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Wrestling: District 1 championships (LIVE)

Welcome back to Warren Hills Regional High School for the District 1 finals.

Nice ceremony beforehand as former state champions Dave Brandt of Belvidere and Rick Thompson of Phillipsburg were recognized, along with West Morris' Greg Cholish on the 40th anniversary of their district and state championships. Bob Detrick, who won a district title 71 years ago for Washington High School, also was in attendance. His son Dave, was a three-time champ for the Streaks, along with Dave's sons, Daryl and Doug.

Region qualifiers by school

Phillipsburg 5+3+2=10; West Morris 2+4+3=9; Warren Hills 3+2+3=8;  Belvidere 3+1+0=4; Mendham 1+1+2=4; Mount Olive 0+1+2=3; Hackettstown 0+1+1=2; North Warren 0+1+1=2.

OW -- Jesse Thorsen, Belvidere.

Coach of the Year -- Jarrett Hosbach, Warren Hills

Final Team Standings

1. Phillipsburg 231.5; 2. West Morris 163; 3. Warren Hills 160.5; 4. Belvidere 109; 5. Mount Olive 91; 6. Mendham 64; 7. Hackettstown 49; 8. North Warren 39.


106 pounds

2-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (29-5), Phillipsburg, md. 4-Jr. John Schade (20-11), West Morris, 12-3. 

1- Paetzell takedown with 22 seconds left and a three-point nearfall late make it 5-0 after one.

2-Paetzell on bottom to start. Neutral and its 6-0. Quick takedown for an 8-0 lead.

3-Paetzell leads 10-3 in the final period. Another takedown makes it 12-3.

113 pounds

1-So. Max Nauta (28-4), Warren Hills, p. 3-Sr. Zach Fisher (26-8), Phillipsburg, 3:33.

1-Third meeting here as Nauta owns both wins -- 16-2 in the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex finals and 4-2 in sudden victory in the dual. Fisher with the opening takedown in this one -- 2-0. Great scramble at the end of the period as Nauta nearly gets a reversal.

2-Fisher bottom. Nauta turns Fisher with a cradle and nearly gets the pin, he leads 3-2. Another two-point nearfall --why would Fisher take bottom? Legs and turn -- AND THE FALL! You really have to question that decision to go down against a wrestler whose MAJOR strength is top.

120 pounds

1-Sr. Cory Fleming (30-7), West Morris, d. 3-Jr. Matt Ritchie (27-6), North Warren, 12-9.

1-Ritchie with the opening takedown and escape for Ritchie. Another takedown, this time for Fleming and an escape for Ritchie -- 3-3. Fleming with his second takedown and an escape for Ritchie -- he leads, 5-4.

2-Ritchie on bottom, Fleming lets him up. Ritchie takedown, Fleming big birds and gets two reversal and two backs -- he leads 9-7. Good one here! Now the official is saying no backs so we're tied at 7.

3-Fleming escapes, gets a takedown and another escape for Ritchie -- 10-8. Fleming winning the battle on their feet. Fleming spins behind for another takedown with 30 seconds left. That should do it.

126 pounds

1-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (29-5), Warren Hills, d. 2-So. David Migliaccio (25-10), West Morris, 7-3.

1-Scoreless period.

2-Kratochvil escapes and gets a takedown, 3-0. Migliaccio on bottom. Escape, 3-1 with 30 seconds left. Kratochvil gets a takedown with two seconds left, he leads, 5-1.

3-Migliaccio on bottom. Escape, 5-2 early in the third. Kratochvil with his third takedown and that ices his second district title.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Anthony Johnson (12-7), Phillipsburg, d. 3-So. Eric Friedman (29-7), Mendham, 6-4.

1-Johnson takedown, 2-1 after an escape.

2-Johnson bottom. Escape and takedown, reversal for Friedman. Johnson leads 5-3, after two. Referee Chip Castner awards an escape at the buzzer and Mendham coach Steve Baig is hot. Looked good to me. Johnson leads, 6-3.

3-Friedman on bottom. Escape, 6-4, 50 seconds left. This is anyone's match. Johnson hangs on, literally to Friedman's right leg as the buzzer sounds. First title for the Stateliner.

138 pounds

2-So. Max Elling (21-12), Phillipsburg, p. 1-Sr. Nick Matthews (34-3), West Morris, 3:50. 

1-Matthews going for his third title. Elling was second last year. Elling banged for stalling later in the period and Matthews gets the takedown at the edge with 5 seconds left for a 2-0 lead.

