Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE Warren Hills at Phillipsburg

Welcome to The Pit!

The JV just concluded and we're getting ready for the main event.

Tonight's match will start at 195 pounds.

Note: Warren Hills wrestlers will be listed first until the conclusion of the bout, which will be updated with the final score. There is an additional pound for wrestlers after Wednesday matches.

Tonight's official is Joe Benvenuto. The JV referee was none other than Chip Castner.

Warren Hills won the toss and will be home on the even bouts.

195 -- Jr. Ryan Witner (10-7), WH, d. So.  So. Tim Hinkle (9-10), 7-3.

1-Hinkle in on a single-leg attempt early but can't finish. Witner hits a headlock with 8 seconds left -- leads 5-0 after one period.

2-Hinkle on bottom. He's out quickly, 5-1. Witner in on a single with 14 seconds left, but it's 5-1 after two periods.

3-Witner on bottom. He's out 6 seconds in, leads 6-1. Hinkle takedown with 41 seconds left and Witner was hit for stalling. Witner out at 31 seconds, leads, 7-3.

220 -- Sr. Tyler Bridygham (8-8), WH, forfeit.

285 -- So. Andrew Pacheco (17-4), WH, d. Sr. Jarrett Williams (17-5), 9-7. (WH leads, 12-0)

1-Takedown for Williams as they lock up  and backs, 5-0. Already this place is going nuts. Rematch of HWS finals, won by Pacheco, 12-10 in UTB. Pacheco out with 8 seconds left, trails 5-1.

2-Williams on bottom. He's out 12 seconds in, 6-1. Pacheco hits a five-pointer and nearly decks the 'Liner. Tied at 6 with 16 seconds to go. Pacheco called for a full nelson, one point for Williams, who is injured. This one is even better than their last meeting. Williams up, 7-6.

3-Pacheco on bottom. Williams lets him up, 7-7. Pacheco takedown with 43 seconds left, 9-7. Countered a nice single leg. Williams totally spent.

106 -- Fr. Brandon Paetzell (16-5), P, p. So. Austin Pidoto (11-7), 2:32. (WH leads 12-6) 

1-Patezell with the quick takedown. Escape for Pidoto and a nice double-leg takedown for Paetzell, he leads, 4-1. Neutral and another takedown, Paetzell leads, 6-2. Pidoto out before the buzzer, trails, 6-3.

2-Paetzell on bottom. Escape and takedown for Paetzell, 9-3. Cradles Pidoto for the FALL!

113 -- So. Max Nauta (14-4), WH, d. Sr. Zach Fisher (15-6), 4-2 SV. (WH leads 15-6)

1-Great scramble to start. Nauta gets the takedown with 58 seconds left. Unreal hips. Fisher with the reversal, 22 seconds left, 2-2.

2-Nauta on bottom. Nearly has a reversal, but Fisher counters. Another counter by Fisher, tied at 2.

3-Fisher on bottom. Hard to believe since he got turned five times in a 16-2 loss on Saturday in their HWS final. With 45 to go, Nauta takes an injury timeout. Nauta riding tough with legs. Heading to OT.

SV-Nauta merkles for the takedown 15 seconds in to win it.

120 -- So. Steve Friedman (13-9), P, d. Jr. Tai Adetula (10-6), 5-4. (WH Leads 15-9) 

1-Adetula with the quick takedown. Ends, 2-0.

2-Friedman on bottom. Escapes, trails, 2-1. Takedown for Adetula at the edge, leads 4-1. Reversal for Friedman with 1:03 left makes it, 4-3. Friedman tilts with 20 seconds left for two backs -- leads, 5-4.

3-Adetula on bottom. Stall warning on bottom. Friedman rides him out. Have to question taking bottom. Adetula is best on his feet and had two takedowns.

