Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wrestling: Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex info, seeds

What: Fourth annual Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex Tournament.

Where: Hopatcong High School.

When: Friday and Saturday.

Fridays schedule: Premliminaries and pre-quarterfinals (four mats), 4 p.m.

Saturday's schedule: Quarterfinals, 10 a.m. (four mats); semifinals and wrestlebacks, 12:30 p.m. (four mats); third- and fifth-place consolations, 3 p.m. (two mats); championships, 5 p.m. (one mat).

Teams: Belvidere, Delaware Valley, Hackettstown, High Point, Hopatcong, Hunterdon Central, Kittatinny, Lenape Valley, Newton, North Hunterdon, North Warren, Phillipsburg, Pope John, Sparta, Vernon, Voorhees, Wallkill Valley, Warren Hills.

Returning champions (this year's weights): Peter Lipari, Lenape Valley (120), Dylan Nace, Hunterdon Central (126), Mike Pongracz, Delaware Valley (132), Matt Benvenuto, Lenape Valley (2011 winner, 138), Jadaen Bernstein, Voorhees (170); Liam Korbul, North Hunterdon (182).

Top eight seeds at each weight class

Note: Seeding was done according to a points system that factors in winning percentage and previous HWS and postseason placements. Head to head results applied to only the top eight seeds and to cases where a wrestler was directly above or below in the preseeds.

North Hunterdon earned the most No. 1 seeds (4), while Phillipsburg had the most top eight seeds (11).

Top eight seeds by school: Phillipsburg (11); Kittatinny (10); High Point (9); Hunterdon Central (9); North Hunterdon (8); Voorhees (8); Lenape Valley (8); Warren Hills (7); Delaware Valley (6); Wallkill Valley (6); Belvidere (5); Sparta (5); Hopatcong (5); Hackettstown (4); North Warren (3); Pope John (3); Vernon (3); Newton (2).

106 pounds

1-So. Dom Gallo (15-1), High Point; 2- Jr. Austin Sisco (9-2), Pope John; 3-So. Joe Aumann (9-3), Hopatcong; 4-Fr. Garret Gerndt (11-4), Sparta; 5-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (11-5), Phillipsburg; 6-So. Paul Robinson (7-3), North Hunterdon; 7-So. Austin Pidoto (9-4), Warren Hills; 8-Fr. William Hurt (5-3), Wallkill Valley.

113 pounds

1-So. Max Nauta (9-4), Warren Hills; 2-Jr. Matt Ritchie (9-4), North Warren; 3-Sr. Zach Fisher (12-4), Phillipsburg; 4-Jr. Cody Ihling (13-3), Voorhees; 5-Jr. Christian Silva (11-3), Kittatinny; 6-Jr. Tony Figueroy (4-2), Hackettstown; 7-So. Joey Ioffredo (5-5), Hopatcong; 8-Fr. Aaron Arzon (5-6), Lenape Valley.

120 pounds

1-So. Ryan Pomrinca (11-1), North Hunterdon; 2-So. Steve Friedman (9-7), Phillipsburg; 3-Fr. Jared Kobis (15-0), High Point; 4-Jr. Tai Adetula (10-4), Warren Hills; 5-Sr. Joe Spaziani (11-2), Hopatcong; 6-So. Peter Lipari (3-1), Lenape Valley; 7-Sr. Jack Velella (10-3), Sparta; 8-Fr. Joe Renne (11-5), Hackettstown.

126 pounds

1-Jr. Dylan Nace (6-4), Hunterdon Central; 2-Sr. Matt Moncourtois (6-6), North Hunterdon; 3-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (11-1), Warren Hills; 4-So. Ian Burke (13-1), Sparta; 5-Sr. Connor McHugh (12-3), High Point; 6-So. Sean Siek (7-2), Wallkill Valley; 7-So. Corey Zinsmeister (12-5), Phillipsburg; 8-Fr. Austin Scrivani (10-5), Kittatinny.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Mike Pongracz (7-0), Delaware Valley; 2-So. Glenn Haines (5-4), Lenape Valley; 3-Sr. Tyler Yarnell (10-5), Voorhees; 4-Sr. Joe Hocking (7-1), Wallkill Valley; 5-Jr. Collin Boylan (8-1), Hunterdon Central; 6-Jr. Chris Auer (7-4), High Point; 7-Fr. Brian Smolinsky (5-3), North Hunterdon; 8-Sr. Aaron Castner (4-4), Belvidere.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Gary Dinmore (9-0), Hunterdon Central; 2-Sr. Matt Benvenuto (7-1), Lenape Valley; 3-So. Tom Murphy (12-2), Kittatinny; 4-Sr. Matt Gilmore (6-3), Delaware Valley; 5-So. Max Elling (9-5), Phillipsburg; 6-Sr. Brandon Rothman (12-4), Hackettstown; 7-Sr. Jim Lodema (7-2), Wallkill Valley; 8-Jr. Christian Okulicz (10-5), Voorhees.

