Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wrestling: Region 1 individual rankings


1. Fr. Joe Aragona, Pope John (D3)
2. Fr. Cody Harrison, Warren Hills (D1)
3. Jr. Ronald Rumsby, Montville (D2)
4. So. Cullen Day, Phillipsburg (D1)
5. Fr. Mason Godfrey, Jefferson (D3)

Others to watch: Chris Hwang, Sparta (D3); Quinn Melofchik, Belvidere (D1); Hunter Davis, Wayne Valley (D4); Devin Flannery, High Point (D3); Dom DiGena, Mendham (D1).

Notes: Aragona, who placed second at Super 32, opened the season by winning the 106-pound title at the Hopatcong Tournament and won the 113-pound class at the John Goles Invitational. His teammate, Christian Deehan, would be ranked No. 1 here as well. Harrison, another impressive freshman, dropped an 8-7 decision to Deehan in the Goles final and majored Rumsby, a Region 1 qualifier, 14-5. Godfrey stuck Hwang in a dual. Hwang owns a 2-1 UTB win over Melofchik.


1. Jr. Daniel Percelay, DePaul (D4)
2. Sr. Kyle Markus, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Jr. Jacob Falleni, Lenape Valley (D2)
4. Jr. Mark DiGeronimo, Kittatinny (D3)
5. Jr. Christian Deehan, Pope John (D3)

Others to watch: Scott Jarosz, Roxbury (D2); Randy Wyble, Butler (D4); Kyle Wulff, Warren Hills (D1); Malcolm Sinclair, High Point (D3); Joe Carmichael, Pequannock (D4).

Notes: Percelay, who finished second in Region 1 at 106 last season, gets the nod in a very good weight class. Markus also earned a trip to Atlantic City with a third-place medal at 106 in Region 1. Falleni, the District 2 and Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex champion, and DiGeronimo, the D3 champ, were 5/6. Deehan would be at 106 for a bunch of other schools, but Jarosz could work his way in here, dropping a 2-0 decision to DiGeronimo after getting decked by Falleni.


1. Jr. Shane Metzler, West Morris (D1)
2. So. Jake Rotunda, Pope John (D3)
3. So. Alex Carida, Hackettstown (D1)
4. Sr. Garrett Gerndt, Sparta (D3)
5. Sr. Tom Kosar, Phillipsburg (D1)

Others to watch: Codey O'Rourke, Warren Hills (D1); Perry Maio, Kittatinny (D3); Steve Pocze, Pequannock (D4); Connor Murphy, Wayne Valley (D4); Evan Vazquez, Roxbury (D2); Anthony Zungoli, Wayne Hills (D4); Nick Gentile, Montville (D2).

Notes: Metzler, who finished fourth in the state at 106 last season, scored an impressive 7-3 win over Rotunda in the John Goles Invitational finals. O'Rourke nearly derailed that title run in the semifinals when he turned Metzler with a cradle. Metzler eventually pinned O'Rourke, who entered the week at 8-1. Carida scored a nice win over South Plainfield's Jacob Painton -- 6-5 on Dec. 30. Gerndt beat Pocze, 5-3, on Dec. 30. Rotunda beat Gerndt, 7-3, in the finals of the Hopatcong Tournament.


1. Sr. Joe Renne, Hackettstown (D1)
2. Sr. Troy Stanich, Roxbury (D2)
3. Sr. Garrett O'Shea, Butler (D4)
4. Jr. Damian Maver, DePaul (D4)
5. Jr. Matt Valli, Warren Hills (D1)

Others to watch: Nick Cassidy, Belvidere (D1); Ryan Luchs, Pope John (D3); Jared Inglett, Wayne Hills (D4); Kyle Tino, Phillipsburg (D1); Calvin Brook, Kittatinny (D3); Chris Shrieks, Jefferson (D3); Grant Gerndt, Sparta (D3).

Notes: Super strong weight class with Renne, a Region 1 champion, and Stanich, a Region 1 third, atop the group. O'Shea, who transferred from Morris Knolls, was a Region 1 champion and a state placewinner at 113 last season. Valli was a District 1 champion two seasons ago and is off to an 8-0 start. Maver scored an impressive technical fall win over Northern Burlington's Anthony Foggia at the Beast.


1. Sr. Nick Klinger, Kittatinny (D3)
2. Jr. Richard Reimers, Roxbury (D2)
3. Fr. Robert Garcia, Pope John (D3)
4. Fr. Wyatt McCarthy, Newton (D3)
5. So. Connor Meytrott, Montville (D2)

Others to watch: Shane Murphy, Mount Olive (D1); Alex Winant, Mendham (D1); Mark Bohn, Jefferson (D3); Anthony Rua, Wayne Hills (D4); Jake Hickey, Lenape Valley (D2); Shannon Grogan, North Warren (D1).

Notes: Phillipsburg senior Brandon Paetzell would be No. 1 here, but he's dealing with a broken hand and is out indefinitely. Klinger, a District 3 champion, ran into Renne and Stanich at Region 1 last season and did not place. Reimers, a Region 1 qualifier two seasons ago, dropped a 5-3 decision to Klinger in the Linn Crawn Memorial Classic finals. Garcia, who has been down at 126, is a tough freshman and scored an 8-5 win over McCarthy, another good-looking ninth grader, in the John Goles Invitational quarterfinals at 132.


