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Wrestling: LIVE at Warren Hills quad

Hello wrestling fans. Follow all of the great action as Warren Hills hosts High Point, Howell and Timber Creek on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Open Mike will keep you abreast of all the great action from one of the state's best quads this season.

Wrestling starts at 10 a.m.

Here is the schedule of matches:

10 a.m. -- Timber Creek vs. Warren Hills/High Point vs. Howell.

Noon -- Howell vs. Warren Hills/High Point vs. Timber Creek.

2 p.m. -- High Point vs. Warren Hills/Timber Creek vs. Howell.

Hey everyone, thanks for logging on. We're about 18 minutes away from the first whistle.

Couple of notes: Timber Creek has weighed in several wrestlers up to help cover some inexperience in the upper weights. Also, there will be a moment of silence prior to the first matches to honor former Washington High School state champion Johnston Oberly, who passed away this summer.

First round matches starting at 106. Everyone gets one pound today since Warren Hills wrestled last night against Belvidere. Referees are Joe Benvenuto (HP-Howell) and Barry Jackson (WH-TC).

Timber Creek vs. Warren Hills

106 -- Alex Tran vs. Austin Pidoto

First period ends scoreless. Pidoto on bottom with a reversal and after Tran escapes, Pidoto converts the first takedown for a 4-1 lead after two periods.

Tran on bottom and a quick reversal to make it 4-3 and Pidoto escapes and gets a takedown for a 7-3 lead. Tran late reversal, but it's not enough as Pidoto wins a 7-5 decision.

113 -- John Amato vs. Max Nauta

Good one here between state qualifiers. Amato converts a takedown at the edge with 49 seconds left. Questionable call.

Amato takes bottom to start the second period. Good scramble at the end of the second period but no advantage. Amato close to a reversal. Timber Creek coach Nick Cottone questions Jackson.

Nauta on bottom the start the third period. Nauta reverses with 35 seconds left -- 2-2 barnburner. Nauta nearly power halfs for backs but buzzer sounds and we go to OT.

Amato gets the takedown with 29 seconds left and a big win for TC, which evens the match at 3-3.

120 -- Joey DiMartino vs. Tai Adetula

Adetula counters for the first takedown and a 2-0 lead.

Adetula on bottom reverses DiMartino to his pack for the FALL in 2:23. WH leads 9-3.

126 -- Nick Virgilio vs. John Fluck

Virgilio with a takedown and FALL with a half in 1:18. Stunner. Match is even at 9.

132 -- Lorenzo Ruggiero vs. Joe Kratochvil

Scoreless first period. Kratochvil on bottom to start the second period. Escape and a 1-0 lead for the Region 1 runner-up. Kratochvil with the takedown and a stall warning on Ruggiero. End of the period.

Ruggiero down in the third. Reversal and it's 4-3. But Kratochvil reverses for a 6-3 advantage. Streaks senior wins it to give WH a 12-9 lead.

138 -- Isiah DeGuzman vs. Kevin Bundschuh

Scoreless first period. DeGuzman with a nice single attempt but a great counter off a hard whizzer by Bundschuh.

Bundschuh down to start the second period and escapes for a 1-0 lead. Takedown to go up 3-0. DeGuzman on the board with an escape. Streak up 3-1 after two. DeGuzman reversal to tie it early in the final period. DeGuzman with the stunning PIN in 4:43. Big swing. TC up 15-12.

145 -- Brandon Keller vs. Tom Rush

Keller, a state finalist last season, with the early takedown. Keller leads 7-1 after one. Still 7-1 after two.

Keller wins 12-1, TC leads 19-12.

152 -- Keith Bauberger vs. Nate Detrick

Bauberger with two takedowns in the first and a 4-1 lead. Bauberger down to start the second.

Scary moment as Detrick collapses to the mat. Won't be able to continue. Bauberger gets six with the injury default 16 seconds into the period. TC takes a commanding 25-12 lead.

