Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wrestling: NJSIAA District 3 seeding preview

Pairings and seeds for the NJSIAA District 3 Tournament will be finalized during a meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Kittatinny Regional High School in Hampton.

There are six returning champions in this year's field --Jefferson's Bryan Damon; High Point's Mike Derin, Jason Gaccione and Kyle Stoll, and Kittatinny's Nick Romyns and Kieran Gerrity.

Wrestling begins at 5:30 p.m., on Friday with the quarterfinals. Action continues at 9 a.m., on Saturday with the semifinals, followed by third-place consolations at 10:30 a.m. (two mats) and the championship finals to follow around noon. The top three finishers at each weight class advance to the Region 1 Tournament at Wallkill Valley.

Here is a look at the pre-seeds for each weigh class. Only head-to-head results will change seeds, otherwise strictly points (which are also unofficial until Wednesday night) will determine where wrestlers are placed in their respective weight classes.

106 pounds

1-So. Dom Gallo (29-3), High Point
2-Jr. Austin Sisco (22-6), Pope John
3-So. Trevor Morales (20-9), Newton
4-Fr. Jake Van Wingerden (21-11), Kittatinny
5-Fr. Garrett Gerndt (20-12), Sparta
6-Fr. William Hurtt (15-9), Wallkill Valley
7-Fr. Chris Shrieks (13-15), Jefferson
8-Fr. Hugh Gardner (4-11), Vernon

Note: Gallo has two wins over Sisco, who has finished third in the district two straight years at this weight class. Morales and Van Wingerden did not meet in the regular season. Shrieks beat Gerndt and Van Wingerden, so the Jefferson freshman will jump up to No. 4. Van Wingerden will be 5, Gerndt 6 and Hurtt, who lost to the Sparta wrestler, will be 7.

113 pounds

1-Jr. Bryan Damon (32-1), Jefferson
2-Jr. Christian Silva (24-8), Kittatinny
3-So. Sissy Blasone (11-10), Sparta
4-Fr. Ben Coombs (9-16), Wallkill Valley
5-Jr. Zeke Lewie Cepero (8-6), Pope John
6-Fr. Robert Borgognoni (1-5), Newton
7-So. Leo Haines (2-12), High Point
8-No entry, Vernon

Note: Damon majored Silva, 11-2, in the regular-season matchup. Silva was fourth last year at 106. Nothing changes here.

120 pounds

1-Fr. Jared Kobis (32-1), High Point
2-Jr. Matt Tripodi (19-12), Jefferson
3-Sr. Jack Velella (20-8), Sparta
4-Fr. Nick Klinger (13-18), Kittatinny
5-So. Eddie Medina (13-19), Newton
6-Fr. Caleb Lewie Cepero (10-13), Pope John
7-So. Sultan Destani (8-13), Vernon
8-No entry, Wallkill Valley

Note: Kobis has beaten Nos. 3, 4 and 5, while Klinger beat Tripodi, 3-1, on Jan. 15. So Klinger goes to 2, Tripodi to 3 and Velella to 4. Velella was injured in the sectional first-round match against Paramus and has not wrestled since. Destani and Lewie Cepero trade spots based on head-to-head results.

126 pounds

1-So. Ian Burke (28-4), Sparta
2-Fr. Austin Scrivani (22-10), Kittatinny
3-Jr. Michael Larsen (20-12), Newton
4-Sr. Connor McHugh (23-9), High Point
5-So. Sean Siek (16-11), Wallkill Valley
6-So. Patrick Harsanyi (9-10), Jefferson
7-Sr. Abel David (7-10), Vernon
8-So. Nick Esposito (3-11), Pope John

Note: Burke, who was third last year at 113, owns two wins over McHugh -- a fourth-place finisher last year -- and one over Siek. Scrivani beat McHugh, who also lost to Burke. Nothing changes here.

132 pounds

1-So. Mike Derin (10-3), High Point
2-Sr. Joe Hocking (21-4), Wallkill Valley
3-Sr. Nils Holley (16-13), Jefferson
4-Fr. Tim VanLenten (15-7), Vernon
5-Jr. Nick West (9-20), Kittatinny
6-So. Anthony Azzartti (6-4), Pope John
7-Fr. Ryan Pyper (4-8), Sparta
8-Fr. Lance Fischer (0-5), Newton

Note: Nothing changes among this group. Derin is a returning champion, while West was a runner-up two years ago. Hocking is a two-time placewinner (second in 2011) and Region 1 qualifier as well, while Holley finished third last year.

138 pounds

1-So. Tom Murphy (29-3), Kittatinny
2-Sr. Jim Lodema (19-5), Wallkill Valley
3-Jr. Chris Auer (13-9), High Point
4-So. Walker Schmitzer (13-10), Sparta
5-Jr. Tyler Mastrogiovanni (11-4), Pope John
6-Jr. Frank Avallone (12-17), Jefferson
7-Sr. Sami Destani (8-12), Vernon
8-So. Robert Reese (4-12), Newton

Note: Murphy, a runner-up last season, defeated Lodema, 13-4, on Dec. 20. Lodema has been fourth twice and finished third last year. This order holds up.

145 pounds

1-So. Jason Gaccione (31-3), High Point
2-Jr. Nick Romyns (24-5), Kittatinny
3-Sr. Steve Siek (20-7), Wallkill Valley
4-Sr. Anthony Gignatelli (17-11), Pope John
5-Sr. Jacob Levy (12-6), Vernon
6-So. Benjamin Sibblies (11-20), Newton
7-Jr. Antonio Letizia (5-14), Jefferson
8-So. Jan Uczkowski (3-19), Sparta

Note: Gaccione and Romyns are returning champions. The two have not met this season, but Gaccione scored a 3-2 win in last year's Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex Tournament. Gignatelli beat Siek, 4-2, on Dec. 15, so they will trade spots at 3-4.

