the edge with two seconds left to ice it.

132 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Derin (31-8), High Point, p. 8-Jr. Michael Nigro (24-8), Morris Knolls, 3:07.
4-So. Austin Scrivani (29-7), Kittatinny, d. 5-Jr. Cory Doebel (11-7), DePaul, 8-4.
3-Sr. Devon LaFranco (29-8), Roxbury, d. 6-Sr. Vincent Rigoglioso (23-11), Wayne Valley, 5-1.
2-Jr. Max Nauta (28-5), Warren Hills, p. 7-Jr. Steve Friedman (18-15), Phillipsburg, 1:09.

Notes: Derin, ever dangerous on the mat, puts Nigro on his back for the FALL! Nauta uses a spladle for the FALL! He's now 4-1 all-time vs. Friedman.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Eric Friedman (33-3), Mendham, d. 8-Jr. Corey Zinsmeister (24-9), Phillipsburg, 5-1.
4-Jr. Anthony Fano (35-3), Montville, d. 5-Jr. David Migliaccio (26-9), West Morris, 8-2.
3-Sr. Jake Legotte (25-11), Roxbury, d. 6-Jr. Ian Burke (28-3), Sparta, 5-4.
2-Fr. Brandon Kui (28-10), DePaul, d. 7-Jr. David Zeppetelli (26-10), West Milford, 5-0.

Notes: Great scramble as Zinsmeister was in deep on a single, but Friedman funked out of it. Friedman riding tough with the tight waist, up 2-1, in the second period. Friedman gets a takedown with 24 seconds left, 5-1, that ices it. Legotte up 5-4 in the third period, good one there.

145 pounds

1-Jr. David McFadden (36-1), DePaul, p. 8-So. Edward Marucci (29-10), Montville, 1:24.
5-So. Craig Roumes (21-9), Roxbury, d. 4-Sr. Dylan Kaine (26-7), West Milford, 10-4.
3-Jr. Walker Schmitzer (27-4), Sparta, d. 6-Sr. Tommy Vazzano (26-9), Mount Olive, 14-9.
2-Jr. Jason Gaccione (34-4), High Point, p. 7-Sr. Nick Kratochvil (20-13), Randolph, 3:03.

Notes: McFadden with the quick five-pointer. Makes quick work of his quarterfinal, as he looks to become DePaul's second three-time champion and first since Steve DePetro (1980-82). Schmitzer gets a takedown to go up 10-8 late second period, it's been a battle. He gets another takedown for a 12-8 lead heading into the third period. Gaccione up 6-2 after one period.

152 pounds

1-Jr. Max Elling (33-4), Phillipsburg, d. 8-So. Spencer Carey (30-8), DePaul, 11-5.
5-Sr. Nick Romyns (23-4), Kittatinny, d. 4-Sr. Chris Auer (22-14), High Point, 4-3.
6-Sr. Ronald Spera (30-4), Mount Olive, d. 3-Sr. Anthony Duncan (26-5), Wayne Valley, 3-1.
2-Jr. Luke Bohn (28-3), Jefferson, p. 7-So. Luke Drugac (24-7), Morris Knolls, 1:53.

Notes: Elling gets the first takedown, 2-0, with 35 seconds left in the first period. Elling has put Carey to his back twice -- leads, 7-0, in the second period. Romyns with the early takedown in his third meeting with Auer, who scored the upset win in the District 3 semifinals. Romyns up, 2-1, in the second period and on top. Auer out, it's 2-2, heading into the third period. Romyns gets a reversal to make it 4-2 before Auer escapes, 4-3. Spera gets a takedown with one second left on the clock to win it.

160 pounds

1-Sr. Tommy Hooker (23-11), High Point, p. 8-Sr. Anel Kadiric (19-9), Mount Olive, 4:13.
5-So. Daniel Kilroy (26-4), Wayne Hills, d. 4-Sr. Nick Carey (24-12), DePaul, 5-3.
3-Sr. Steve Acevedo (26-6), Morris Hills, d. Jr. Joe LaBell (23-10), Lenape Valley, 3-1.
2-So. Dean Drugac (31-2), Morris Knolls, md. 7-Sr. Ryan Ostir (18-12), Warren Hills, 9-0.

Notes: Kadiric puts Hooker to his back, but no points, and Hooker comes off for a reversal and gets two quick backs to lead, 7-3, after one period. Kadiric gets a takedown to make it 9-6 with 30 seconds left, he'd be best served to keep this match neutral. Hooker up by three heading into the third period and they're on their feet. Hooker gets a takedown and right into a cradle for the FALL!