160 -- Dom Ruggierrio vs. Evan Butka

Scoreless first. Ruggierrio escapes for a 1-0 lead in the second. Takedown at the edge gives the state qualifier a 3-0 lead. We head to the third on their feet. Ruggierrio wins it 10-2. TC leads 29-12.

170 -- Bryce Shade vs. Xavier Adetula

Region champ Shade gets a takedown for an early lead. Shade sticks him in 1:00. TC rolling with a 35-12 lead -- four bouts to go.

182 -- Justin Gonzalez vs. Ryan Ostir

Gonzalez with the takedown and a 2-0 lead. End of the first period. Ostir defers and Gonzalez chooses neutral to start the second. Ostir nails the headlock for the FALL in 2:50! TC now leads 35-18. Streaks still alive.

195 -- Kashon Gordan vs. Steve Cleaver

Cleaver with the takedown and three backs off a cradle -- leads 5-0 after one. And a cradle to start the second and the FALL in 2:09! TC's lead shrinks to 35-24. Two to go.Streaks need two pins and will be heavily favored.

220 -- Joe Morrett vs. Ryan Witner

Two exchange takedowns and Witner leads 3-2. Morrett reversal -- bad call -- and Witner gets one of his own and leads 5-4 after one. He needs a pin.

Morrett down to start the second. Morrett escapes to tie it. Witner with the headlock and FALL in 3:17. TC up 35-30 with one to GO!

285 -- Isaiah Hardy vs. Andrew Pacheco

Pacheco with the quick takedown and a 2-0 lead. He needs six. There it is HALF and the FALL in 1:27! Streaks win 36-35!

High Point vs. Howell

106 -- Dom Gallo vs. Mikey Sisolak

Gallo with a quick takedown and crade for the pin in :28. HP leads 6-0.

113 -- Leo Haines vs. Jimmy Slendorn

Slendorn gets an early takedown for a 2-0 lead. Another pin in 54 seconds. Match is tied 6-6.

120 -- Jared Kobis vs. Anthony Piazza

Kobis has built a 6-0 lead early into the second period. Another takedown makes it 8-0 with one minute to go in the second period.

Kobis up 10-0 to start the third period. Kobis wins, 10-0. HP leads 10-6.

126 -- Mike Derin vs. Kris Lindemann

Good matchup here. Sophomore vs. freshman. Lindemann got the first takedown and leads 2-0 heading into the second period.

Lindemann leads 6-0 in the third, very impressive. Reversal for Derin with 28 seconds left erases the major -- 8-2 -- but Lindemann reverses with two seconds left for a 10-2 victory. Wow. Howell evens things at 10-10.

132 -- Connor McHugh vs. James Sisolak

McHugh with the first takedown and Sisolak evens it with a late reversal at the buzzer -- 2-2.

Sisolak with another reversal in the second to go up 4-2. End of the second. McHugh down in the third.

McHugh with the five-pointer and takes a 10-4 lead late in the third. Wins it and gives HP a 13-10 lead.

138 -- Collin Grimm vs. Ben Esposito

Esposito with the first takedown and a 2-1 lead heading into the second period in a battle between district finalists. Esposito goes down to start the second. Escape and takedown for Esposito and an escape for Grimm -- 5-2 lead for the Howell wrestler in the third.

Esposito wins it 5-3. Match tied at 13.

145 -- Jason Gaccione vs. Ashanti Maurice

Scoreless first period -- another good one here. Gaccione down to start the second. Gaccione up 3-2 with a minute left. Extends his lead to 7-2 with a four-pointer. Penalty point for an illegal hold makes it 7-3 as the buzzer sounds.

Maurice down to start the third. Escapes, trails 7-4. Gaccione with the takedown at the edge and leads 9-5. Wild one ends with Gaccione taking a 10-8 decision. HP leads 16-13.

152 -- Tommy Hooker vs. Matt Lindemann

Lindemann with the takedown and a 2-0 lead. HP faithful riled up as they thought Hooker had a reversal and backs. Joe Ben says no way. Hooker gets a reversal to tie it up late in the first.

We go to the second tied. Hooker escapes and a takedown, penalty point makes it 6-2. Hooker wins it 6-2 to give HP a 19-13 lead.