2-Elling takes bottom. Escape early, 2-1. Matthews in again on a single leg, but has to come through the back door for his second takedown and a 4-1 lead. Escape for Elling, 4-2. P'burg has wrapped up the team title and Elling chin whips for the stunning FALL in 3:50!

That's not knowing your opponent, that's Elling's bread and butter move.

145 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (28-2), Belvidere, d. 3-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (27-6), Hackettstown, 7-6.

1-Thorsen going for his first title, puts Kozimor on his back early -- 5-0. Those early holes are tough to dig out of. Kozimor trying to become a three-time champ after finishing second a year ago. His brother, Corey Kozimor, is the school's only four-time winner. Other Tigers to win three are Dave Palmer (1961-63), Doug Blake (1966-68), Cory Vernon (2005-07) and Taylor Ulm (2006-08). Reversal makes it, 5-2.

2-Thorsen stacks Kozimor, reversal and he leads 7-2. Escape for Kozimor with 20 seconds left, 7-3.

3-Kozimor on bottom. Reversal with 32 seconds left, makes it 7-5. Thorsen was laying face down the final 15 seconds and was hit twice for a stall point, but it doesn't matter. He joins brother Dylan as a district champ.

152 pounds

1-So. Jimmy Schuitema (29-3), Phillipsburg, md. 3-Jr. Evan Butka (21-14), Warren Hills, 11-2.

1-Schuitema early takedown. He's a big favorite here and next week at Wallkill Valley. Schuitema almost gets a few turns with legs in, no surprise, he's tough on top.

2-Schuitema on bottom. Reversal, he leads, 4-0. Last two times they met, Schuitema won 7-0 and by pin. Three-point nearfall stretches the lead to 7-0, and two more backs make it 9-0, Using those legs and Butka is not defending at all.

3-Butka wisely takes top. Schuitema reversal to a low-leg cradle but zero backs ... unreal. Referee is Bob DeFalco for those scoring at home. It's 11-0. Reversal for Butka with 30 seconds left, 11-2.

160 pounds

1-Jr. Sam Button (30-5), Mendham, p. 2-Jr. Jake Kocsis (24-9), Phillipsburg, 1:49.

1-Button in deep on a low-single shot, converts for a 2-0 lead. Switch to a headlock after turning Kocsis gets the FALL!

170 pounds

3-Jr. Broderick Bupivi (22-12), Phillipsburg, d. 1-Sr. Adam Kratch (30-7), West Morris, 6-2 .

1-Bupivi with the opening takedown. Don't be fooled by the record. Bupivi warned for stalling with 36 seconds left. Escape for Kratch, 2-1. Bupivi with a double-leg conversion at the bell, 4-1.

2-Bupivi on bottom. Reversal makes it 6-1. Thought this one would be closer. Escape for Kratch, 6-2.

3-Kratch on bottom. Open Mike's pick here comes through.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Evan Bray (26-5), Belvidere, p. 2-So. Joe Maso (11-8), Phillipsburg, 1:17.

1-Bray with a takedown and brief injury stoppage as Maso came down awkwardly on his knee. He's OK. Neutral for Maso, 2-1. Bray with a nice single-leg and traps Maso's arm on the way down for the FALL! He wins his second title and looks good heading to what is a loaded Region 1 class.

195 pounds

1-Jr. Jesse Windt (30-7), West Morris, md. 2-Jr. Ryan Witner (17-17), Warren Hills, 8-0.

1-Witner had a single way up in the air but was unable to convert for the takedown with 1:07 left.

2-Windt takes bottom. He's out for a 1-0 lead. Takedown makes it 3-0 with 1:14 left.

3-Witner takes neutral. Windt with a takedown and three backs late to seal it.

220 pounds

1-Sr. J.B. Lawson (26-4), Belvidere, d. 2-Sr. Pete Andrich (32-4), Mount Olive, 7-3.

1-Lawson with the quick takedown and an escape, 2-1. Lawson won their first meeting, 5-2, late in the regular season.

2-Escape for Andrich ties it at 2. Takedown for Lawson at the edge with 2 seconds left, 4-2. That was big.

3-Lawson on bottom. Escape and takedown makes it 7-2. County Seaters trying to go 3-for-3 in the finals with Appleby on deck. Andrich escapes with 20 seconds left. Lawson wins his first title.

285 pounds

2-So. Andrew Pacheco (29-5), Warren Hills, p. 1-Sr. Ryan Appleby (26-4), Belvidere, 1:07. 

1-Everyone's been waiting for this rematch. Pacheco is 1-2 in the series, losing the last two meetings, including a 13-7 decision in December. Appleby in on a single, but Pacheco bear hugs and throws for the FALL!

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