Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE North Hunterdon at Warren Hills

Hello again everyone. Tonight's match will begin at 7 p.m. Just remember to refresh this page often as we update you on all of the action.

Series history: North Hunterdon leads, 33-21, dating to 1957. Lions won the last meeting, 38-19, on Feb. 3, 2011. Warren Hills' last victory was 35-23 on Jan. 21, 2010. These longtime rivals did not meet last season, the first time the series was interrupted since 1996. The only other time these programs did not meet was 1985. There have been two postseason meetings -- a 41-27 win for Warren Hills in the 1997 Group 3 final and a 40-26 victory for North Hunterdon in the 2005 North 2, Group 3 sectional semifinals.

We will be starting at 182 pounds. The official is Joe Benvenuto. Tonight is Senior Night for the Blue Streaks. Warren Hills is missing three starters -- Justin Pidoto (132), Kevin Bundschuh (138) and Xavier Adetula (160). Match will begin after the introduction of the Warren Hills seniors.

Note: North Hunterdon wrestlers listed first with season records in parentheses. At the conclusion of each bout, the final result will be posted with the team score.

North Hunterdon won the toss and will be home on the even bouts.

182 -- Sr. Liam Korbul (15-5), NH, d. Jr. Steve Cleaver (12-11), 8-4. (NH leads, 3-0)

1-Korbul in early on a single and converts the opening takedown. Cleaver escapes 46 seconds in, trails, 2-1.   Korbul with another takedown, 37 seconds left, leads, 4-1.

2-Cleaver defers, Korbul takes neutral. Korbul can't finish an attempt at the 50-second mark, gets his third takedown with 20 seconds left, leads, 6-1.

3-Cleaver takes bottom. He's out five seconds in, trails, 6-2. Warren Hills would be very happy to only give up a decision here. Korbul converts a takedown with 45 seconds left, leads, 8-2. Korbul working a bar, potentially dangerous with 17 seconds left. Cleaver gets a reversal at the buzzer.

195 -- Sr. Dan Pepe (12-6), NH, d. Jr. Ryan Witner (12-12), 6-1. (NH leads, 6-0)

1-Pepe converts a single-leg attempt with 1:07 left, leads, 2-0. Witner almost out near the end of the period, but still trails.

2-Pepe takes bottom. He's out seven seconds in, leads, 3-0. Pepe counters a cement job attempt for a takedown, leads, 5-0. Witner hits the mat hard face first, injury time with 1:02. He's OK after a 1:25 delay. End of the period.

3-Witner on bottom. Stall warning on Witner. Another stall warning makes it, 6-0.

220 -- Sr. Brad Straight (3-7), NH, d. Sr. Tyler Bridygham (11-9), 4-2. (NH leads, 9-0)

1-Straight counters a headlock attempt at the edge with 15 seconds left for a takedown, leads, 2-0.

2-Bridygham takes bottom. Warren Hills needs this one. Straight lets him up, leads, 2-1. Lots of tying up, not a lot of action.

3-Straight takes neutral. Bridygham in deep on a single but Straight gets to the edge and they go off, nearing the one-minute mark. Straight warned for stalling and nearly gets a takedown as they go out of bounds. North fans don't like the no-call. Straight counters a single-leg with 16 seconds left for two and escape does it. Big win for the Lions.

285 -- So. Andrew Pacheco (20-4), WH, p. Jr. Anthony Bugyi (5-9), 3:02. (NH leads, 9-6) 

1-Pacheco with the double-leg, lifts the 281-pound Bugyi in the air for two. Pacheco nearly stacks Bugyi in the closing seconds, leads, 4-0.

2-Pacheco on bottom. Escape and headlock for the takedown and the FALL!

106 -- So. Paul Robinson (12-5), NH, d. So. Austin Pidoto (14-8), 3-1. (NH leads, 12-6)

1-Robinson beat Pidoto, 8-7, in the John Goles finals. Pidoto counters an attempt with 10 seconds left, no score.

2-Pidoto takes bottom. Pidoto almost out with a minute left, but Robinson brings him back to the mat. Pidoto escapes with 13 seconds left after almost getting turned with a bar. He leads, 1-0.

3-Robinson on bottom. He's out quickly and we're tied at 1. Robinson working that front-head-and-arm. Hasn't been able to score with it. Pidoto warned for stalling with 37 seconds to go.Robinson in on a single-leg and finishes with 7 seconds left for the win.

113 -- So. Max Nauta (18-4), WH, d. Fr. Derek Ciavarro (11-7), 7-0. (NH leads 12-9) 

1-Ciavarro nearly has a takedown at the edge, but no call. North fans and coaches upset again. It was very close. Ciavarro in again on a single late, but no score.

2-Nauta on bottom. He's out in a hurry, 1-0. Nauta with the first takedown, leads 3-0, with 19 seconds left. Ciavarro was in right on the whistle but gives up that first takedown.