170 pounds

1-Sr. Dillon Artigliere (37-0), Roxbury, p. 8-Sr. Troy Bongiovanni (23-14), Hopatcong, 1:31.
4-Jr. Kevin Merle (28-8), Belvidere, p. 5-So. Al Falco (21-10), Sparta, 3:02.
3-Sr. Kieran Gerrity (34-3), Kittatinny, p. 6-Sr. Zach D'Apolito (26-7), Wayne Valley, 5:35.
2-Sr. Jake Kocsis (35-2), Phillipsburg, p. Sr. Colby Brands (19-18), High Point, 1:30.

Notes: Artigliere with career win No. 151. He's looking to become the third Roxbury wrestler to win three region titles. Kocsis with the opening takedown, 2-0. Merle goes one up on Falco in their series this season after dropping the first of their meetings, 10-7, on Dec. 21. Merle followed up with pins in the last two encounters. All pins tonight at this weight class.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Sam Button (35-1), Mendham, tf. 8-Sr. Steve Cleaver (21-9), Warren Hills, 15-0, 5:20.
4-Sr. Dylan Wunder (28-9), Kittatinny, p. 5-Sr. Jose Delgado (22-7), Morris Hills, 1:46.
3-Jr. D.J. Barrett (29-5), Lenape Valley, md. 6-Sr. Tyler Zimmerman (27-11), Jefferson, 14-0.
2-Jr. Nick DePalma (32-5), DePaul, md. 7-Sr. Antonio Porraspita (25-13), High Point, 11-1.

Notes: Button with a double arm bar for back points, leads, 7-0, after one period. He works Cleaver for a technical fall win -- solid performance. DePalma with the takedown, 2-0, turns Porraspita with a nearside cradle near the buzzer -- 5-0. DePalma adds another takedown in the second and three backs with a tilt near the one-minute mark -- 9-0.

195 pounds

1-Sr. Kyle Stoll (33-5), High Point, p. 8-Jr. Luke Nappi (25-8), Morris Knolls, 2:40.
4-Jr. Aaron Flitcroft (24-8), Mendham, d. 5-Jr. Joe Maso (24-8), Phillipsburg, 5-1 SV.
3-Sr. Garrett Armstrong (31-7), Kittatinny, d. 6-Jr. Gavin Lally (25-7), Sparta, 4-0.
2-Sr. Anthony Landberg (30-2), Wayne Valley, d. 7-So. Sam Palumbo (19-13), Lenape Valley, 7-3.

Notes: Stoll gets the first takedown, 2-0. He moves a step closer to a second Region 1 finals appearance, winning this weight last year. Maso escapes to start the third period, 1-1, as was the case in their District 1 final on Saturday. Flitcroft takes Maso down to his back for two and two to win it.

220 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Windt (34-1), West Morris, p. 8-So. Ralph Hall (19-12), Lenape Valley, 1:11.
4-Jr. Tim Byrne (22-3), Mendham, p. 5-Sr. Ryan Witner (22-11), Warren Hills, 5:25.
3-Jr. Gus Protogeropoulos (33-5), Newton, d. 6-Sr. Bobby McDonnell (23-16), High Point, 7-5.
2-Sr. Justin Walker (32-2), Wayne Valley, d. 7-So. Scott Lavelle (24-7), DePaul, 5-2.

Notes: Protogeropoulos gets behind at the edge for a takedown, 2-0, and stands McDonnell up right away, 2-1. Another takedown at the edge, 4-1. It's clear that Newton has a game plan to keep this neutral. McDonnell is tough on top. McDonnell on bottom to start the second, Protogeropoulos gives the escape, 4-3. McDonnell spins behind for a takedown with 1:22 left, he leads, 5-4. Protogeropoulos hit with a questionable stall call with eight seconds left. He trails, 5-4, after two periods and takes bottom to start the third. He's out to tie it at 5 with 1:45 to go. Protogeropoulos with the nice throw by as they go out of bounds -- no points. Protogeropoulos gets the takedown with 11 seconds left to win it. Good match.

285 pounds

1-Sr. Noa Merritt (26-0), Pope John, p. 8-Sr. Tom Smith (26-10), Kittatinny, 3:54.
5-Sr. Christian Campbell (13-12), High Point, p. 4-Jr. Will O'Connell (25-7), North Warren, 3:22.
6-Sr. Joe Fierro (23-9), Pequannock, d. 3-Sr. Ethan Fox (30-7), Montville, 2-1 UTB.
2-Jr. Andrew Pacheco (31-2), Warren Hills, p. 7-Sr. Austin Behrens (21-10), Wayne Valley, :25.

Notes: Campbell and O'Connell going at it early on. Campbell up, 6-1.

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