145 pounds

1-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (11-2), Hackettstown; 2-So. Jason Gaccione (15-1), High Point; 3-Jr. Nick Romyns (11-4), Kittatinny; 4-Sr. Mason Ryzoff (9-5), North Warren; 5-Sr. A.J. Bongiovanni (9-4), Hopatcong; 6-Sr. Andrew Kaluzny (10-6), Phillipsburg; 7-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (11-0), Belvidere; 8-Sr. Tim Higginson (8-2), Hunterdon Central.

152 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Ciavarro (12-2), North Hunterdon; 2-So. Jimmy Schuitema (12-3), Phillipsburg; 3-Sr. Dylan Cote (11-1), Hunterdon Central; 4-Sr. Alex Niemann (10-2), Delaware Valley; 5-Jr. Dominic LaBell (7-2), Lenape Valley; 6-Sr. Jacob Levy (8-3), Vernon; 7-Jr. Evan Butka (9-6), Warren Hills; 8-Jr. Tommy Hooker (7-6), High Point.

160 pounds

1-Sr. Ryan Ward (12-0), Vernon; 2-Sr. Tyler Cote (10-1), Hunterdon Central; 3-Sr. David Popek (9-6), Kittatinny; 4-So. Hunter Guzzo (10-1), Pope John; 5-Jr. Kody Eichlin (6-1), Delaware Valley; 6-Jr. Jake Kocsis (9-5), Phillipsburg; 7-Jr. Johnny Hayes (9-5), North Warren; 8-Fr. Al Falco (7-4), Sparta.

170 pounds

1-Sr. Jadaen Bernstein (15-0), Voorhees; 2-Sr. David Fenton (9-1), Hunterdon Central; 3-Jr. Kieran Gerrity (14-1), Kittatinny; 4-Jr. Tylar Creeden (8-1), Wallkill Valley; 5-Jr. Luke Zehnbauer (7-4), Delaware Valley; 6-Jr. Ryan Ostir (9-4), Warren Hills; 7-So. D.J. Barrett (7-4), Lenape Valley; 8-Sr. Brandon Loftus (7-4), North Hunterdon.

182 pounds

1-Sr. Liam Korbul (10-3), North Hunterdon; 2-Sr. Evan Bray (10-2), Belvidere; 3-Sr. Jake Brook (13-2), Kittatinny; 4-Sr. Nick Ruggiero (14-2), Voorhees; 5-Sr. Josh Sibblies (11-2), Newton; 6-So. Nestor Crespo (8-3), Hunterdon Central; 7-So. Joe Maso (3-0), Phillipsburg; 8-Sr. Alex Reiman (4-1), Wallkill Valley.

195 pounds

1-Sr. Dan Pepe (7-4), North Hunterdon; 2-Jr. Kyle Stoll (11-3), High Point; 3-Jr. Dylan Wunder (11-4), Kittatinny; 4-Sr. Kyle Levy (13-1), Voorhees; 5-So. Gus Protogeropoulos (11-2), Newton; 6-Sr. Kristian Barrett (8-2), Lenape Valley; 7-Sr. Paul Rallis (8-3), Hunterdon Central; 8-So. Gavin Lally (8-4), Sparta.

220 pounds

1-Jr. Garrett Armstrong (13-2), Kittatinny; 2-Sr. J.B. Lawson (9-3), Belvidere; 3-Jr. Brian Baehr (9-2), Delaware Valley; 4-Jr. Bobby McDonnell (11-4), High Point; 5-Sr. Anthony Torres (6-4), Vernon; 6-Sr. Emilio Guevara (9-6), Voorhees; 7-So. Tim Hinkle (8-6), Phillipsburg; 8-Sr. Dante James (4-5), Lenape Valley.

285 pounds

1-Sr. Ryan Appleby (10-1), Belvidere; 2-Jr. Noa Merritt (9-2), Pope John; 3-So. Alex Fischetti (11-2), Voorhees; 4-Sr. Jarrett Williams (13-3), Phillipsburg; 5-Jr. Tom Smith (9-3), Kittatinny; 6-Sr. Victor Burgos (9-4), Hopatcong; 7-So. Andrew Pacheco (10-4), Warren Hills; 8-Jr. Gunny Wassong (7-6), High Point.

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