152 pounds

1-So. Luke Bohn (28-5), Jefferson
2-Jr. Tommy Hooker (21-10), High Point
3-Sr. Ryan Ward (21-2), Vernon
4-Sr. Connor Zandarski (14-13), Kittatinny
5-So. Richard Peterson (9-17), Pope John
6-So. Patrick Endrikat (9-14), Wallkill Valley
7-Sr. Andrew Kero (8-20), Sparta
8-Jr. Robert Coward (2-8)/Jr. Jeremie Lerch (0-0), Newton

Note: Bohn, a runner-up last year, decked Zandarski -- the only head-to-head here for the Jefferson wrestler. Nothing changes here. Hooker was fourth last season, while Ward, who was at 160 most of this season, has finished second (2012) and fourth (2011) in the district.

160 pounds

1-Sr. David Popek (12-12), Kittatinny
2-Sr. Moses Yasin (11-20), High Point
3-Fr. Al Falco (14-15), Sparta
4-Jr. Andrew Reed (14-13), Wallkill Valley
5-Jr. Garrett Richards (5-14), Newton
6-Jr. Eric Weber (5-8), Vernon
7-Sr. Bruce Bott (5-16), Pope John
8-Jr. Sean Berta (0-6), Jefferson

Note: Popek, a runner-up last year, defeated Yasin, 2-1, on Jan. 4. Falco owns two wins over Reed -- regular season and HWS. Order stays the same here.

170 pounds

1-Jr. Kieran Gerrity (29-3), Kittatinny
2-Jr. Tyler Zimmerman (20-11), Jefferson
3-Jr. Antonio Porraspita (20-9), High Point
4-So. Connor Lore (17-13), Sparta
5-Jr. Tylar Creeden (14-12), Wallkill Valley
6-So. Deriam Guridy (6-1), Pope John
7-Jr. Michael Cotton (1-10), Newton
8-No entry, Vernon

Note: Gerrity is a two-time placewinner, winning the 160-pound title last year. He defeated Porraspita, 2-0, on Jan. 4, and majored Zimmerman, 14-4. Lore and Creeden split, with Lore winning the most recent six days after the loss. Therefore, this order holds to the pre-seed. Guridy was third last year, while Zimmerman was fourth.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Jake Brook (29-3), Kittatinny
2-Sr. Josh Sibblies (28-3), Newton
3-Sr. Ryan May (18-13), Sparta
4-Sr. Robert Greer (6-18), Jefferson
5-Jr. Pat Thompson (6-10), Vernon
6-Jr. Brien Alvino (4-10), High Point
7-So. Michael Anderson (5-15), Pope John
8-Fr. Eric Ganz (2-8), Wallkill Valley

Note: Sibblies will assume the top seed by virtue of a 1-0 win over Brook in the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex finals. Everything else here stays the same. Brook was a runner-up at 170 last year and finished third in Region 1.

195 pounds

1-Jr. Kyle Stoll (27-5), High Point
2-Jr. Dylan Wunder (25-7), Kittatinny
3-So. Gus Protogeropoulos (26-6), Newton
4-So. Gavin Lally (21-8), Sparta
5-Sr. Alex Reiman (13-9), Wallkill Valley
6-Fr. Cody Watson (1-9), Vernon
7-So. Conner Lenehan (1-16), Pope John
8-No entry, Jefferson

Note: Stoll, a returning champ, owns wins over Nos. 2, 3 and 4. making him a strong bet to win a second straight title. His father, Joe, was a region champion at heavyweight in 1984 -- one of only four Vernon wrestlers to win titles. Wunder, who is really a 170-pounder, was second here last year.

220 pounds

1-Jr. Garrett Armstrong (29-3), Kittatinny
2-Jr. Bobby McDonnell (26-6), High Point
3-Jr. Robert Hajnos (18-12), Jefferson
4-Sr. Isaiah Bryant (12-2), Pope John
5-Fr. Ethan Reczka (10-12), Newton
6-Sr. Anthony Torres (9-11), Vernon
7-Jr. Nick Martinez (8-14), Sparta
8-No entry, Wallkill Valley

Note: Armstrong, third last year at 182, owns a pair of wins over McDonnell -- 2-0 and 2-1 -- and pinned Hajnos and Reczka. Bryant was fourth last year while competing for Jefferson and advanced to Region 1 when High Point's Gunny Wassong, who beat Bryant for third at 220, withdrew from the tournament.

285 pounds

1-Jr. Noa Merritt (25-3), Pope John
2-Jr. Tom Smith (17-13), Kittatinny
3-Jr. Gunny Wassong (17-10), High Point
4-Sr. Andrew Willard (16-14), Jefferson
5-Sr. Carlos Goncalves (11-10), Sparta
6-Jr. Robert Chavez (11-6), Vernon
7-So. Dan Tomzick (12-11), Wallkill Valley
8-Sr. Brandon Alemany (7-17), Newton

Note: Merritt, who was third last year, has decked Goncalves, Tomzick and Chavez. Now comes the shuffling. Smith and Wassong split -- the most recent bout was a 4-0 win for Wassong on Jan. 11. Willard beat Smith, 2-1. But hold on.Goncalves, who has two losses to Wassong, beat Willard, 3-1, on Jan. 19. So the order should go: Wassong 2, Goncalves 3, Willard 4 and Smith 5. Allemany pinned Tomzick so they flip at 7-8.

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