Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wrestling: LIVE Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex semifinals

We're getting set to start the semifinals and wrestlebacks. Action will begin promptly at 12:30 p.m.

Semifinalists by team

Phillipsburg 9; Kittatinny 6; Voorhees 6; Hunterdon Central 6; North Hunterdon 5; Lenape Valley 5; High Point 4; Warren Hills 4; Belvidere 4; Delaware Valley 3; Sparta 1; Hackettstown 1; Pope John 1; Newton 1; Hopatcong 0; Vernon 0; North Warren 0; Wallkill Valley 0.

Team standings (Through quarterfinals): 1. Phillipsburg 195.5; 2. Voorhees 156; 3. High Point 150.5; 4. North Hunterdon 149.5; 5. Warren Hills 145; 6. Kittatinny 142.5; 7. Hunterdon Central 133; 8. Delaware Valley 119; 9. Lenape Valley 117; 10. Belvidere 108.5; 11. Sparta 80; 12. Hackettstown 67; 13. Hopatcong 66; 14. Newton 52; 15. Pope John 50; 16. North Warren 47; 17. Vernon 40; 18. Wallkill Valley 39.

106 pounds

5-Fr. Brandon Paetzell (14-5), Phillipsburg, d. 1-So. Dom Gallo (16-2), High Point, 3-1 SV.
6-So. Paul Robinson (10-4), North Hunterdon, d. 2-Jr. Austin Sisco (11-3), Pope John, 5-3.

Notes -- Gallo-Paetzell scoreless after one. Paetzell down in the second, escapes for a 1-0 lead. Gallo down to start the third period and escapes to tie it. Some great scrambles in this one. Sisco trails, 4-3, after two periods. Heading to OT with Gallo-Paetzell. Paetzell counters a scramble after Gallo countered an attempt for the winning takedown with 30 seconds left. We'll see that one again down the road at Wallkill Valley.

113 pounds

1-So. Max Nauta (11-4), Warren Hills, d. 5-Jr. Christian Silva (14-4), Kittatinny, 4-0.
2-Sr. Zach Fisher (14-4), Phillipsburg, d. 3-Jr. Cody Ihling (14-5), Voorhees, 4-0.

Notes -- Fisher with a 2-0 lead after one period, same with Nauta. Silva rides him out the entire second period as they go neutral to start the third. Fisher up, 4-0, after two. Nauta gets a takedown with 5 seconds left to ice it. Losers in this round wrestle for third place. Wrestleback winners for fifth place.

120 pounds

1-So. Ryan Pomrinca (15-1), North Hunterdon, d. 5-So. Peter Lipari (6-2), Lenape Valley, 3-1.
3-Fr. Jared Kobis (20-0), High Point, d. 2-So. Steve Friedman (11-8), Phillipsburg, 3-1.

Notes -- Two good ones here. Pomrinca-Lipari scoreless after one period. Lipari down to start the second. Also, scoreless on the adjacent mat. Friedman takes bottom. Both bottom men escape for 1-0 leads. Friedman nearly has a takedown but couldn't get Kobis to the mat. Kobis answers with a takedown for a 2-1 lead. Pomrinca gets a takedown for a 2-1 lead after two periods. Both 2-1 after four minutes.

Kobis escapes to start the third, he leads, 3-1. Ditto for Pomrinca, 3-1.

126 pounds

1-Jr. Dylan Nace (9-5), Hunterdon Central, d. 4-So. Ian Burke (16-2), Sparta, 4-1.
3-Sr. Joe Kratochvil (15-1), Warren Hills, d. 7-So. Corey Zinsmeister (14-6), Phillipsburg, 5-4.

Notes -- Nace with the quick takedown for a 2-0 lead. Zinsmeister with the single-leg takedown at the 45-second mark. Nace leads, 4-0, in the second. Kratochvil down to start the second and escapes with 1 minute on the clock. Nace up, 4-1, early third. Kratochvil gets a takedown with 20 seconds to go, he's up 3-2 to start the third. Zinsmeister goes neutral to start the period. Great low single attempt but Kratochvil can't finish it. Zinsmeister gets a takedown with 39 seconds left for a 4-3 lead.