126 -- Sr. Joe Kratochvil (17-2), WH, d. So. Corey Zinsmeister (14-8), 7-5. (WH leads 18-9)

1-Zinnsmeister with the takedown 42 seconds in. Kratochvil won, 5-4, on Saturday when they met in the HWS semis. Stall on Zinsmeister with 4 seconds left, hanging onto a leg. He leads, 2-0.

2-Kratochvil on bottom. Kratochvil nearly had a reversal at the edge, Joe Ben says no. I thought he had it. Warren Hills coaches thought so too. Locked hands gives Kratochvil his first point, trails, 2-1, with a minute left. Kratochvil with the reversal, leads 3-2. Now he's warned for stalling -- one apiece. Escape for Zinsmeister, tied at 3. Takedown for Kratochvil with 2 seconds left -- he leads, 5-3.

3-Zinsmeister on bottom. He's out in a blink, 5-4. Takedown at the edge extends Kratochvil's lead to 7-4. Zinsmeister escapes, trails 7-5 near the one-minute mark.

132 -- Sr. Anthony Johnson (4-2), P, p. Fr. Raymond Steinmann (0-1), 1:23. (WH leads 18-15) 

1-Mixer for a takedown, Johnson leads, 2-0. Escape for Steinmann, a JV wrestler. Blue Streaks junior Justin Pidoto is out with a knee injury. Another takedown for Johnson, 4-1. Two backs make it 6-1.

138 -- So. Max Elling (12-8), P, p. Sr. Kevin Bundschuh (15-6), 3:44.  (P'burg leads 21-18)

1-Takedown for Bundschuh, countered a chin whip on the way down after lifting Elling in the air. Escape for Elling, 2-1.

2- Elling on bottom. Reversal 27 seconds in, Elling leads, 3-2. Bundschuh out the back door for two of his own, leads 4-3. Escape for Elling and a takedown to back and the FALL in 3:44.

Warren Hills in trouble.

145 -- Sr. Andrew Kaluzny (14-8), P, d. Sr. Tom Rush (3-16), 9-4. (P'burg leads 24-18) 

1-Kaluzny takedown with 52 seconds left, 2-0.

2-Kaluzny on bottom. He escapes, 3-0. Takedown makes it 5-0. Lets Rush up, 5-1. Another takedown makes it, 7-1.

3-Rush on bottom. Kaluzny cuts him loose, 7-2. Stall on Rush. Takedown for Kaluzny, 9-2, one minute to go. Reversal for Rush with 15 seconds left, avoids the major.

152 -- So. Jimmy Schuitema (16-3), P. p. Jr. Evan Butka (12-10), 2:46. (P'burg leads 30-18)

1-Schuitema with the quick takedown. He beat Butka, 7-0, in the HWS semis. Escape makes it, 2-1. Takedown for Schuitema, he leads, 4-1 with 51 seconds to go.

2-Butka on bottom. Turns with a power half for the FALL in 2:26.

160 -- Jr. Jake Kocsis (15-5), P, p. Sr. Xavier Adetula (4-4), 3:45. (P'burg leads 36-18) 

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Kocsis on bottom. Escape, 1-0. Takedown at the edge makes it, 3-0, Kocsis. Reversal for Adetula with 36 seconds left, trails, 3-2. Kocsis reversal and a FALL with a Peterson in 3:45.

170 -- Jr. Broderick Bupivi (13-8), P, md. Jr. Ryan Ostir (12-11), 9-0. (P'burg leads 40-18) 

1-Scoreless first period.

2-Bupivi on bottom. Escape, 1-0. Takedown makes it 3-0.

3-Neutral to start the period. Takedown 35 seconds in, Bupivi up, 5-0. Turns with a tilt for two more to make it 7-0. Another set of backs with 15 seconds left gets the major.

182 -- So. Joe Maso (5-3), P, p. Jr. Steve Cleaver (10-10), 3:09.  (P'burg wins 46-18)

1-Cleaver won, 6-4, on Saturday in the HWS wrestlebacks.  Scoreless first period.

2-Maso on bottom. Escape, 1-0. Takedown into a nearside cradle for the FALL in 3:09.

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