Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE Kittatinny at P'burg

Live at The Pit for Kittatinny at Phillipsburg

Starting at 106: Brandon Paetzell, P, md. Jake Van Wingerden, 16-7.

1 - Paetzell in on early single, converts takedown for 2-0 lead. Cuts Van Wingerden loose and converts another sigle for a TD, 4-1.

Eascape Van Wingerden, 4-2. Paetzell spins behind and takes a 6-2lead into the second.

2-Paetzell down to start second. Reversal 8-2 Paetzell. PAetzell cuts him loose and scores another TD 10-3. paetzell dominating on his feet, hits a barrel roll but can't convert. Off the mat with 13 seconds left in the 2nd. Period ends 10-4 Paetzell.

3. Van WIngerdenis award an escape to start the third, 10-5.  Paetzell takedown for a 12-5 lead. Trading escapes for takedowns, Paetzell up 16-7. That's how it ends. Paetzell 16-7 major. P'burg takes 4-0 lead.

113: Zach Fisher, P, d. Christian Silva, 9-3. 

1-Silva quickly takes a 2-0 lead, but Fisher with the reversal. Fisher has Silva in trouble. Silva battles off his back and Fisher leads 5-2 after one.

2 - Fisher down to start the second. Fisher reversal, 7-2. Silva near a eversal, but Fisher fights off a cradle and maintains control. Fisher 7-2 after two.

3-SIlva take neutral to start the third, but Fisher counters and comes up with a takedown, 9-2. Cuts him loose to make it 9-3. 17 seconds left. Fisher spins behind to with 3 seconds left to secure the major, 11-3. P'burg 8-0.

By the way, this is Brian Fortner covering for Mike Weilamann, who is working the TV Broadcast tonight.

CORRECTION: Referees waived off final takedown for Fisher. FInal score at 113 was 9-3 Fisher. P'burg leads 7-0.

120: Stephen Friedman, P, d. Nick Klinger, 3-2. 

1-Friedman score takedown and Klinger escapes. Friedman 2-1 after one.

2-Klinger down to start the second and escapes to tie it at 2.

3-Friedman down to start the third. Escape Friedman, 3-2. Friedman fights off deep shot by Klinger to hold on for a 3-2 win, Pburg 10-0.

126: Austin Scrivani, K, d. Tylor Petchonka, 13-9.

1-Scrivani, subbing for the injured Corey Zinsmeister, scores first takedown, 2-0. Scrivani escapes to make it 2-1. with 45 left in the first. Petchonka lifts Scrivani and brings him down for another TD, 4-1 after one.

2-Scrivani on bottom to start the second. Reversal Scrivani, 4-3. Petchonka reverses, 6-3 with 35 seconds left. Scrivani Escape and takedown to tie it 6-6 after two periods.

3-Petchonka down to start the third. Escape, 7-6 Petchonka. Scrivani converts a TD to go up 8-7, but Petchonka reverses with 30 left to back up 9-8. Scrivani with a reversal and three nearfall points with 7 seconds left to win it 13-9. P'burg 10-3.

132: Anthony Johnson, P, p. Nick West 0:20. P'burg 16-3.

1-Johnson takes West down to his back for the fall in 20 seconds.

138: Tom Murphy, K, d. Max Elling, 7-4. P'burg 16-6.

1-Murphy leads after one period 6-1 on the strength of two takedowns off barrel rolls and a 2-point near fall.

2-Murphy down to start the second. Murphy escape, 7-1 with 55 left in the period.

3-Elling down to start third, down 7-1. Escape Elling, 7-2. Takedown Elling, 7-4, but Murphy goes on to win 7-4.

145: Andrew Kaluzny, P, d. Nick Romyns, 3-1. P'burg 19-6.

1-First scoreless first period of the night.

2-Kaluzny down to start the second. Romyns nearly turns him for back points, but Kaluzny battles out of potential trouble. Kaluzny with the escape at the 21-second mark to take a 1-0 lead into the third.

