Friday, February 22, 2013

Wrestling: District 1 quarterfinals (LIVE)

Welcome to the District 1 Tournament as we will be updating you on all of tonight's action from the quarterfinal round that will begin at 5:30. Winners will be guaranteed at least a fourth-place finish.

Warren Hills Regional High School is this year's host, as Phillipsburg will take its turn again in 2014. Mount Olive, which did a fine job of hosting a year ago, will have it again in 2015. Warren Hills has hosted a total of  five times since 1996. Previously, the tournament was housed solely at Phillipsburg.

There are eight former champions in this year's field -- including two from 2011. Tyler Kozimor of Hackettstown (2010-11) and Nick Matthews of West Morris (2011-12) are attempting to become three-time champions.

The 2012 winners returning are: Phillipsburg's Zach Fisher, Steve Friedman and Andrew Kaluzny; Warren Hills' Joe Kratochvil and Belvidere's Evan Bray. North Warren's Matt Ritchie won a title in 2011.

Note: Two changes -- at 170, Hackettstown's Rafael Garcia is now the No. 7 seed and West Morris' Adam Kratch receives a bye. At 285, North Warren's Chris Longyhore is a scratch and Hackettstown's Miguel Garcia is the No. 7 seed. Belvidere's Ryan Appleby receives a bye.

Here are tonight's matchups:

106 pounds

1-Sr. C.J. Miele (20-12), Mount Olive, p. 8-So. Jimmy Smith (4-21), Belvidere, 1:59.
4-Jr. John Schade (19-10), West Morris, d. 5-So. Gino Fluri (18-16), North Warren, 7-4.
3-So. Austin Pidoto (19-12), Warren Hills, md. 6-So. David Van Duyne (19-17), Hackettstown, 14-2.
2-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (27-5), Phillipsburg, p. 7-So. Dylan Bluestone (6-23), Mendham, 3:28.

Note: Miele made quick work of Smith. Good 5-4 matchup, as Schade leads 6-4 in the second period. A third-period escape completed the scoring. Top four seeds are safely through here.

113 pounds

1-So. Max Nauta (26-4), Warren Hills, p. 8-Fr. Alan Anagnostos (5-18), Mount Olive, :22.
4-So. Dylan Luciano (18-13), West Morris, p. 5-Fr. Chris Schlegel (19-15), Mendham, 2:47.
3-Sr. Zach Fisher (25-7), Phillipsburg, p. 6-So. Zach Jones (10-20), North Warren, 1:13.
2-Fr. Joe Renne (25-11), Hackettstown, p. 7-So. Javan Viola (6-10), Belvidere, :52.

Note: Nauta with the quick takedown and half for four points and bars for the quick pin. Fisher also with the quick fall as moves closer to a potential third meeting with Nauta on Saturday. Three pins here in a combined 3:07. Luciano needed almost as much time for his.

120 pounds

1-Sr. Cory Fleming (28-7), West Morris, p. 8-So. Matt Hambacher (3-12), Belvidere, 1:02.
4-Sr. Vince Pallone (18-15), Mendham, d. 5-So. John Fluck (15-12), Warren Hills, 3-1.
3-Jr. Matt Ritchie (26-5), North Warren, p. 6-So. Matt Silva (19-13), Mount Olive, 1:10.
2-So. Steve Friedman (19-13), Phillipsburg, p. 7-Jr. Tony Figueroy (12-17), Hackettstown, 2:51.

Note: Fleming and Friedman have no trouble moving into the semifinals. Pallone up 3-0 on Fluck late in the third -- battle of district placewinners. Fluck nearly comes up on a switch but Pallone holds him off for the win.

126 pounds

1-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (27-5), Warren Hills, tf. 8-So. Dan O'Neill (7-18), Mount Olive, 25-10, 3:55.
5-Jr. Matt Nicotra (11-23), Hackettstown, d. 4-Sr. Cory Cohn (8-19), Mendham, 6-4.
6-Jr. Tylor Petchonka (8-10), Phillipsburg, tf. 3-Jr. Kenny Morgan (11-16), Belvidere, 17-2, 5:49.
2-So. David Migliaccio (24-9), West Morris, p. 7-Jr. Nico Fluri (7-25), North Warren, 1:41.

Note: Kratochvil, a returning champ, racks up the takedowns in his victory. Petchonka through as the first of the top four seeds falls here.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Anthony Johnson (10-7), Phillipsburg, p. 8-Fr. Caleb Isemann (3-9), West Morris, :13.
4-Jr. Ron Spera (28-6), Mount Olive, d. 5-Jr. Justin Pidoto (5-9), Warren Hills, 3-0.
3-So. Eric Friedman (28-6), Mendham, d. 6-Jr. John Norgard (11-14), North Warren, 7-0.
2-Sr. Brandon Rothman (29-7), Hackettstown, p. 7-Fr. Robert Panetta (4-8), Belvidere, 2:43.

Note: Sorry for the delay guys Internet was down all over. They have this school locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

138 pounds

1-Sr. Nick Matthews (33-2), West Morris, p. 8-So. Erick Matos (2-19), Mount Olive, 2:09.
5-Sr. Mason Ryzoff (25-9), North Warren, md. 4-Jr. Tyler Dombrosky (11-17), Belvidere, 12-3.
3-Sr. Kevin Bundschuh (17-9), Warren Hills, md. 6-So. Walter Atencio (9-23), Mendham, 11-1.
2-So. Max Elling (19-12), Phillipsburg, p. 7-Jr. Khilian Bernard (4-10), Hackettstown, :14.