1. Sr. Austin Scrivani, Kittatinny (D3)
2. So. Anthony Mastroeni, Hopatcong (D2)
3. Sr. Michael DeClario, Kinnelon (D4)
4. Sr. Tyler Agans, Phillipsburg (D1)
5. Sr. Aaron Merkey, Lenape Valley (D2)

Others to watch: Kade Loughney, West Morris (D1); Zach Nauta, Warren Hills (D1); Nick Giordano, Newton (D3); Jayson Parisi, Morris Knolls (D2); Dominick LaRusso, Roxbury (D2); Sean Finnegan, Sparta (D3).

Notes: Scrivani, who finished third in Region 1 last season, recently became the 15th wrestler at his school to log 100 career wins. We could see a showdown with Mastroeni, fourth in Region 1 as a freshman, in Saturday's Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex finals. DeClario dropped a 9-2 decision to Mastroeni in the Mountain Lakes Tournament finals. Agans beat Loughney, 5-2, on Dec. 22.


1. Sr. Jared Kobis, High Point (D3)
2. So. Brian Meyer, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Jr. Dominic Fano, Montville (D2)
4. Jr. Chris Grecco, Pompton Lakes (D4)
5. Sr. Cole Nagle, Vernon (D3)

Others to watch: Jake Vanwingerden, Kittatinny (D3); Anthony Rispoli, Pope John (D3); Jake DeLuca, Newton (D3); Trevor Kish, Wallkill Valley (D3); Michael Roumes, Roxbury (D2); Chris Schlegel, Mendham (D1).

Notes: Top three here are solid, but it's wide open for the next two spots. Kobis (8-0) won his first Region 1 title last season, while Meyer impressed as a freshman. Nagle enters the week unbeaten and stuck Roumes in the Dover Tournament. Roumes handed Jake Vanwingerden, a Region 1 qualifier, a 4-2 loss in the Linn Crawn Classic finals. Rispoli did a nice job at the John Goles Invitational, finishing second.


1. Jr. Nick Palumbo, Lenape Valley (D2)
2. Sr. Anthony Duardo, North Warren (D1)
3. Sr. Tommy Miller, Roxbury (D2)
4. Sr. Alex Zangrilli, Pequannock (D4)
5. Sr. Edward Marucci, Montville (D2)

Others to watch: Marco Gaita, West Morris (D1); Connor McClellan, Mendham (D1); Sal Puglisi, Pompton Lakes (D4); Ryan Weston, DePaul (D4); Aric Wingle, High Point (D3); Jonathon Borgognoni, Newton (D3); Dylan Minter, Kittatinny (D3).

Notes: Palumbo was fourth in Region 1 at 132 pounds last season and may be dropping to 145. Miller was a Region 1 runner-up at this weight last season, while Duardo was one-and-done at 152. Duardo already has two wins over Miller -- 11-5 and 9-5. They both own wins over Zangrilli, a runner-up at 138 in 2015. Miller beat Zangrilli, 8-3, in the semis of the Linn Crawn Classic, while Duardo won a 9-3 decision over Zangrilli in the opening round of that tourney. 


1. Sr. Craig Roumes, Roxbury (D2)
2. Sr. Christian Dalcais, West Milford (D4)
3. Sr. DJ Wissing, Phillipsburg (D1)
4. Sr. Troy Navarino, Mendham (D1)
5. Sr. Caleb Isemann, West Morris (D1)

Others to watch: Mike Szynalski, Randolph (D2); Alex Zevits, Montville (D2); Dean Zindaki, Wayne Valley (D4); Jarod Ostir, Warren Hills (D1); Trevor Warner, Pequannock (D4); Taylor Molfetto, Kittatinny (D3).

Notes: Roumes was a runner-up at this weight in Region 1 last season behind state champ David McFadden of DePaul, now at Virginia Tech. Isemann was fourth at this weight. He dropped a 9-1 decision to Wissing on Dec. 22. Wissing is currently out of action with a high ankle sprain, while Ostir also is sidelined with an ankle issue. Dalcais, who was third in Region 1 at 152, lost a 1-0 decision to Roumes in the Dover Tournament finals. Roumes beat Navarino, fourth at 152 last season, 5-0, for the Linn Crawn Classic title.


1. Sr. Daniel Kilroy, Wayne Hills (D4)
2. Sr. Spencer Carey, DePaul (D4)
3. Sr. Al Falco, Sparta (D3)
4. Sr. Joey Schiele, Morris Hills (D2)
5. Jr. Josh Klimek, Kittatinny (D3)

Others to watch: Dylan Porcaro, West Milford (D4); Nico Negrini, Pompton Lakes (D4); Lance Fischer, Newton (D3); Jacob Cougle, Morris Knolls (D2); Anthony Roessner, Warren Hills (D1); Dillon Fazliu, Montville (D2).