160 -- Moses Yasin vs. Casey Fecht

Fecht with the first takedown and we go to the second period with Yasin on bottom. Escapes to make it 2-1. Fecht gets another takedown for a 4-1 lead. Fecht wins it 8-5. HP leads 19-16.

170 -- Antonio Porraspita vs. Joey Schultz

Schultz leads 1-0 in the second period. Tied at 3 as we go OT.

Schultz takedown and three backs -- wins it 8-3. Match is tied at 19 with four bouts left.

182 -- Ryan Olinger vs. Stephen Boncimino

Boncimino takedown to back and uses a half for the PIN in :55 seconds. Howell leads 25-19.

195 -- Kyle Stoll vs. Nathan Litowsky

Scoreless first period. Litowsky on bottom to start the second. Stoll with a tight cradle and the FALL in 2:27. Wildcats even the match at 25 with two bouts to go.

220 -- Drew Bye vs. Kyle Cocozza

Scoreless first period. Bye escapes for a 1-0 lead late in the second. We go to the third period with Cocozza  on bottom and trailing, 1-0. Cocozza escapes to tie it. Cocozza takedown with 22 seconds left to win it 3-1 -- Howell leads 28-25.

285 -- Bobby McDonell vs. Joe Sportiello

McDonnell with the early takedown. We might need to start checking criteria. McDonnell leads, 2-0, after one period. McDonnell takes neutral to start the second. Sportiello down to start the third -- still 2-0. McDonnell win it 4-0 and it's all even at 28. We go to criteria.

Bouts are 7-7, no misconduct and pins even at 1-1. Looks like Howell wins on most first point scored -- 13-10. 'Cats coach John Gardner doesn't like it, arguing with Joe Ben about 195 with Stoll getting a pin but no points since he was top and they were never awarded.

Phone call to the state to get a definitive ruling. Stand by. Howell wins it, 29-28 (Criterion No. 8 most first points scored).

First-round boxes:

106 – Austin Pidoto, WH, d. Alex Tran, 7-5.
113 – John Amato, TC, d. Max Nauta, 4-2 SV.
120 – Tai Adetula, WH, p. Joey DiMartino, 2:23.
126 – Nick Virgilio, TC, p. John Fluck, 1:18.
132 – Joe Kratochvil, WH, d. Lorenzo Ruggiero, 6-3.
138 – Isiah DeGuzman, TC, p. Kevin Bundschuh, 4:43.
145 – Brandon Keller, TC, md. Tom Rush, 12-1.
152 – Keith Bauberger, TC, injury default over Nate Detrick, :16.
160 – Dom Ruggierrio, TC, md. Evan Butka, 10-2.
170 – Bryce Shade, TC, p. Xavier Adetula, 1:00.
182 – Ryan Ostir, WH, p. Justin Gonzalez, 2:50.
195 – Steve Cleaver, WH, p. Kashon Gordan, 2:09.
220 – Ryan Witner, WH, p. Joe Morrett, 3:17.
285 – Andrew Pacheco, WH, p. Isaiah Hardy, 1:27.
Records – Warren Hills 5-0, Timber Creek 1-1.

106 – Dom Gallo, HP, p. Mikey Sisolak, :28.
113 – Jimmy Slendorn, H, p. Leo Haines, :54.
120 – Jared Kobis, HP, md. Anthony Piazza, 10-0.
126 – Kris Lindemann, H, md. Mike Derin, 10-2.
132 – Connor McHugh, HP, d. James Sisolak, 10-4.
138 – Ben Esposito, H, d. Collin Grimm, 5-3.
145 – Jason Gaccione, HP, d. Ashanti Maurice, 10-8.
152 – Tommy Hooker, HP, d. Matt Lindemann, 6-2.
160 – Casey Fecht, H, d. Moses Yasin, 8-5.
170 – Joey Schultz, H, d. Antonio Porraspita, 8-3 SV.
182 – Stephen Boncimino, p. Ryan Olinger, :55.
195 – Kyle Stoll, HP, p. Nathan Litowsky, 2:27.
220 – Kyle Cocozza, H, d. Drew Bye, 3-1.
285 – Bobby McDonell, HP, d. Joe Sportiello, 4-0.
Records – High Point 1-1; Howell 2-0.