Kratochvil gets a reversal at the edge with 5 seconds left. Nice switch. Fans were calling for a stall on P'burg just prior. The R1 runner-up wins a dandy.

132 pounds

1-Sr. Mike Pongracz (10-0), Delaware Valley, d. 5-Jr. Collin Boylan (11-2), Hunterdon Central, 4-0.
2-So. Glenn Haines (9-4), Lenape Valley, d. 3-Sr. Tyler Yarnell (12-7), Voorhees, 10-4.

Notes -- Pongracz leading, 1-0, in the second. Haines leads, 4-3 after one period. Boylan down to start the third. Pongracz tough on top, so interesting choice. Haines extends his lead to 6-3 midway through the second period. Boylan still looking for points. Pongracz locks up a cradle with 15 seconds left and wins it, 4-0. Do not take bottom on the Terrier, he will make you pay. How tough is HWS? Pongracz is a two-time state placer and this is just his second trip to the county finals.

138 pounds

1-Jr. Gary Dinmore (12-0), Hunterdon Central, md. 5-So. Max Elling (11-6), Phillipsburg, 11-2.
2-Sr. Matt Benvenuto (10-1), Lenape Valley, d. 3-So. Tom Murphy (15-3), Kittatinny, 6-5.

Notes -- Dinmore with a 4-0 lead after one period. Scoreless after one on the other mat. Benvenuto takes neutral to start the second. Dinmore in control, 8-0, after two periods. Benvenuto takedown and escape for Murphy, but Murphy gets two of his own and nearly two backs at the buzzer. He leads 3-2 and is on bottom to start the third. Murphy escapes, 4-2, but Benvenuto hits a four-pointer to go up, 6-4. Murphy escapes, 6-5, as Lenape Valley coach Doug Vetter emphatically urges his man to stay aggressive. I'd sure listen. Murphy gets in on a single, but has no time to finish. Cougars coach John Gill was not happy with no backs call earlier and says maybe three refs, instead of just two, will get the call right. The man speaks his mind.

145 pounds

5-Sr. Andrew Kaluzny (13-6), Phillipsburg
, d. 1-Sr. Tyler Kozimor (14-3), Hackettstown, 5-4.
6-Sr. Jesse Thorsen (15-0), Belvidere, d. 7-Sr. Tim Higginson (11-3), Hunterdon Central, 3-2.

Notes -- Kozimor up, 3-1, in the second and they're on their feet. Thorsen up, 2-1, after one. Thorsen down to start the second period. Kaluzny down to start the third. Thorsen escapes, leads, 3-1. Kaluzny awarded a takedown at the buzzer, wins it 5-4, Kozimor shoves Kaluzny at the center of the mat and both benches exchange unpleasantries.Ugly scene mars a great upset win. Thorsen nearly has two, but hangs on anyway for the win. Two good ones! The 5 and 6 meet in the finals. This is a brutal weight, as I've said before.

152 pounds

1-Jr. Mike Ciavarro (15-2), North Hunterdon, md. 5-Jr. Dominic LaBell (10-3), Lenape Valley, 11-2.
2-So. Jimmy Schuitema (14-3), Phillipsburg, d. 6-Jr. Evan Butka (11-8), Warren Hills, 7-0.

Notes -- Ciavarro dominating with a 7-1 lead after one period. Schuitema with the takedown, 2-0. Schuitema with the reversal and three backs in the second to extend his lead to 7-0. Ciavarro rolling on the other mat, 11-2 late in the third. Hopatcong coach Eric Fajerman, an excellent freestyle official, said he watched the takedown call at 145 and thought Kaluzny did not have two. They were in a merkle position and never settled. As the buzzer sounded, Kozimor actually was coming up on top.

160 pounds

4-Jr. Jake Kocsis (12-5), Phillipsburg
, tf. 8-So. Joe LaBell (8-6), Lenape Valley, 16-0, 3:58.
3-Jr. Kody Eichlin (10-1), Delaware Valley, d. 2-Sr. Tyler Cote (13-2), Hunterdon Central, 5-3.

