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Wrestling: LIVE: John Goles championships

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the 55th John Goles Invitational at Warren Hills Regional High School.

Tight team race at the top, as Warren Hills goes for its first championship since 1997. Delaware Valley has won 10 of the last 14, including last year.

I will do my best to keep you up to date. Finals will begin at approximately 6:35 p.m. Starting at 106.

Team standings (Through consolations): 1. Warren Hills (WH) 175; 2. Delaware Valley (DV) 164.5; 3. North Hunterdon (NH) 155.5; 4. South Brunswick (SB) 108.5; 5. West Morris (WM) 98.5; 6. Scotch Plains (SP) 69.5; 7. Edison (E) 59; 8. Bangor, Pa. (B) 51; 9. Newton (N) 42; 10. Millburn (M) 26.


106 – 3-So. Paul Robinson, NH, d. 1-So. Austin Pidoto, WH, 8-7.

1-Robinson opening takedown with 58 seconds left. Pidoto quickly reverses to tie at 2. Robinson escapes with 32 seconds left to go up, 3-2. That's the way the first period ends.

2-Pidoto defers, Robinson down.  Robinson out, but Pidoto gets a quick takedown to go up 5-3. Robinson escapes to make it, 5-4.

3-Pidoto down to start the third period. Reversal for Pidoto gives him a 6-5 lead approaching one minute. Escape for Robinson ties it with 55 seconds left. Robinson converts a single-leg takedown at the edge with 6 seconds left and gives an escape on the restart. Robinson wins, 8-7.

113 – 1-So. Max Nauta, WH, p. 7-Fr. John Serruto, M, :57.

1-Nauta with the takedown, reverse half and body press for the FALL in 57 seconds. Nauta wins his second Goles title. Scores a big five team points for the Streaks.

120 – 1-So. Ryan Pomrinca, NH, d. 2-Sr. Cory Fleming, WM, 3-1.


2-Pomrinca escapes for a 1-0 lead. Pomrinca awarded a takedown at the buzzer as referee Joe Benvenuto confers with his assistant. Pomrinca leads, 3-0.

3-Fleming on bottom to start the third. Fleming out with 1:15 left. No change and that's how it ends. Pomrinca wins his second Goles title.

126 – 1-Sr. Mike Pongracz, DV, tf. 2-Sr. Matt Moncourtois, NH, 16-0, 4:56.

1-Pongracz trying to become just the 32nd wrestler in this tournament to win three or more titles. Takedown and three backs gives him a 5-0 lead 45 seconds in.

2-Pongracz escapes, takedown and three more backs for a commanding 11-0 lead. Three more backs with 22 seconds left makes it 14-0.

3-Moncourtois chooses neutral to start the third. The North wrestler circles to a nice low-single but is unable to convert. Pongracz spins behind for the takedown and a 16-0 technical fall in 4:56.

132 – 2-Sr. Matt Gilmore, DV, p. 1-Sr. Joe Kratochvil, WH, 3:08.

1-Battle of district champions here -- Kratochvil in D1 and Gilmore from D17. Kratochvil with the opening takedown and two backs off a cradle in the final 15 seconds. He leads, 4-0.

2-Gilmore down to start the second period. Escape six seconds in to get on the board. Nice low single by Gilmore and gets the two and the FALL as he catches Kratochvil (8-1) trying to roll through.

Big swing in the team race to boot!

138 – 1-Sr. Nick Matthews, WM, d. 6-Jr. Holden Baker, DV, 5-2.

1-Takedown for Matthews, 2-0. Sorry for the delay, connectivity issues at my alma mater.

2-Baker escape.

3-Matthews escapes to lead, 3-1. Takedown with 21 seconds left should ice it. Matthews wins his first Goles title after a runner-up finish in 2010.

145 – 1-Jr. Mike Ciavarro, NH, d. 2-Sr. Brandon Carcuffe, WM, 3-1 UTB.

1-Ciavarro is a two-time Goles runner-up. Carcuffe seeking his second title, first since 2010. Scoreless first.

2-Ciavarro down to start the second period. Neutral, 1-0.

3-Carcuffe down to start the third period. Ciavarro cuts him loose -- all even at 1.

OT -- First overtime bout of the night. Ciavarro almost hits a dump and Carcuffe nearly pops his hip up for two -- but NOTHING. Great scramble as the period ends.

OT2-Carcuffe on bottom. No points.

OT3-Ciavarro down and can not get out.

UTB -- Ciavarro down. Ciavarro reverses with 15 seconds left -- wins 3-1.

152 – 1-Jr. Jordan Pagano, SB, d. 2-Sr. Alex Niemann, DV, 7-1.

1-Niemann in deep on a low-single but can't finish. Pagano gets a takedown with 14 seconds left, 2-0.

2-Blood time. Niemann escapes, 2-1. Pagano converts another takedown with 13 seconds left for a 4-1 lead.

3-Pagano down to start the third period. Escape to make it, 5-1. Pagano ices it with another takedown late, helps Warren Hills in the process.

160 – 1-Sr. John Sickles, WM, d. 2-Jr. Kody Eichlin, DV, 7-2.