Round 2 action

Warren Hills vs. Howell (Official Joe Benvenuto)

113 -- Jimmy Slendorn vs. Max Nauta

Slendorn with the 4-2 upset win, Howell leads 3-0.

120 -- Tai Adetula vs. Anthony Piazza

Adetula with the takedown and Piazza escapes. Streak up 2-1 after two periods. Adetula escapes and hangs on for a 3-1 win. Match tied at 3.

126 -- John Fluck vs. Kris Lindemann

Lindemann with the early takedown and a 2-0 lead. Fluck escapes and the first period ends, 2-1. Fluck defers and Lindemann takes bottom. Lindemann escapes for a 3-1 lead. Lindemann gets another takedown off a barrel roll and leads 5-2 after Fluck escapes. Stall warning on Fluck after Lindemann shoots. Lindemann with his third takedown at the edge for a 7-2 lead with 22 seconds left.

Third period starts with Fluck on bottom. Escapes, 7-3. Lindemann with his fourth takedown and a 9-3 win. Very impressive freshman. Howell leads, 6-3.

132 -- Joe Kratochvil vs. James Sisolak

Kratochvil with an early takedown. Sisolak escapes in the third, Kratochvil with the nice counter for his second takedown and a 4-1 lead. Kratochvil with another takedown in the third and an escape for Sisolak -- 6-2 approaching one minute. Sisolak with a takedown and trails, 6-4, with 37 seconds left. Benvenuto hits Kratochvil for stalling, but no matter, he wins 6-4. Match tied at 6.

138 -- Kevin Bundschuh vs. Ben Esposito

Esposito with the takedown and a 2-0 lead after one. Esposito with an escape for a 3-0 lead. Takedown for a 5-0 lead as they go to the third. Bundschuh's cement attempt goes awry as Esposito counters for five -- he wins it 10-1. Howell leads 10-6.

145 -- Tom Rush vs. Jack Rada

Rada leads 2-0 in the second after a first-period takedown. Heading to the third period with Rush on bottom. Stall point for Rush makes it, 2-1, but Rada hangs on for the win. Howell leads 13-6.

152 -- Anthony Roessner vs. Ashanti Maurice

Maurice takedown and an escape for Roessner, a freshman JV, 2-1. Maurice another takedown, 4-1, after one. Maurice working on a major at 15-6 in the third. Maurice wins it, 19-9. Howell leads 17-6.

160 -- Evan Butka vs. Joey Schultz

Schultz with a takedown and an early 2-0 lead. Schultz up 4-0 in the second, increases to 6-2 to end the second. Schultz wins 8-2. Howell leads 20-6.

170 -- Ryan Ostir vs. Casey Fecht

Ostir leads 5-2 after one period. Fecht escape in the third, 5-3, going to the third with Ostir on bottom. Ostir wins it 7-3. Howell's lead shrinks to 20-9.

182 -- Steve Cleaver vs. Nathan Litowsky

Litowsky hits a five-pointer and leads 8-3 after one period. Litowsky escapes, 9-3. Injury time for Litowsky with 30 seconds left. Cleaver down to start the third. Litowsky favoring his right shoulder. Cleaver out, but Litowsky takedown and another Cleaver escape makes it 11-5.

Second injury time gives Cleaver choice, he takes down and escapes with 1:30 left in the third. Takedown for Cleaver -- 11-8. Cleaver with a cradle twice -- gets the FALL in 5:32! Here we go again with the Streaks! Howell leads, 20-15.

195 -- Ryan Witner vs. Stephen Boncimino

Scoreless first period. Witner down to start the second. Witner stacks with Boncimino riding high -- and the FALL at 2:36! Warren Hills leads, 21-20.