Notes -- LaBell is the only No. 8 seed in the semifinals. Kocsis, who led, 8-0, after one period, runs a bar for back points as he explodes for a 13-0 lead in the second. Cote leads, 2-0, after one period. Eichlin escapes in the second, trails, 2-1. Gets a takedown at the buzzer for a big 3-2 lead. Cote down to start the third period.

170 pounds

1-Sr. Jadaen Bernstein (19-0), Voorhees, p. 5-Jr. Luke Zehnbauer (10-5), Delaware Valley, 2:11.
3-Jr. Kieran Gerrity (18-1), Kittatinny, d. 2-Sr. David Fenton (12-2), Hunterdon Central, 3-1 SV.

Notes -- Bernstein advances to his third straight final. He's dominating this tournament and is virtually a lock for OW, in my opinion, which is worth about the price of a cup of coffee. Nice win for Gerrity, who lost to Fenton by major in the Caldwell Tournament finals.

182 pounds

5-Sr. Josh Sibblies (15-2), Newton, d. 1-Sr. Liam Korbul (12-4), North Hunterdon, 5-3 SV.
3-Sr. Jake Brook (17-2), Kittatinny, d. 2-Sr. Evan Bray (12-3), Belvidere, 2-1 OT3 (rideout).

Notes -- Korbul has the only takedown, leads, 3-1 late in the second. Sibblies down to start the third period, escapes to make it 3-2. This was a 1-1 match late in the John Goles semis, before Korbul hit a four-pointer. Korbul hit with two stalls in the span of 16 second to tie it. We go OT. Sibblies was in on several shot attempts. Sibblies gets the takedown with 33 seconds left to win it. Nearly five minutes and that's his first takedown in two bouts vs. the state placewinner.

Bray nursing a 1-0 lead after two periods. Brook down to start the third. He's out 16 second in to tie it. Bray awarded a takedown, then had it taken away with 24 seconds left in SV. Belvidere coaches not happy with the call. Bray can't get out in the first OT. Brook down for the second rideout. Brook out with 9 seconds left, Bray had him in the air and somehow he wiggled out when they hit the mat. Unreal. Belvidere coaches still hot. Can't say I blame them.

195 pounds

1-Sr. Dan Pepe (10-4), North Hunterdon, d. 4-Sr. Kyle Levy (15-3), Voorhees, 4-3 UTB.
2-Jr. Kyle Stoll (15-3), High Point, d. 3-Jr. Dylan Wunder (14-5), Kittatinny, 5-1.

Notes -- Pepe-Levy in OT, tied 3-3. Going to UTB, Pepe takes bottom. He escapes 6 seconds in to win it. Stoll on bottom to start the second, leads, 2-0. Stoll ahead, 3-0, in the third and on top. Late takedown seals it.

220 pounds

1-Jr. Garrett Armstrong (16-2), Kittatinny, d. 4-Jr. Bobby McDonnell (13-5), High Point, 2-1.
2-Sr. J.B. Lawson (12-3), Belvidere, d. 6-Sr. Emilio Guevara (11-8), Voorhees, 7-3.

Notes -- Rematch here at 220, as Armstrong battles McDonnell, who he beat, 2-0, in the dual. They're scoreless after two with Armstrong on bottom. Reversal for Armstrong and a 2-0 lead under 1 minute left.

285 pounds

4-Sr. Jarrett Williams (16-3), Phillipsburg, d. 1-Sr. Ryan Appleby (12-2), Belvidere, 7-5 SV.
7-So. Andrew Pacheco (14-4), Warren Hills, p. 3-So. Alex Fischetti (13-3), Voorhees, :23.

Notes -- Penalty point for Williams gives him a 1-0 lead near the one-minute mark. He gets a takedown with 40 seconds left, as the P'burg fan favorite leads, 3-0. It's 3-1 after twp periods, Appleby down. Reversal for Appleby and an escape makes it, 4-3 Williams. We go to the third period and Williams is on bottom. Appleby with a cradle locked but Williams breaks it. Stall warning on Williams with 55 to go. Williams out, 5-3, but gets taken down with 20 seconds -- 5-5 and we are in OT.

Appleby tries a throw, but Williams counters for the winning takedown with 29 seconds left!

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