1-Sickles gets the first takedown at the edge 54 seconds in. Escape for Eichlin. Both wrestlers made the drop from 170 for this tournament. Sickles gets his second takedown with 26 seconds left, 4-1.

2-Eichlin down to start the second period. Neutral and it's 4-2. Sickles with his third takedown, dominating this bout.

3-Sickles down to start third -- leads 6-2. Escape makes it 7-2. That's how it ends. Sickles wins his second title to go with a third-place medal. Another bonus for the Streaks in a tight team race.

170 – 3-Sr. Brandon Loftus, NH, d. 1-Jr. Ryan Ostir, WH, 4-3.

1-Loftus converts the opening takedown as Ostir tries to fend it off with a whizzer. Streaks need this one as they seek their first team title since 1997. Ostir escapes, trails, 2-1. Ostir walks into another single, but this time he fights it off. Loftus up, 2-1, after one.

2-Ostir defers, Loftus takes bottom. Stall warning on Ostir late. Then a caution on Ostir. North coach Tim Flynn confers on the call, he feels this is a repeated false start. Now we get a caution of Loftus. Period ends, 2-1.

3-Ostir down to start the third, Loftus cuts him, 2-2. Loftus with a nice duck under for a takedown with 1:14 left. Ostir escapes, trails, 4-3. Loftus hit for stalling with 11 seconds left. Ostir tries a desperation headlock with three seconds, but loses by a point.

182 –  2-Sr. Ali Yildiz, SB, d. 1-Sr. Liam Korbul, NH, 5-4.

1-Korbul with the opening takedown. Good matchup between state qualifiers. Korbul was seventh in the state last year, Yildiz was third in Region 5. Yildiz out, 2-1.

2-Korbul down to start the second period. Yildiz with the wicked tilt for three backs. Korbul escapes, he trails, 4-3.

3-Yildiz down to start the third. He escapes for a 5-3 lead. Yildiz fights off a single with 42 seconds left. Stal warning on Yildiz with 28 ticks left. Korbul awarded a stall point with 9 seconds left, but it doesn't matter. Yildiz wins his second Goles title.

195 – 2-Sr. Constantine Rissiotis, SB, p. 4-Jr. Jesse Windt, WM, 1:20.

1-Nice ankle pick gives Rissiotis the opening takedown. Works a bar for the FALL in 1:20.

220 – 8-Sr. Tyler Bridygham, WH, p. 2-Jr. Brian Baehr, DV, 5:14.

1-Streaks lead by 5 points going into this one. Del Val needs it. Bridygham tosses Baehr to his back for four points with 25 seconds left. Baehr escapes, 4-1.

2-Baehr reverses, 4-2. Bridygham out, 5-2. Takedown makes it 7-2 with 20 seconds left.

3-Neutral to start the third. Takedown to back and the headlock for the FALL in 5:14. Warren Hills clinches the team title -- first since 1997.

285 – 1-Sr. Anthony Tufaro, SP, d. 2-So. Andrew Pacheco, WH, 4-1.

1-Tufaro, eight in the state last year, gets the opening takedown. Pacheco escapes to make it 2-1.

2-Pacheco defers, Tufaro takes bottom. Gets another takedown, 4-1.

3-Pacheco down.

Outstanding Wrestler – Tyler Bridygham, Warren Hills.

Ryan Storm Memorial Award (Most pins least total time) – Matt Gilmore, Delaware Valley (three in 8:36).

Final team standings: 1. Warren Hills (WH) 187; 2. Delaware Valley (DV) 176; 3. North Hunterdon (NH) 171.5; 4. South Brunswick (SB) 122.5; 5. West Morris (WM) 106.5; 6. Scotch Plains (SP) 73.5; 7. Edison (E) 59; 8. Bangor, Pa. (B) 51; 9. Newton (N) 42; 10. Millburn (M) 26.

Third-place consolations
106 – Fr. Vito Intili, DV, d. Fr. Michael Klimkiewicz, SB, 6-4.
113 – Sr. Christian Farah, B, d. So. J.T. Beirne, SP, 6-5.
120 – Jr. Michael Adam, DV, d. So. John Fluck, WH, 4-2.
126 – Jr. Tai Adetula, WH, d. Jr. Robert Lindsay, B, 4-0.
132 – Fr. Brian Smolinsky, NH, p. Sr. Jesse Tainow, SB, 4:37.
138 – Sr. Kevin Bundschuh, WH, d. So. Brian Lapham, SP, 11-7.
145 – So. Charlie Sell, B, d. Jr. Codey Leh, DV, 5-0.
152 – Sr. Dein Rice, SP, p. So. Brandon Tockett, B, :39.
160 – Jr. Evan Butka, WH, p. Jr. Joe Guzzo, NH, 2:59.
170 – Jr. Matt Ridge, SP, p. Sr. Yushua Banks, E, 3:46.
182 – Sr. Josh Sibblies, N, p. Jr. Luke Zehnbauer, DV, 2:10.
195 – So. Gus Protogeropoulos, N, d. Sr. Dan Pepe, NH, 4-3.
220 – So. Carlos Botero, E, d. Sr. Carson Hess, SB, 7-5.
285 – So. Keith Serio, E, d. Jr. Gordon Thompson, SB, 4-2 OT.

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