220 -- Tyler Bridygham vs. Kyle Raposa

Raposa gets the takedown with 30 seconds left in the first. This one looks like a tossup. Streaks will be favored at 285 and 106.

Raposa leads 2-1 after one period. Raposa bottom to start the second. Raposa counters and traps Bridygham for the FALL in 2:33. Howell back up, 26-21.

285 -- Andrew Pacheco vs. Joe Sportiello

Pacheco with the first takedown for an early 2-0 lead. End of one, 2-0. Pacheco defers, Sportiello on bottom to start the second period. Second stall warning on Sportiello makes it 3-0. Three backs and a near pin makes it 6-0. Sportiello off his back and on his feet, escapes to make it 6-1 late second.

Pacheco escapes to start the third, 7-1. Takedown with 33 seconds and it's 9-1. Another stall and it's 10-1 final. Warren Hills trims its deficit to 26-25. And it comes down to 106.

106 -- Austin Pidoto vs. Mikey Sisolak

Great scramble, Sisolak in deep, but Pidoto chin whips -- no points. Pidoto dumps him for two with 9 seconds left and Sisolak escapes at the buzzer -- 2-1.

Sisolak down to start the second period. Escape to tie it, Sisolak takedown for a 4-2 lead. Quick stall warning on Sisolak. Sisolak rides him out, 4-2 after four minutes. Pidoto on bottom to start the third.

Reversal 28 seconds in and it;s tied. Backs coming! AND THE FALL! Pidoto in 5:04. STREAKS WIN ANOTHER THRILLER -- 31-26.

High Point vs. Timber Creek (Official Anthony Zullo)

113 -- John Amato vs. Leo Haines

Amato quick takedown and FALL in :43.

120 -- Jared Kobis vs. Joey DiMartino

Kobis wins it 3-1, High Point trails, 6-3.

126 -- Mike Derin vs. Nick Virgilio

Derin with the quick pin in :38. High Point leads, 9-6.

132 -- Chris Auer vs. Lorenzo Ruggiero

Bout tied at 4 with just under one minute left -- on their feet. Auer gets the takedown with 14 seconds left to win it, 6-4. Wildcats extend their lead to 12-6.

138 -- Collin Grimm vs. Isiah DeGuzman

DeGuzman gets the takedown 51 seconds in for a 2-0 lead. DeGuzman starts second on bottom and no points. Grimm down to start the third and escapes to make it 2-2. DeGuzman with the takedown and a 4-2 lead late third. That's how it ends, High Point's lead now 12-9.

145 -- Jason Gaccione, forfeit -- HP Leads 18-9.

152 -- Tommy Hooker vs. Keith Bauberger

Hooker escapes in the second for a 1-0 lead. Bauberger down to start the third. Escapes for a 1-1 tie and their on their feet OT -- Hooker tries a headlock and gives up a takedown with one second left. Bauberger wins it 3-1 and HP leads 18-12.

160 -- Moses Yasin vs. Dom Ruggierrio

Ruggierrio with the quick takedown. Escape in the second for a 3-0 lead. Ruggierio wins it, 6-0. HP's lead now 18-15.

170 -- Nick Carriera vs. Bryce Shade

Shade quick takedown and stack for the fall in 21 seconds. TC grabs a 21-18 lead..

182 -- Antonio Porraspita vs. Justin Gonzalez

No score after two periods. Porraspita down to start the third. Escape and takedown gives the Wildcat a 3-0 lead. Two backs at the buzzer makes it 5-0. Match tied at 21.

195 -- Kyle Stoll, forfeit -- HP leads 27-21.

220 -- Bobby McDonnell vs. Joe Morrett

McDonnell up, 2-0, in the second period. McDonnell with a nice tilt and extends his lead to 4-0 under a minute left in the third. He wins it, 6-0. HP leads 30-21 with two bouts left.

285 -- Gunny Wassong vs. Isaiah Hardy

Wassong pins in 3:08. HP clinches it, 36-21, with one bout left.

106 -- Dom Gallo vs. Alex Tran

Gallo builds a 5-0 lead in the second period. Gallo wins it 9-1. High Point wins, 40-21.

