Friday, February 1, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE Hunterdon Central at Warren Hills

Hello again wrestling fans! Tonight, Open Mike will be coming at you live from Warren Hills Regional High School starting around 7 p.m.

Big night in Washington as the wrestling program celebrates its 75th season with a special Alumni Night -- honoring all past wrestlers and coaches. A few state champions will be on hand, including Dan Slack (1977), Marty White (1991), two-time champs Arnie Thompson (1965-66), Ben Oberly (1985-86), Justin Colaluce (1997-98) and the Marinelli brothers -- Enzo, Ron and Art. They are among only four trios to win state titles in New Jersey.

Washington/Warren Hills has produced 46 individual state champions -- second-most behind Newton's record of 82. Washington High School became Warren Hills for the 1967-68 school year. The program enters tonight's match with a season mark of 17-6 and an overall record of 672-457-11 since the school's first season in 1937-38.

The Blue Streaks' opponent, fittingly, is Hunterdon Central. Legendary coach Russ Riegel, who started the program in 1956, was a four-time state finalist (1943-46) and two-time champ ('44 and '46) for Washington High School. Riegel, now retired, resides in Kentucky. No word on whether he will attend tonight's festivities.

Here are some series stats:

Hunterdon Central leads, 39-12-1, dating to 1960, and has won four straight against Warren Hills, including a 33-27 win in the last meeting on Jan. 25, 2012 in Flemington. The match in 2011 was snowed out -- the first time in series history that these rivals did not meet. Warren Hills' last wins came back-to-back in 2006 and '07. Seven of the Streaks' wins have come since 1990.

We will be starting at 145 pounds. Hunterdon Central is warming up on the mat. Wrestling should start around 7:15 p.m.

Note: Hunterdon Central wrestlers listed first with season records in parentheses. After the conclusion of each bout, the bout score and team score will be updated. Tonight's official is Doug Hesse. Central won the toss and will be home on the off bouts.

145 -- Sr. Dylan Cote (16-6), HC, d. Sr. Kevin Bundschuh (15-8), 6-5. (HC leads 3-0)

1-Cote with the first takedown, 2-0, with 48 seconds left. Escape with 25 left, makes it 2-1.

2-Cote on bottom to start the period. He's out quickly, leads, 3-1. Bundschuh in deep on a single but they go out of bounds with 1:30 left. Cote converts a single-leg with 24 seconds left and another escape late makes it, 5-2.

3-Bundschuh down and trailing to start the third. He's out quickly, 5-3. Bundschuh in again deep and converts this time for a takedown as they go off with 1:24 left. Cote escapes, leads, 6-5, but has been backing up and finally gets hit for a stall. Both have their chances at a takedown, but Cote hangs on.

152 -- Sr. Tim Higginson (18-5), HC, d. Jr. Evan Butka (18-12), 7-1. (HC leads 6-0)

1-Good move here by the Red Devils, dropping Cote to 145. Butka beat Cote, 2-1 in OT, at the Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex Tournament. Higginson converts an early takedown, 2-0.

2-Butka defers, Higginson takes bottom. Escape and takedown, 5-0.

3-Butka on bottom, escapes, trails, 5-1. Another takedown for Higginson makes it 7-1, less than one minute to go.

160 -- Sr. Tyler Cote (20-3), HC, p. Sr. Xavier Adetula (8-9), 5:34. (HC leads 12-0)

1-Cote with the takedown as Adetula attempts a throw. That's how the period ends, Cote on top, 2-0.

2-Cote on bottom to start the period. He's out quickly, leads, 3-0.

3-Adetula on bottom. Cote gets a turn with a cradle less than one minute to go. Backs are coming. AND THE FALL! That hurt the Streaks.

170 -- Sr. David Fenton (21-2), HC, p. Jr. Ryan Ostir (15-14), 4:42. (HC leads 18-0)

1-Fenton with the quick takedown. Thought Central might stick Scerbo in here to try and win both 170 and 182, but that pin might have changed their thinking. They are heavy favorites here. Fenton locks up a cradle with 20 seconds left but Ostir fights it off.

2-Blood time for Ostir. He defers the choice and Fenton takes bottom to start the period. He's out quickly, leads, 3-0. Streaks having issues on top holding opponents down, usually their strength. Takedown for Fenton and a quick escape makes it 5-1 and Ostir hits a pancake but they go off the mat near the one-minute mark. Fenton gets the takedown with 12 seconds left, as he's able to scoot his hips up on an Ostir shot, leads 7-1.

3-Ostir on bottom to start the period. Fenton working a bar early and gets a turn for the FALL!

182 -- So. Nestor Crespo (14-6), HC, d. Jr. Steve Cleaver (16-13), 16-10. (HC leads 21-0)

1-Crespo with the early takedown. Cleaver pinned Crespo in the HWS tournament, but trailed, 7-1, at the time. Cleaver escapes, trails, 2-1, in this one. Cleaver dangerous with a headlock, looking for it, no dice. He's also got a good cradle. Another takedown for Crespo, as Cleaver tries a cement job on the way down. Cleaver escapes right after with 5 seconds left, trails, 4-2.

2-Crespo on bottom. Cleaver called for unnecessary roughness trying to crossface off a single-leg, one point for Crespo, he leads, 5-2. Crespo gets a reversal with 34 second left for a 7-2 advantage. Cleaver gets a reversal with 11 seconds left, trails, 7-4. This is shaping up to be good one.

