Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE blog Delbarton at Phillipsburg

Hello wrestling enthusiasts. Welcome to our live blog from the infamous Pit at Phillipsburg High School.

Should be a good one tonight as two of the state's top team collide in an independent matchup. Delbarton comes in with a 1-0 record, while reigning Group 4 champion Phillipsburg is 2-0.

The big story to me is how the talented Delbarton freshmen in the lower weights handle the pressure of their first time wrestling in The Pit. Many have struggled, including former three-time state champ Jordan Oliver of Easton, who lost here as a frosh. Oliver went on to win an NCAA title at Oklahoma State.

The atmosphere here should be electric as P'burg faces its first stiff test of the season. Lot of pressure on the 'Liners to run the table so that match on Feb. 6 against South Plainfield here really counts.

So sit back and enjoy a recap of the action in real time. Just keep refreshing the page often to get updates.

Match time is 7 p.m. Starting weight is 126.

Just arrived at The Pit and was greeted with the news that Delbarton does not have anyone weighed in at 170 or 195, so it looks like P'burg will be getting a gift 12 points. So much for any suspense it seems. And quite a few of the Green Wave wrestlers will be giving up weight if they do bump up.

Chip "Takedown Chipper" Castner is officiating the JV match -- all five bouts. Tough night's work for the Warren Hills alum! Lou Riccardi is looking on, so he will be the varstiy ref.

Delbarton on the mat completing their warmups. Lot of great people in the house, including former P'burg standout Mike Bateman -- an excellent referee at one time in Pennsylvania. Bateman coached a lot of the kids in the varsity lineup in the P'burg youth system. A real class act.

Samantha Levisay is performing the National Anthem tonight. She is the niece of former Warren Hills star Ben Oberly, a two-time state champ. Her brother, Chauncey Levisay, wrestled for the 'Liners. Awesome rendition!

Good news for the 'Liners as sophomore Joe Maso is in the lineup tonight for his first action since sustaining a hand injury during the football season.

And we're set to go.  Delbarton home on the even bouts.


126 -- So. Corey Zinsmeister (12-5), P, md. Sr. Matt Davis (6-4), 8-0.

1-Zinsmeister gets the opening takedown 36 seconds in. Blood time for Davis. Davis tries to sit and turn but gets caught in a cradle for two backs -- trails 4-0.

2-Zinsmeister down to start the second period. Davis riding with a leg in, Zinsmeister tries to stand and turn in but Davis counters. Zinsmeister gets the reversal with 15 seconds left for a 6-0 lead.

3-Davis on bottom to open the third. Stall warning on Zinsmeister. Two backs for the Stateliner makes it 8-0.  P'burg grabs a 4-0 lead.

132 -- Sr. Nick Anderson (8-2, D1, R2, S7), D, p. Jr. Tyler Petchonka (4-3), 2:54.

1-Anderson with a quick takedown. After an escape, Anderson hits a dump for a second takedown and three backs -- 7-1. Neutral again and another takedown -- 9-2 lead for Anderson.

2-Anderson defers, Petchonka takes defense. Petchonka out -- 9-3. Anderson hits a pancake for another takedown and the FALL in 2:54. Delby leads, 6-4.

138 --  Travis Vasquez (6-2, D2), D, d. So. Max Elling (7-5, D2, R3), 4-0.

1-Vasquez with the opening takedown for a 2-0 lead. Vasquez finishes on top, Elling not even close to getting out.

2-Neutral to start the second period. Vasquez makes it 4-0 with his second takedown. Bit of a surprise so far. Elling was a state qualifer as a freshman. Great scramble as they go out of bounds with 54 seconds left -- Elling nearly had a reversal. P'burg crowd calls for the stall warning and gets it -- but it's against Elling -- with 2 seconds left.

3-Vasquez down to start the third. Elling jumps out front looking for the cement but nothing there. Elling works a power half but no dice -- Vasquez wins it 4-0. Big win for the Wave, who lead 9-4.

145 -- Sr. Andrew Kaluzny (8-4, D1, R4), P, d. So. Joseph Tavoso (2-5), 10-4. 

1-Great exchange at the end of the period, Tavoso with the near takedown but we're scoreless after one.

2-Tavoso with the quick reversal for a 2-0 lead. Kaluzny out and nearly has a takedown at the edge as Tavoso counters with a whizzer -- 2-1. Injury time for Tavoso with 26.5 left. The venerable Herbie Stecker tends to blood on the mat -- former Stateliner great. And we resume. Kaluzny in immediately for a takedown and a 3-2 lead but Tavoso escapes with 2 seconds left -- crowd doesn't like the call.