Round 2 boxes:

113 – Jimmy Slendorn, H, d. Max Nauta, 4-2.
120 – Tai Adetula, WH, d. Anthony Piazza, 3-1.
126 – Kris Lindemann, H, d. John Fluck, 7-3.
132 – Joe Kratochvil, WH, d. James Sisolak, 6-4.
138 – Ben Esposito, H, md. Kevin Bundschuh, 10-1.
145 – Jack Rada, H, d. Tom Rush, 2-1.
152 – Ashanti Maurice, H, md. Anthony Roessner, 19-9.
160 – Joey Schultz, H, d. Evan Butka, 8-2.
170 – Ryan Ostir, WH, d. Casey Fecht, 7-3.
182 – Steve Cleaver, WH, p. Nathan Litowsky, 5:32.
195 – Ryan Witner, WH, p. Stephen Boncimino, 2:36.
220 – Kyle Raposa, H, p. Tyler Bridygham, 2:33.
285 – Andrew Pacheco, WH, md. Joe Sportiello, 10-1.
106 – Austin Pidoto, WH, p. Mikey Sisolak, 5:04.
Records – Warren Hills 6-0; Howell 2-1.

113 – John Amato, TC, p. Leo Haines, :43.
120 – Jared Kobis, HP, d. Joey DiMartino, 3-1.
126 – Mike Derin, HP, p. Nick Virgilio, :38.
132 – Chris Auer, HP, d. Lorenzo Ruggiero, 6-4.
138 – Isiah DeGuzman, TC, d. Collin Grimm, 4-2.
145 – Jason Gaccione, HP, forfeit.
152 – Keith Bauberger, TC, d. Tommy Hooker, 3-1 SV.
160 – Dom Ruggierrio, TC, d. Moses Yasin, 6-0.
170 – Bryce Shade, TC, p. Nick Carriera, :21.
182 – Antonio Porraspita, HP, d. Justin Gonzalez, 5-0.
195 – Kyle Stoll, HP, forfeit.
220 – Bobby McDonnell, HP, d. Joe Morrett, 6-0.
285 – Gunny Wassong, HP, p. Isaiah Hardy, 3:08.
106 – Dom Gallo, HP, md. Alex Tran, 9-1.
Records – High Point 2-1; Timber Creek 1-3. 

Round 3 

HIGH POINT VS. WARREN HILLS (Official Barry Jackson)

Note: I will be mainly blogging High Point-Warren Hills and giving updates on Howell-Timber Creek

Warren Hills wins the toss and elects to be home on the odd bouts. It's been a tough day as Warren Hills (Detrick), Howell (Litowsky) and Timber Creek (Keller) had wrestlers sustain injuries.

120 -- Jared Kobis vs. Tai Adetula

Scoreless first period. Adetula down to start the second. Kobis riding tough with legs, but Adetual pops out the back for a reversal. Kobis gets it right back with one of his own -- 2-2.

Kobis down to start the third period. Kobis escapes, 3-2. That's how it ends. High Point leads, 3-0 as Kobis goes 3-0 on the day. Impressive freshman.

126 -- Connor McHugh vs. John Fluck

McHugh with a takedown and FALL in 40 seconds! High Point leads, 9-0.

Howell leads 3-0 after 120.

132 -- Mike Derin vs. Joe Kratochvil

Scoreless first period. Good matchup of district champs and Region 1 qualifiers. Kratochvil a finalist. Derin was a District 3 champ, while Kratochvil won in D1.

Kratochvil on bottom to start the second period. Escape for a 1-0 lead. Near takedown at the buzzer fo Derin, who trails entering the third. He's on bottom. Derin is out and we're tied. Kratochvil with a takedown at 1:08 -- he's up 3-1. Derin escapes with four seconds left -- 3-2 Kratochvil gets Warren Hills on the board.

138 -- Chris Auer vs. Kevin Bundschuh

Bundschuh with the nice high crotch for a takedown. Bundschuh tries a power half and Auer nearly comes out the back door at the buzzer -- 2-0. Auer down to start the second period. Auer escapes with 34 seconds left. Nice throw by from Auer -- gets the takedown late and goes up, 3-2.