3-Crespo cuts Cleaver loose to start, it's 7-5. Cleaver immediately in on a single and the crowd wants a takedown, he gets it, but Crespo out right away. Crespo up 8-7 near the one-minute mark. Crespo gets a takedown to back for five and extends his lead to 13-7. Just when Cleaver was getting something going. Crespo lets Cleaver go, 13-8. Takedown for Cleaver, 13-10, 34 seconds left. He lets Crespo go. Cleaver tries a cement with 5 seconds left, but Crespo counters for a takedown. Wild one.

195 -- Jr. Ryan Witner (14-15), WH, d. Sr. Paul Rallis (13-8), 7-6. (HC leads 21-3) 

1-Witner with the takedown and slaps on a cradle for three backs, 5-0, with 48 seconds left. Rallis escapes, 5-1, as the period ends.

2-Witner defers, Rallis takes bottom. Escape 13 seconds in, 5-2. Streaks really need this one and probably need a pin to stay in it.

3-Witner takes neutral. Rallis gets his first takedown, trails, 5-4. Escape for Witner, he leads, 6-4 with a minute to go. Witner warned for stalling. Rallis converts a single-leg with 30 seconds left to tie it at 6. Witner escapes at the buzzer to win it!

220 -- Sr. Gabe Barba (10-4), HC, d. Sr. Tyler Bridygham (14-12), 3-2. (HC leads 24-3)

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Barba takes bottom. He's out quickly for a 1-0 lead. Bridygham tries a throw, but Barba ends up with a takedown for a 3-0 lead. Bridygham out with 40 seconds left. It's 3-1 after two.

3-Bridygham on bottom. Stall warning on Barba with 1:32 to go. He cuts Bridygham loose, it's 3-2. Bridygham tries a double with 10 seconds left, but no deal. Barba hangs on, literally.

285 -- So. Andrew Pacheco (24-5), WH, p. Jr. Dan Hausman (3-6), :34. (HC leads 24-9) 

1-Pacheco launches Hausman right out the gate, for a 5-0 lead. Big size difference here -- Hausman (203), Pacheco (275) -- and Pacheco turns him for the FALL!

106 -- So. Kyler Rodriguez (7-6), HC, d. So. Austin Pidoto (18-9), 2-1. (HC leads 27-9)

1-Rodriguez with the front headlock and bounces Pidoto's head off the mat. Injury delay with 6 seconds left. He's OK after 50 seconds of injury time. We're scoreless after two minutes.

2-Pidoto on bottom. Escape with 1:04 left, 1-0. Rodriguez tries a gator roll, but Pidoto stops it halfway through. No points and we head to the third.

3-Rodriguez on bottom. Streaks really need this one as they'll be looking at bonus points the next two weights. One will be a forfeit. Rodriguez with the reversal just as Pidoto was looking to lock up a cradle -- 30 seconds left.  Stall on Central with 6 seconds left. But it doesn't matter.

113 -- Fr. Carsen Johnson (3-0), WH, forfeit. (HC leads 27-15)

120 -- So. Max Nauta (24-4), WH p. Fr. Gabino Careaga (1-14), 3:48. (HC leads 27-21) 

1-Nauta with the opening takedown. Hosbach bumping up to try and get wins.

2-Nauta takes top looking for six. Gets two backs off a half, 4-0. Two more backs makes it 6-0. Two more back points, 8-0 with 40 seconds left. Nauta buries a deep half for the FALL!

126 -- Sr. Joe Kratochvil (25-4), WH, d. Jr. Dylan Nace (15-8), 2-1. (HC leads 27-24) 

1-Good matchup here. Kratochvil won on a rideout when they met in the HWS finals. Nearing the end of the period, nothing doing here. Scoreless after one period.

2-Kratochvil takes bottom. Stall on Nace with 1:07 to go. Lot of that tonight, some called, some not. Escape for Kratochvil, he leads, 1-0. Kratochvil in on a nice single with 13 to go, but Nace funk rolls out of it.

3-Nace on bottom. He's out quickly to tie it at 1. Stall on Nace with 42 seconds left as Kratochvil shoots. Neither one doing much. That's it.

132 -- Jr. Collin Boylan (19-3), HC, d. Jr. Justin Pidoto (5-6), 6-0. (HC leads 30-24)

1-Blood time early for Boylan. Central has the hammer with its state runner-up at 138, so Streaks would need a very unlikely pin here to stay in it, assuming Dinmore only gets a decision. That would tie it, but we're a long way from that prospect.

2-Boylan takes bottom. More blood time. Pidoto gets high with legs and gives up a reversal and nearly backs. Boylan turns with a turk for two backs and leads 4-0.

3-Pidoto takes neutral. Stall warning on Pidoto with 50 seconds left and Boylan gets the takedown with 45 for a 6-0 lead.

138 -- Jr. Gary Dinmore (21-0), HC, tf. Sr. Tom Rush (5-24), 25-7, 2:57. (HC wins 35-24)

1-Dinmore with the quick takedown and a quick escape, 2-1. Another takedown and escape, 4-2. Dinmore with his third takedown in 35 seconds and another escape, 6-3. Dinmore takedown, escape, 8-4. Another replay, 10-5. Another two and one, 12-6. He leads, 16-7, after one with eight takedowns.

2-Dinmore on bottom. Escape, 17-7. And a ninth takedown, 19-7. Escape and takedown, 21-8. Escape and takedown, 23-9.

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