3-Romyns down to start the third and nearly reverses, but settles for an escape on the edge, 1-1. Kaluzny in on a deep single. Romyns counters, but Kaluzny slips behind for the takedown at the buzzer for a 3-1 win. P'burg 19-6. HUge decision for the Stateliners.

152: Jimmy Schuitema, P, p. Brandon Olsen, 2:42. 

1-Schuitema shrugs Olsen by for a takedown and then turns him for two backs. 4-0 after one period.

2-Shuitema takes top to start the second. Schuitema turns Olsen for the fall in 2:42. P'burg 25-6.

160: Jake Kocsis, P, p. David Popek, 5:58. P'burg 31-6. 

1-Kocsis gets behind Popek, lifts and brings him to the mat for a takedown and a 2-0 lead with just over a minute gone in the first. Popek escapes at the buzzer, 2-1 Kocsis after one.

2-Kocsis down to start the second. Escapes to go up 3-1 with 1:41 left. Kocsis in on single, lifts him for 2 to go up 5-1. CUts Popek loose, 5-2. Takedown Kocsis 7-2.

3-Popek down to start the third. Kocsis cuts him 7-3. Warning stalling Popek. Popek takes a second injury time and Kocsis takes down to restart. Kocsis reverse, lets Popek up and dumps him to his back with a cement job for the fall in 5:58. P'burg 31-6.

170: Kieran Gerrity, K, p. Broderick Bupivi, 1:18. P'burg 31-12.

1-Gerrity with a takedown and Bupivi escapes, 2-1. Bupivi locks up a bear hug and Gerrity lateral drops him for the fall in 1:18. P'burg 31-12.

182: Dylan Wunder, K, d. Yann Ondele, 6-3. P'burg 31-15.

1-Wunder just misses takedown on the edge of the mat. Wunder convert takedown at the 20-second mark and locks up the cradle, but cannot turn Ondele. 2-0 after one.

2-Wunder down to start the second. Wunder stands, Ondele with a leg, brings him down to his back for two nearfall. Wunder reverse with 1-minute left to go up 4-2. Escape Ondele, 4-3. Wunder with a sweep single for a takedown and a 6-3 lead after two.

3-Ondele down to start the third wunder working on turning, but Ondele fighting off a half nelson. Injury time for P'burg. Final score Wunder 6-3. P'burg 31-15.

195: Jake Brook, K, md. Joe Maso, 13-4. P'birg 31-19.

1-Maso gets hit for stalling early. Brook get a penalty point for a second stall worning on Maso. Brook 1-0. Brook takedown, 3-0.

2-Brook down to start the second. Brook stands and Maso cuts him loose, 4-0. Brook in on a single and covers the legs on the edge to go up 6-0. Brook cuts Maso loose - 6-1. Another takedown on the edge to go up 8-1 after two.

3-Maso down to start the third. Brook cuts him loose, 8-2. Brook with the takedown and a stalling point  11-2. Maso escape to make it 13-3. Maso escape 13-4. That's how it ends.Brook 13-4.

220: Tim Hinkle, P, d. Tom Smith, 6-1. P'burg 34-21.

1-Scoreless after one.

2-Hinkle down to start the second. Hinkle escapes with 1:25 left to go up 1-0 after two.

3-Smith down to start third. Smith escapes to tie it 1-1 off the whistle. Hinkle with a takedown and three point nearfall to win it 6-1 and clinch the win for Phillipsburg.

285: Garrett Armstrong, K, d. Jarrett Williams, 5-3.

1-Williams lifts Armstrong high off the mat, but does not come away with points. Scoreless after one period.

2-Armstrong down to start second and escapes to make it 1-0. Williams get behind for the takedown to go up 2-1. Armstrong reverses and turns Williams for two to go back up 5-2 after two periods.

3-Williams down to start third. Williams escapes late, but Armstrong wins 5-2. FInal score Phillipsburg 34, Kittatinny 22.


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