Notes: Carey, who dropped a 3-1 decision to Kilroy in the Region 1 finals at 170 last season, is off to a strong start with a fifth place in the Beast of the East and a fourth at Powerade. Kilroy decked Falco in the Mountain Lakes Tournament finals. Fischer, a 5/6 in Region 1 at 160, was thought to be lost for the season with a torn ACL, but he's been cleared to practice. If healthy, he'd be in the top three. Klimek has wins over Porcaro and Cougle.


1. Jr. Brandon Kui, DePaul (D4)
2. Sr. Luke Drugac, Morris Knolls (D2)
3. Sr. David LoCascio, Kinnelon (D4)
4. Sr. PJ Chak, Wayne Valley (D4)
5. Sr. Angello Pico, Randolph (D2)

Others to watch: Zach Mafaro, Kittatinny (D3); Joe Frumolt, Pope John (D3); Dan Fisher, Phillipsburg (D1); Frankie Negrini, Pompton Lakes (D4); Nick Galka, Warren Hills (D1); Sam Rosensweig, Montville (D2); Ian Nelsen, Mount Olive (D1); Peter Dellechiaie, Wayne Hills (D4); Scott MacLean, Dover (D2).

Notes: Kui jumps up from 152, where he won a Region 1 title last season. Drugac finished third at 170, setting Wallkill Valley on its ear by knocking off Phillipsburg's Jimmy Schuitema for the bronze. LoCascio was fourth at 182, while Chak was a qualifier at this weight. Mafaro, a tough freshman, dropped a 9-7 decision to Chak in a dual meet. Pico beat Mafaro, 8-3, at the Caldwell Tournament.


1. Sr. Patrick Daly, Pequannock (D4)
2. Sr. Dean Drugac, Morris Knolls (D2)
3. Jr. Joseph Soreco, DePaul (D4)
4. Sr. Sam Palumbo, Lenape Valley (D2)
5. Jr. Drew Horun, Phillipsburg (D1)

Others to watch: Kevin Lewis, High Point (D3); Jacob Tareky, Wayne Valley (D4); Jake Brown, Pope John (D3); Kurt Nemeth, Warren Hills (D1); Adam Schlereth, Newton (D3).

Notes: Deep weight class. Drugac was third at a loaded 182-pound class last season, while Daly won it all at 195, and gets the nod for now. Palumbo lost a tough 5-4 decision in overtime to Daly in the quarterfinals last year. Horun won his first-round match and was forced to withdraw due to injury. Lewis finished fourth at 285 and could make that leap to heavyweight again for the postseason. Tareky is up from 160 last season, while Schlereth transferred back to his hometown school after three seasons at DePaul. He has to sit 30 days. Speaking of DePaul, Soreco beat Horun, 7-2, at the Beast. Missed that one on first review, so Soreco enters at No. 3.


1. Sr. Scott Lavelle, DePaul (D4)
2. Jr. Robert Melise, Phillipsburg (D1)
3. Sr. Todd Eckert, Roxbury (D2)
4. Sr. Drew Flynn, Pompton Lakes (D4)
5. Sr. Jacob Foukas, Pequannock (D4)

Others to watch: Ralph Hall, Lenape Valley (D2); Nick Trani, Wayne Valley (D4); Matthew Sportelli, Wayne Hills (D4); Cole Benfatti, Jefferson (D3); Cliff Rutter, High Point (D3); Andrew Nieves, Pope John (D3); Mike Alvarez, Vernon (D3); Alex Leontaris, North Warren (D1).

Notes: Lavelle decked Melise in last year's 220-pound final and both went on to place in Atlantic City -- third and fifth, respectively. Lavelle finished seventh at the tough Beast of the East last month, while Melise did not place. Eckert stuck Hall and beat Foukas, 4-3, in winning the Dover and Linn Crawn Classic titles. Flynn pinned Foukas in a dual, but split with Sparta's Robbie Gennat, who is likely going to stay at 285.


1. Sr. Kyle Nothnagel, Phillipsburg (D1)
2. So. Robbie Gennat, Sparta (D3)
3. Jr. Parker Fox, Montville (D2)
4. Sr. Rich Fritzky, Lenape Valley (D2)
5. Sr. Alex Kaltenhauser, West Morris (D1)

Others to watch: Tyler Pittenger, Newton (D3); Taylan Zafis, Warren Hills (D1); Daniel Colabella, Mount Olive (D1); Avery Sheruda, Jefferson (D3); Nick Sanders, Pompton Lakes (D4); Matthew Varone, Wayne Hills (D4); Nate Narbone, Lakeland (D4); Jake Pluta, Wayne Valley (D4).

Notes: Nothnagel finished third in Region 1 last season and is the clear-cut No. 1. After that, it gets tricky. Gennat qualified last season and lost to Fritzky in the opening round. Kaltenhauser won a title at the John Goles Invitational with a 3-2 win over Pittenger, who dropped an entertaining 12-10 decision to Fritzky in a dual on Dec, 22. Fox beat Fritzky, 3-1, in the Lenape Valley Tournament finals. Fox also beat Zafis, 3-2, in a dual, while Pittenger beat Zafis, 2-0. 

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