3-Ciavarro takes neutral. Nice scramble late as Ciavarro gets in again. Takedown to back right before the buzzer, four more for Nauta.

120 -- Sr. Matt Moncourtois (11-9), NH, md. So. John Fluck (11-9), 10-2. (NH leads 16-9)

1-Moncourtois with the opening takedown. Fluck, who is wearing a black mask, is out, 2-1. Moncourtois with another takedown with 31 seconds left, leads, 4-1.

2-Moncourtois takes neutral. North winning the takedown battle (11-4). Moncourtois with his third takedown, leads, 6-1, after two periods.

3-Fluck takes top. Reversal for Moncourtois makes it 8-1. Escape for Fluck, 8-2. Another takedown with 53 seconds left, 10-2.

126 -- So. Ryan Pomrinca (18-2), NH, md. Jr. Tai Adetula (11-9), 13-5. (NH leads 20-9)

1-Pomrinca with the quick takedown. Beating the Streaks in the neutral position, it's that simple. Neutral, it's 2-1. Takedown and another escape, makes it, 4-2.

2-Pomrinca takes bottom. Escape, he leads, 5-2. Another takedown, Pomrinca in control, 7-2, with 15 seconds left.

3-Adetula takes bottom. Pomrinca lets him up, 7-3. Another takedown and an escape, 9-4. Four takedowns to zero. Now five, as Pomrinca gets another and lets Adetula up, 11-5. Another takedown makes it 13-5.

132 -- Sr. Joe Kratochvil (21-2), WH, d. Jr. Eric Martin (3-6), 3-0. (NH leads 20-12) 

1-North opting to bump Smolinsky to 138 after winning the toss to control the matchups at 120 and 126. Kratochvil with the first takedown, 2-0.

2-Martin takes neutral. Martin warned for stalling. Kratochvil initiating all of the action. In several times on single-leg attempts.

3-Kratochvil on bottom. Escape, he leads, 3-0. Decisions aren't going to cut it for the Streaks, they need bonus points.

138 -- Fr. Brian Smolinsky (10-6), NH, d. Sr. Tom Rush (5-18), 2-0. (NH leads 23-12)

1-Smolinsky with the opening takedown (North leads 20-5 in takedowns).

2-Rush takes bottom. Smolinsky riding tough on top with legs. No more points.

3-Smolinsky on bottom. Now it's Rush with the legs on top. Nothing doing for either man.

145 -- So. Michael Sicola (5-6), NH, d. Fr. Anthony Roessner (1-6), 6-2. (NH leads 26-12)

1-Sicola, like just like the other before him, gets the opening takedown. Escape for Roessner, 2-1. Roessner nearly has Sicola on his back, but he scoots out of bounds -- no points.

2-Sicola on bottom. Roessner riding high with legs and Sicola come out the back for two, he leads, 4-1.

3-Roessner on bottom. Sicola lets him up, 4-2. Sicola with another takedown with 25 seconds left, 6-2.

152 -- Jr. Mike Ciavarro (18-3), NH, tf. So. Brendan Stewart (2-1), 17-2, 4:00. (NH leads 31-12)

1-Ciavarro with the quick takedown and an escape for Stewart, 2-1. They quickly repeat, 4-2. North now leads, 24-5, in takedowns. Another takedown, 6-2. Two backs off a tilt gives Ciavarro, a HWS champ, an 8-2 lead with 30 seconds left.

2-Stewart takes neutral. Takedown for Ciavarro, leads, 10-2. Another tilt for two backs makes it 12-2. Another turn for two and it's 14-2. Bar for three more backs and that's it. Ciavarro clinches it for the Lions.

160 -- Jr. Evan Butka (14-10), WH, d. Jr. Joe Guzzo (10-9), 4-2 SV. (NH leads 31-15) 

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Guzzo takes neutral. Still no score.

3-Butka on bottom. Guzzo lets him up, 1-0. Guzzo gets the takedown with 1:19 left, Butka escapes to tie it at 2. Guzzo in on another single-leg attempt, but can't finish with 30 seconds left.

SV-Our first overtime. Butka warned for stalling with 34 seconds left and quickly gets a takedown with 24 seconds left to win it.

170 -- Sr. Brandon Loftus (9-8), NH, d. Jr. Ryan Ostir (12-11), 6-4. (NH wins 34-15)

1-Ostir with the opening takedown. Escape with 56 seconds left, makes it 2-1.

2-Loftus on bottom. Escape with 33 seconds left and we're tied at 2.

3-Ostir on bottom. Loftus lets Ostir up, 3-2. Loftus with the takedown as the go out of bounds, leads, 4-3, with 1:09 remaining. Ostir out with 50 seconds left to tie it at 4. Loftus takedown with 5 seconds left to win it. North wins, 29-7, in the takedown battle.

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