Bundschuh down to start the third period. Escape with 53 seconds left -- 3-3. Whizzer by Auer late sends it to OT.

Great scramble late in the first, going to the first rideout. Auer reverses with 3 seconds left to go up 5-3.

Bundschuh down for second rideout. Auer wins it, 5-3 OT2 rideout. High Point leads, 12-3.

145 -- Jason Gaccione vs. Tom Rush

Gaccione with the dump for a takedown. Ala Joe, his brother, who was third in the state when the 'Cats crowned four state champs in AC in 2011. Gaccione reversal to start the second period. He gives Rush the escape, 4-1. Gaccione with another takedown and lets Rush go -- 6-2. Another takedown makes it 8-2. Escape and takedown, 10-3.

Third period starts with Rush on bottom. Gaccione cuts him loose, 10-4. Takedown and a 12-4 lead. Nearside cradle for three backs and it's 15-4 final. High Point leads, 16-3, five bouts in.

152 -- Tommy Hooker vs. Anthony Roessner

Hooker with the takedown at the edge with 59 seconds left. Roessner filling in for junior Nate Detrick, who defaulted in the opening match today. Hooker had Roessner in deep trouble late, but the buzzer sounds. Hooker up 5-0.

Hooker on bottom to start the second period. Howell leads, 16-6 after 145.

Hooker with the reversal, 7-0. Heading to the third with Roessner on bottom. Reversal for Hooker, 9-1. That's it, a major and the 'Cats lead 20-3.

160 -- Evan Butka vs. Moses Yasin

Tossup here. Streaks likely need this one to stay in it. Scoreless first period.

Yasin down to start the second. Butka power halfs for three backs and Yasin reverses -- 3-2 Butka. That's how the second period ends. Butka on bottom to open the third.

Yasin catches Butka for three backs -- 5-3 Yasin leads. Butka reversal to tie it 25 ticks left. Butka locked up a cradle but couldn't get a turn. Heading to OT.

Butka gets the winning takedown with 24 seconds left -- 7-5 SV. High Point leads, 20-6.

170 -- Ryan Ostir vs. Antonio Porraspita

Scoreless first. Porraspita escapes to start the second. Takedown for Porraspita -- 3-0. Buzzer sounds and we head to the third period. Warren Hills really needs this one.

Ostir down to start the third period. Escapes with 33 seconds left. Porraspita with a take down with 10 seconds left to ice a 5-1 win. 'Cats now lead 23-6 with six bouts left.

182 -- Steve Cleaver vs. Nick Carriera

Nice trip for a takedown by Cleaver and a cradle for three backs -- 5-0. Cradle again and THE FALL in 1:46. High Point up 23-12.

195 -- Ryan Witner vs. Kyle Stoll

Stoll with a quick takedown and a 2-0 lead. Stoll, third in Region 1 last year, is really put together. That's how the first period ends. Stoll down to start the second period.

Brief injury timeout for Witner (knee). Stoll reversal, escape for Witner, takedown makes it 6-2.

Witner down to start the third period. Stoll wins, 6-2. High Point leads, 26-12.

220 -- Tyler Bridygham vs. Bobby McDonnell

McDonnell with a takedown and three backs -- 5-0. PIN in 1:07 -- 'Cats clinch it, 32-12 with three bouts left. Howell up, 28-21 after 220.

285 -- Andrew Pacheco vs. Henry Kuperus

Pacheco with the takedown. Gunny Wassong getting the nightcap off for the 'Cats. Pacheco nearly got the turn with a half as the buzzer sounded.

Kuperus defers and Pacheco goes down to start the second. Pacheco reverses -- 4-0. PIN in 3:22. High Point leads, 32-18.

106 -- Austin Pidoto vs. Dom Gallo

Gallo with the first takedown -- 2-0.  Cradle and the FALL in 58 seconds. High Point, 38-18.

113 -- Max Nauta, forfeit.

Final: High Point 38-24.

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