145 pounds

1-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (26-2), Belvidere, bye
4-Sr. Brandon Carcuffe (29-6), West Morris, p. 5-Fr. Anthony Duardo (8-15), North Warren, 1:23.
3-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (26-5), Hackettstown, d. 6-Sr. Tommy Rush (5-27), Warren Hills, 9-2.
2-Sr. Andrew Kaluzny (21-11), Phillipsburg, p. 7-Jr. Matt Epstein (1-17), Mendham, 4:50.

Note: Phillipsburg is 7-for-7 with Kaluzny's win. West Morris is 6-of-7.

152 pounds

1-So. Jimmy Schuitema (27-3), Phillipsburg, p. 8-Sr. Mike Fusaro (3-9), Mendham, 1:10.
4-Jr. Johnny Hayes (16-9), North Warren, d. 5-So. Kevin Sears (13-18), West Morris, 7-1.
3-Jr. Evan Butka (20-13), Warren Hills, d. 6-So. Kenny Kane (15-11), Belvidere, 3-0.
2-Jr. Tommy Vazzano (28-6), Mount Olive, md. 7-Sr. Eddie Dulio (11-21), Hackettstown, 16-7.

160 pounds

1-Jr. Sam Button (28-5), Mendham, bye
5-So. David Harris (8-16), Belvidere, p. 4-Jr. Anel Kadiric (15-13), Mount Olive, 3:07.
3-Sr. John Sickles (25-7), West Morris, p. 6-So. Jack Butrymowicz (7-8), North Warren, :59.
2-Jr. Jake Kocsis (23-8), Phillipsburg, p. 7-So. William Turner (3-2), Warren Hills, :38.

Note: Kocsis makes it 9-for-9 for the Stateliners. Every other school has lost at least two wrestlers tonight. Mendham, Mount Olive and North Warren have advanced only three wrestlers thus far and Belvidere has two through to the semifinals.

170 pounds

1-Sr. Adam Kratch (29-6), West Morris, bye
4-Jr. Ryan Ostir (16-16), Warren Hills, p. 5-Sr. Tyler Toth (14-9), Belvidere, 1:45.
3-Jr. Broderick Bupivi (20-12), Phillipsburg, p. 6-Sr. Vincent Rucerto (10-21), North Warren, 2:44.
2-Jr. Anthony Colabella (28-6), Mount Olive, p. 7-Jr. Raymond Katz (6-9), Mendham, 5:35.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Evan Bray (24-5), Belvidere, bye
4-Sr. Nick Scheuplein (13-11), Mount Olive, d. 5-Fr. Joseph Frumolt (12-11), North Warren, 4-3.
3-Jr. Steve Cleaver (19-13), Warren Hills, p. 6-Jr. Aldo Cammalleri (9-19), West Morris, 3:21.
2-So. Joe Maso (10-7), Phillipsburg, p. 7-So. Alec Skaltsis (5-21), Mendham, 1:18.

195 pounds

1-Jr. Jesse Windt (28-7), West Morris, p. 8-Sr. Bruce Gurnowski (14-15), Hackettstown, 2:48.
5-Sr. Andrew Trejo (18-13), Mount Olive, d. 4-Sr. Jim Conte (11-12), Mendham, 4-1.
6-Sr. Mike Farrell (14-7), Belvidere, p. 3-So. Tim Hinkle (15-15), Phillipsburg, 5:45.
2-Jr. Ryan Witner (16-16), Warren Hills, p. 7-Jr. Greg Galante (16-15), North Warren, 4:43.

Note: P'burg loses its first bout of the night as Farrell built a 10-4 lead before the fall. Witner's pin gives the Blue Streaks eight winners thus far. West Morris is second to P'burg with nine semifinalists. Mount Olive is next with six. Farrell is the second No. 6 seed to advance. Only four No. 5 seeds are through to the semis. All 1s and 2s are alive.

220 pounds

1-Sr. J.B. Lawson (24-4), Belvidere, bye
5-Sr. Kyle Kinney (11-8), Phillipsburg, d. 4-So. Will O'Connell (19-14), North Warren, 5-3.
6-So. Aaron Flitcroft (10-4), Mendham, d. 3-Sr. Tyler Bridygham (15-14), Warren Hills, 4-1.
2-Sr. Pete Andrich (31-3), Mount Olive, p. 7-So. Theodore Gurnowski (8-12), Hackettstown, 2:35.

285 pounds

1-Sr. Ryan Appleby (25-3), Belvidere, bye.
4-Sr. Jarrett Williams (25-6), Phillipsburg, p. 5-Sr. Matt Fox (17-17), Mendham, 1:25.
3-Jr. John Martinez (21-11), Mount Olive, p. 6-Sr. Scott DeBoey (10-14), West Morris, :44.
2-So. Andrew Pacheco (27-5), Warren Hills, p. 7-Sr. Miguel Garcia (3-8), Hackettstown, :33.

That concludes the quarterfinals. To recap, there were three No. 6 seeds (Petchonka, Farrell and Flitcroft) and five No. 5s advanced. All 1s and 2s are through to the semis.

Semifinalists by school: Phillipsburg 13; West Morris and Warren Hills 9; Mount Olive 8; Belvidere 6; Hackettstown and Mendham 4; North Warren 3.

Here are the (correct) team standings with advance points:

1. Phillipsburg 127.5
2. West Morris 88
3. Warren Hills 85.5
4. Mount Olive 73
5. Belvidere 60
6. Hackettstown 36
7. Mendham 34
8. North Warren 27

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