Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wrestling: NJSIAA District 17 seeds, pairings

Pairings and seeds for the District 17 Tournament to be held on Saturday at Hunterdon Central's Field House.

Action begins at 10 a.m., with the preliminaries and quarterfinals. Semifinals to follow at noon with third-place consolations at 1:30 p.m., and finals at approximately 3:30 p.m.

There are seven returning champions in this year's field:

North Hunterdon's Matt Moncourtois and Liam Korbul, Lawrence's Gordon Wolf, Delaware Valley's Matt Gilmore, Hunterdon Central's Gary Dinmore, Voorhees' Jadaen Bernstein and Hopewell Valley's Mike Markulec.

Bernstein, who is the Vikings' all-time wins leader, is going for his third straight title after winning back-to-back crowns at 160 pounds. He was third as a freshman. Only 10 Voorhees wrestlers have won three or more titles, including head coach Eric Hall, who won four (1993-96). The last at the Hunterdon County school to win at least three was Mike Hafke (2007-10), one of 11 from the county to win four.

Pongracz and Dinmore are also gunning for their third district titles.

Pongracz is looking to join seven others at Del Val to win three or more -- including four-timers Kris Sigafoos (2004-07) and Nick LaFevre (2005-08), and three-timers Jeff Segreaves (1973-75), Jamie Wicks (1986-88), Brent Conly (1991-93), C.J. Inglin (2004-06), Dan Kelly (2005-07).

106 pounds

1-So. Kyler Rodriguez (9-10), Hunterdon Central
2-Fr. Kyle DiNapoli (22-9), Voorhees
3-So. Paul Robinson (19-9), North Hunterdon
4-Fr. Austin Roskos (17-13), Hopewell Valley
5-Fr. Vito Intili (11-17), Delaware Valley
6-Fr. Garret Christian (7-14), Notre Dame
7-Fr. Michael Stentz (6-13), Princeton
8-So. Milosz Kazimirowicz (6-14), Lawrence
9-No entry, Ewing

113 pounds

1-Fr. Derek Ciavarro (16-13), North Hunterdon
2-Jr. Cody Ihling (21-12), Voorhees
3-Jr. Robert Nasto (21-9), Notre Dame
4-Sr. John Salyerds (14-14), Hopewell Valley
5-Fr. Kyle Refalvy (4-8), Delaware Valley
6-Jr. Johnny Prieto (5-26), Ewing
7-Fr. D'Andre Moore (3-6), Lawrence
8-No entry, Princeton
9-No entry, Hunterdon Central

120 pounds

1-So. Ryan Pomrinca (29-2), North Hunterdon
2-So. Mujahid Ewell (20-7), Lawrence
3-Jr. Thomas Bieshke (20-11), Voorhees
4-Jr. Michael Adam (11-8), Delaware Valley
5-Sr. Brendan Murphy (20-11), Hopewell Valley
6-So. Thomas Miers (12-14), Princeton
7-Jr. Matt Carroll (7-12), Notre Dame
8-Fr. William Byrne (3-18), Ewing
9-Fr. Gabino Careaga (1-20), Hunterdon Central

126 pounds

1-Sr. Mike Pongracz (25-0), Delaware Valley
2-Jr. Dylan Nace (21-8), Hunterdon Central
3-Sr. Tyler Yarnell (24-9), Voorhees
4-So. Mark Gerstacker (25-6), Hopewell Valley
5-Sr. Matt Moncourtois (17-14), North Huntedon
6-So. Patrick Sockler (12-6), Princeton
7-So. Mark Johnson (10-9), Notre Dame
8-Jr. Edwin Gonzalez (5-5), Lawrence
9-No entry, Ewing

132 pounds

1-Jr. Collin Boylan (22-5), Hunterdon Central
2-Jr. Gordon Wolf (27-0), Lawrence
3-Sr. Matt Gilmore (15-8), Delaware Valley
4-Fr. Brian Smolinsky (16-10), North Hunterdon
5-So. Owen Clarke (20-9), Hopewell Valley
6-Sr. Maxx Cavanaugh (18-13), Notre Dame
7-Jr. Will Miesel (7-8), Princeton
8-So. Tommy Riley (7-6), Voorhees
9-Sr. Kevin Rainer (7-21), Ewing

138 pounds

1- Jr. Gary Dinmore (27-0), Hunterdon Central
2-Jr. Christian Okulicz (23-10), Voorhees
3-Jr. Michael Jennings (25-2), Lawrence
4-Jr. Holden Baker (15-11), Delaware Valley
5-Jr. Dean Clarke (22-7), Hopewell Valley
6-So. Keegan Lago (13-12), Notre Dame
7-Jr. Eric Martin (6-11), North Hunterdon
8-Fr. Marcellus Nicholson (4-21), Ewing
9-No entry, Princeton