3-Kaluzny on bottom and escapes for a 4-3 lead. Tavoso also hit for another stall and Kaluzny leads 5-3. Kaluzny nearly stacks Tavoso for the pin but gets five for a 10-3 lead. Tavoso escapes and nearly gets taken down at the buzzer. Wow. Kaluzny wins 10-4. Pburg trails, 9-7.

152 -- So. Jimmy Schuitema (10-3, D3, R3), P, p. Fr. Luke Anselmi (0-1), 1:04.

1-Schuitema with the quick takedown and nearly backs. This kid is fun to watch. Buries a half for the FALL in 1:04. P'burg regains the lead, 13-9.

160 -- Jr. Jake Kocsis (8-4), P, d. Jr. Dan Reed (3-3, D3, R4), 3-2. 

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Reed takes bottom to start the second period. Reed escapes with 14 seconds left for a 1-0 lead.

3-Kocsis down to start the third period. Kocsis out -- ties it with 1:14 left. Gets in deep on a single and finishes with 43 seconds left -- 3-1. Reed out with 21 seconds left but can't get a takedown -- Kocsis wins 3-2. P'burg up 16-9.

170 -- Jr. Josef Johnson (1-0, D1, R4), D, p. Jr. Broderick Bupivi (8-5), 1:38.

1-Johnson lifts Bupivi and returns him for the opening takedown. Three backs makes it 5-0. Johnson locks up a cradle for the FALL in 1:38. Seemed like a quick call to me. P'burg leads, 16-15.

182 -- So. Joe Maso (1-0), P, p. Jr. Austin Gobbo (2-3, D3), 2:38. 

1-Scoreless first.

2-Maso runs an armbar and gets the FALL in 2:38! Not too shabby for his first varsity bout. P'burg extends its lead to 22-15.

195 -- Sr. Kyle Kinney (5-5), P, forfeit.

P'burg leads 28-15.

220 -- Jr. James Grogan (2-4), D, p. So. Tim Hinkle (7-5), 4:25.

1-Hinkle gets the opening takedown. Escape near the end of the period -- Hinkle leads 2-1.

2-Grogan down to start the second period. Converts a roll for a reversal and an escape for Hinkle -- we're tied at 3. Takedown for Grogan gives him a 5-3 lead. But a quick reversal for Hinkle ties it at 5. Lot action for the big men. Now Delbarton coach questions the score and there were back points awarded on Grogan's roll so he should lead, 7-5, but it stays 5-5. Bizarre. Stall warning on Hinkle as we go to the third.

3-Grogan lets Hinkle up. The Delbarton wrestler gets a takedown for the FALL in 4:25.  It's now 28-21 P'burg.

285 -- Sr. Jarrett Williams (12-3), P, forfeit.

Another forfeit makes it 34-21 P'burg.

106 -- Fr. Ty Agaisse (3-0), D, d. Fr. Brandon Paetzell (9-5), 1-0.

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Agaisse down to start the second period. Paetzell slips on the return attempt and Agaisse escapes for a 1-0 lead. Agaisse trying to work a front head and arm.

3-Paetzell down to start the third period. Agaisse looks too strong here, down from 113. Agaisse riding tough. Paetzell finally stands with 5 seconds left but can't get out. Agaisse wins it. P'burg leads, 34-24.

113 -- Sr. Zach Fisher (10-4, D1), P, d. Fr. Nick Farro (5-3), 12-8. 

1-Fisher gets behind for the opening takedown. Back points makes it 4-0 in favor of the Stateliner.

2-Takedown for Fisher, and an escape for Farro. Fisher makes it 6-2. Farro with the takedown and trails, 6-4. Reversal for Fisher and he leads 8-4. Wow, lots of action.

3-On their feet to start the third period. Takedown for Farro, he trails, 8-6. It was 9-8 at one point when Farro cuts Fisher loose. After a great scramble, Fisher gets the takedown with 15 seconds left to ice it, 12-8.

Sorry, lost connectivity.

120 -- Jr. Christian Innarella (9-2, D1, R1, S6), D, forfeit.

Final -- P'burg 37-30.


  1. That 152 match description didn't make sense.

  2. I"m not following who's on what team. The first matches seemed to list Delbarton first in the order.

  3. Delbarton wrestlers are always listed first until the conclusion.

  4. Got it. You're coverage is very good. Thank you.

  5. Please put a P or D after the wrestlers name at the start, this is hard to follow otherwise,

  6. I thought delby had no one at 170? Oops!!!!!

  7. Dude, paint a picture for us ! C'mon more details. Give the score after each period.

  8. Thanks for your hard work Mike! BTW.... I understand it, but I HATE that last forfeit.

  9. Pburg win, doesn't cover the 12 point spread......good match.......106 might meet again somewhere......