145 pounds

1-Sr. Tim Higginson (23-5), Hunterdon Central
2-Jr. Sean Kent (24-9), Hopewell Valley
3-Jr. Mike Muscatello (16-12), Voorhees
4-So. Cory Lightner (5-4), Delaware Valley
5-So. Michael Sicola (12-10), North Hunterdon
6-Jr. Georgy Jociehim (12-7), Lawrence
7-Sr. Richard Muraski (6-10), Notre Dame
8-So. Isaiah Herring (4-12), Ewing
9-No entry, Princeton

152 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Ciavarro (27-5), North Hunterdon
2-Sr. Dylan Cote (20-8), Hunterdon Central
3-Sr. Eric Barbera (25-6), Hopewell Valley
4-Sr. Zachary Hankinson (27-5), Notre Dame
5-Sr. Alex Niemann (15-7), Delaware Valley
6-Jr. Michael Cleary (16-14), Ewing
7-Jr. William Gonsiewski (11-15), Voorhees
8-Jr. Adam Gibson (6-17), Lawrence
9-No entry, Princeton

160 pounds

1-Jr. Kody Eichlin (21-4), Delaware Valley
2-Sr. Tyler Cote (26-3), Hunterdon Central
3-Sr. David Klinges (19-10), Princeton
4-Jr. Jordan Juliano (19-13), Voorhees
5-Sr. Dan Lee (21-10), Hopewell Valley
6-Jr. Anthony Milazzo (16-10), Notre Dame
7-Jr. Joe Guzzo (18-12), North Hunterdon
8-So. Mondyson Mentor (17-12), Ewing
9-Sr. Jordan Horner (3-9), Lawrence

170 pounds

1-Sr. Jadaen Bernstein (33-0), Voorhees
2-Sr. David Fenton (24-3), Hunterdon Central
3-Jr. Luke Zehnbauer (20-9), Delaware Valley
4-Sr. Brandon Loftus (15-13), North Hunterdon
5-Sr. Jeremy Hunt (21-9), Hopewell Valley
6-Jr. Justin Daisey (28-3), Notre Dame
7-Jr. James Gate (9-16), Princeton
8-Sr. Brian Keane (8-17), Lawrence
9-No entry, Ewing

182 pounds

1-Sr. Liam Korbul (26-5), North Hunterdon
2-Sr. Nick Ruggiero (26-7), Voorhees
3-Jr. Evan Carlton (23-7), Hopewell Valley
4-So. Nestor Crespo (19-6), Hunterdon Central
5-Sr. Angelo D'Amico (24-8), Notre Dame
6-Sr. Alex Kapolka (10-14), Lawrence
7-Sr. Afari Patterson (12-17), Ewing
8-Jr. Nour Mays (4-16), Delaware Valley
9-Fr. Dwight Donis (5-3), Princeton

195 pounds

1-Sr. Paul Rallis (16-10), Hunterdon Central
2-Sr. Dan Pepe (21-8), North Hunterdon
3-Sr. Kyle Levy (24-9), Voorhees
4-Sr. Ryan Metz (10-11), Delaware Valley
5-Sr. Matt Piamonte (12-14), Hopewell Valley
6-Jr. Jordan Fleming (12-10), Lawrence
7-So. Abdelazeez Emara (7-17), Ewing
8-No entry, Princeton
9-No entry, Notre Dame

220 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Markulec (29-0), Hopewell Valley
2-Sr. Emilio Guevara (15-18), Voorhees
3-Jr. Brian Baehr (19-10), Delaware Valley
4-So. John Deveney (16-15), Notre Dame
5-Sr. Gabe Barba (11-7), Hunterdon Central
6-So. Victor Bell (9-14), Princeton
7-Sr. Brad Straight (5-10), North Hunterdon
8-Jr. Jovan Griffin (4-8), Ewing
9-Jr. Connor Hoffman (3-9), Lawrence

285 pounds

1-So. Alex Fischetti (24-8), Voorhees
2-So. Stefanos Karpontinis (22-7), Notre Dame
3-Sr. Ian Butler (22-9), Hopewell Valley
4-Jr. Marek Tomanek (9-2), Delaware Valley
5-Jr, Anthony Buygi (8-17), North Hunterdon
6-So. Leo Aquino (5-8), Hunterdon Central
7-Sr. William Harrison (4-21), Princeton
8-Jr. John-Malik Thomas (1-3), Lawrence
9-No entry, Ewing

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